In a Time of Deceit

…. of hope and change in the nation’s capital. A curious oversight considering the fact that the issue of transparency was a cornerstone in the Obama campaign narrative. In further contemplation of this conspicuous void, it suddenly appears sensible when reckoning with the difficult interplay between transparency and unconstitutional practices.

In a political climate where stalwart socialists masquerade as Democrats to avoid detection, it’s really no surprise; I mean think about it… there is so much that needs to be hidden away, lied about and denied in order to keep the truth remotely cloistered, far from the light of day. Democrats, Socialists whatever they’re calling themselves these days have had plenty of practice at this dangerous game; they employed it ruthlessly to cover their guilt-ridden tracks in the sub-prime debacle. It’s quite useful albeit treacherous, that the entire media is on their side as otherwise the truth would have gotten out years ago and they would never have been able to get away with a whopper of this gargantuan size.

Americans on the whole have never been fans of big government because we know that this form of governance is inherently untrustworthy. We prefer representative government as laid out in our Constitution. Lately, it seems that authentic, freely practiced constituent representation has disappeared into the dark hole where they’ve hidden the truth.

Back in September of 2008 I recall Senator Feinstein (D) lecturing me and my fellow Californians that in spite of the fact that her office received a number of calls overwhelmingly opposing the TARP fund, she was completely disregarding our voice because we the people simply didn’t understand this big, complicated issue. Apparently, not only is Feinstein a U.S. Senator, but she fancies herself to be the great and powerful Oz. It must be this same all knowing and wonderful power that gave her the faux wisdom to funnel no less than $25 Billion in taxpayer money to the government agency that awarded her husband’s firm a contract to sell foreclosed properties at rates above the current industry norm. Now there’s some hardcore political profiteering on display…elitist and dismissive just how they like it. I think it’s time to pull back the curtain.

Representative government has really taken quite a hit up on the hill. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi another Socialist from

California bolts her door from the inside to lock out all Republican representation from having a say about the latest, reckless unconstitutional fast-tracked legislation spewing forth from her dank chamber. Without a doubt, I’m experiencing taxation without representation and I feel this compulsion to throw crates of tea over the side of a ship.

Someone really needs to tell these Socialists that they’re lousy liars. I mean c’mon, did they really think we all stopped cold in our tracks and just threw our Tea Party signs in the gutter in utter despondency when they (the lap dog media) spoke with forked tongue and said that the President was unaware of the Tea Parties happening across the nation? If it wasn’t so deceitful it would be laughable. Sadly, while most Americans teach their kids not to lie, these sycophantic sophists make a living at it.

Keeping coequal company with all the lies, elitism and lack of transparency hurtling like a freight train out of this administration is an utter denial of reality; a.k.a. insanity. While Congress and the White House continue to ignore the fiscally untenable nature of fixed entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid they jump blindly into the abyss of Cap and Trade legislation already predicted to cause a loss of 3 million jobs.

Democrats seem to be whistling in the dark, refusing to acknowledge the glaring examples of the failure of socialized medicine from around the world and the pages of history, as they collude to force this nightmare on our nation. Simultaneously, they turn a deaf ear to the voice of the people demanding an end to endless bailouts and continual prostration to Labor all projected to be not only fiscally unsustainable but also certain death to the vibrancy of a free market. All of this is frantically executed in an unconstitutional manner completely devoid of healthy debate in Pelosi’s back room of dirty deals.

It’s nothing short of a power grab. Meanwhile real problems loom…an unsecured power grid made all the more debilitating by the lack of a manufacturing capability to replace the infrastructure. According to Obama’s DHS, the obsession to silence dissent from right wing extremists on talk radio trumps all threats to the juice that makes this nation tick, day in and day out.

Socialists have a big problem with truth. They can’t handle it, they are unable to debate truthfully and they’ve shown time and time again that they are incapable of telling the truth. At the same time, we the people are demanding the truth while the media is fully invested in depriving us of the truth. In the spirit of truth, I leave you with this sobering statement: “ In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

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