Impeach Rogue Members Of Congress And Save The Nation

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

The Headline is What President Trump And Republicans Should Do For The American People:

It does not matter how severe panic attack is affecting the discombobulated mind of the confused and stuttering Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi by withholding the submission of Trump’s Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for Trial.

My recommendations if I may, are as follows: All President Trump and the Republicans have to do is win the 2020 presidential election and by an overwhelming majority of elected members of Congress control the Senate and the House. Then once in control of Congress, impeach Speaker Pelosi, Representatives Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff who committed high crimes and misdemeanors for attempting to impeach the President of United States who did not commit any impeachable crime.

When this happens after Trump and the Republicans won the 2020 November election – and I, together with millions of American across the country, have no doubt that it will happen 11 months from now – this nation will once again experience a relative peace and quiet for President Trump to continue what he has been doing and what he is now doing for the American people which the Left and a bunch of rogue Democratic members of Congress led by Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler have been trying to stop by fabricating impeachable offenses against the President of United States.

For, clearly, the impeachment those bunch of political reprobates had done against the President who committed no impeachable crimes was a total disgrace to the nation because the Articles of Impeachments have been created out of nothing, namely “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” that did not occur.

Here is why all these did not occur: The charge of “abuse of power” was predicated on President Trump’s withholding of Ukraine aid until the investigation of corruptions, specifically of Burisma energy corporation which involved VP Joe Biden and his inutil son Hunter, to first clear up the mess so that American tax money would not end up in the pockets of Ukrainian corrupt officials connected to the crooked Biden father and son.
In fact millions of Americans thanked President Trump for withholding release of the Ukrainian aid for this purpose only, for them and in their behalf. So, abuse of presidential power never occurred. What occurred was a proper and necessary exercise of presidential power by President Trump to safeguard the national purse. Abuse of power occurred only in the mind of Democrats who in fact were the ones abusing their power of impeachment in violation of the Constitution thereby blatantly showing their attempted coup to take out Trump since day one he assumed the presidency.

In this connection, the Democratic pitch that Trump did the withholding of Ukraine aid pending the investigations of corruptions including the U.S. corrupt Vice President Joe Biden and his good-for-nothing son Hunter Biden allegedly for Trump’s own “personal gain”, was totally hogwash because not even an iota of proof ever came out in the impeachment inquiry that what the President did was for his personal benefit. The Democrats and their battery of anti-Trump witnesses who were invited to the hearing to bash Trump – all of them, including those 3 high-polluted law school professors they called to testify in Congress who were known to have previously contributed to the funding of the Democratic campaign against Trump’s candidacy, and in fact had worked with the Democratic left against President Trump — only “implied”, repeat only assumed that President Trump did the withholding of aid “solely for his own benefit”.

Assumptions are not facts. All that came out in the impeachment inquiry were all assumptions and conjectures of facts that did not occur, but did occur only in the mind of the angry Democrats.

The underlying charge that also went down the drain when it alleged that Trump did it for a foreign power (Ukraine) to interfere and subvert the 2020 election was extremely hyperbolic, never the truth; there was not even a semblance of factual truth that it ever occurred. Those allegations were like collapsible balloons the Democrats floated up high in the sky that puffed out in midair. It was only all winds that came out.

Obstruction of Congress also never occurred, because of the constitutional Separation of Power. The constitutional power of the President of United States to defy or ignore any subpoena or summon issued by Congress especially in impeachment proceedings or any investigative inquiry that violates the Constitutions has been held immaculate and inviolate by any means possible, by our founding fathers, for this constitutional doctrine to forever stand unabridged for all times when they drew the constitutional line of Separation of Powers to stop any of these 3 branches of government from abusing their powers. As a lawyer, I do not need to daze and confuse the mind of the American public by citing a maze of legalism and jurisprudence to prove that this statement that I have just said should never be doubted because it is true.

Furthermore, what is already obvious in this charade is that the Democrats and the radical Left had wanted to overturn the will of the American people when they elected a President who was not to their own liking. By continuously mounting a coup attempt on a daily basis, clearly, they have become the enemy of the State and the American people, and this should be stopped before this country is destroyed by internal strife leading to a civil war where thousands if not millions would die.

Having said that, let us go to what should be done to save the country from those political termites that kept on gnawing and eroding the foundation of this great Republic: Here are the two crucial moves President Trump and the Republicans should undertake when after the 2020 election they once again control Congress:

One: Get rid of them: I repeat, impeach Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff for “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Set up their conviction in the Republican Congress as example to the rest of their serfdom to deter a coup attempt in the future to unseat a duly elected President in violation of the Constitution and by breaking the laws. It is easy to do this punitive and corrective action in the Republican held Legislature because it is a matter of record in Congress that those culprits had violated the Constitution when they conducted their concerted sham impeachment of the President of the United States. They abused their constitutional power of impeachment.

Let us straighten up their crooked system of impeachment by using against them their own stupid and misused argument “that no man is above the law”. They hardly realized that when they chorused this mantra of tenacious accusation against the President, they were actually talking to themselves about what they have done thereby admitting that they were not above the law after realizing the folly of their action. If the faulting Democrats knew that, then they must be endowed with a modicum of intelligence, which unfortunately they are not. I look at them as just a sound of emotion and motion, guided by a sonar direction worse than that of blind bats flying out of the cave in search of any crime they could find to make their impeachment narrative appear credible.

Two: The House Republican Majority in Congress should pass and approve a law expunging from the records of the House of Representatives the impeachment of the President of the United States which was not only unconstitutional but also criminal (they violated the Penal Code). Impeaching the President is a mandate of the Constitution arrogated to the House of Representatives only, which the Judiciary Branch of the government could not interfere or stop no matter how violative it is of the law and the Constitution (Judges shun taking over jurisdiction and even more so in adjudicating “political questions” brought to Court).

This is an internal affair of the House of Representatives. The House itself is the master of its own internal affairs and can do anything whatever it wants to do or how to manage its own affairs, and within those constitutional prerogatives is the right to expunge its own record that shows the violation of the Constitution, especially when this is likely to be done in behalf of and/or to protect the interest of the American public from future corruption.

To expunge this criminal and unconstitutional impeachment from the archive of Congress is at the very least a gesture of justice where justice is due for Trump and for the millions of American people who elected him President, after having been ceremoniously thrown into a bedlam in hell for the past three years since Trump took office.

At this writing, confused Speaker Pelosi does not know what to do with the Articles of Impeachment. She knew that it is DOA (dead on arrival) once she submits it to the Senate. She wanted to create a political drama out of it by refusing to submit the documents to the Senate. She would send it to the Senate only when “she was sure a fair trial would take place”, she said. Let me quote the following from low IQ Pelosi:

“We will make our decision as to when we are going to send it (Articles of Impeachment) when we see what they are doing on the Senate side,” Pelosi told reporters. “So far, we have not seen anything that looks fair (underscored) to us.”

I was not surprise when Pelosi said this although it borders on insanity. She is already stupid to even say this oxymoron statement. What did she mean what is “fair” to them, to the Democrats? If what she meant “fair” was what they did in the House impeachment inquiry to Trump and the Republicans, so be it. Let the Senate do to them what they did in the House. That was what Pelosi was asking for as something “fair” to happen in the Senate. So stupid to know what she was asking for. She is indeed sick in the head which is why she is disconnected in what she is saying in public most of the time. She is not only useless in the House as Speaker that does nothing for the people she was elected to do, but she is also a strong candidate for the 25th Amendment if by a stroke of lightning she ever becomes President of the United States.

If we put our ears to the ground and listen, we would hear that all those anti-Trump drama Pelosi is orchestrating has been rumored to have been programmed in the long run towards that end of her becoming President of United States. It is bizarre though, but the Left and the radical Democrats are nothing but bizarre.

Anyway, if she elects not to submit the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, let her make an ass of herself. She gloats over the fact that President Trump has, on record, been impeached. A comedian friend of mine described Nancy in writing as “a salivating child savagely reveling and luxuriating for her impeachment lollipop with that eerie moaning sound of satisfaction heard from those porn stars in bed with the devil”. I stepped back and reminded this friend that what he was saying about Pelosi was “heavily loaded”. And this provoked my friend into saying more about the Speaker of the House which now were unprintable. I do not want to print them here.

But to me this unfavorable attitude towards the scatter-brain Speaker Pelosi could never be far worse than being a self-serving anti-American politician that she is who hated Trump deep down the marrow of her bones and that being the case, she is no worse than being a useless politician in history and a strong candidate for the 25th Amendment if her ambition to become President is ever supported by those anti-American gremlins in Capitol Hill which Halloween celebrants in politics called Hell.

On the other hand, if Pelosi submits the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, she could name anyone and any number of “managers” to argue their case in the trial against Trump, except for Nadler and Schiff the Republicans should call as witnesses. A witness cannot be “manager” at the Senate trial at the same time. Because they are congenital liars, jail time for those retarded one-track-mind politicians Nadler and Schiff and is imminent when they lie in their testimony as witnesses on the first day the Republicans would call them to appear in the Senate to testify.

But the Republicans should tighten the rules in this regard. If they give an “inch” as a favor to the Democrats — their political enemy like Schumer and Pelosi who are not bargaining but begging for favor — that enemy will become a “ruler”. An inch in the ruler that becomes the ruler itself, is my favorite figure of speech when kindness is reciprocated with treachery and betrayal. It is a political war the Democrats had started and for the Republicans to win the battle convincingly for and in behalf of the American people, no mercy and leniency should be shown or granted because to do that to this vicious enemy is dangerous; Republicans should not take any prisoner at all and just celebrate with the American people over the defeat of the Democrats that of this day is written in stone.

For, those political scumbags I mentioned, are guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanor” and being on record are not difficult to prove or to find them guilty and convict for impeachment both in the House and in the Senate.

Let me quote this pertinent report read by millions in the Internet: “George Mason, the great Virginian who inspired Jefferson and Madison and who participated significantly in drafting the impeachment clause in the Constitution”, was clear as to the high crimes and misdemeanors Schiff had committed and recorded in the archive of Congress.

In fact it does not matter at all if Pelosi appoints all the political deviants and sleazeballs in the Democratic Congress as “managers” to argue their case in the Senate trial because no one, not a single Democrat, would be able to make an unconstitutional impeachment, constitutional.

It was a constitutionally dead impeachment from the very beginning. Only the Holy Supreme Being – God – can bring the dead like Lazarus of Bethany back to life. None of those Democrat impeachment disciples were either sanctimonious or holy. During the impeachment hearing inquiry, the American people saw them coming out full blast in public view like black angels from Hell pretending to be angelic in invoking the Constitution against a duly elected President who committed no crime. To them I say, no way, Jose . . . no way man . . . no way you could fool and damn the people in this great Republic.

The Senate has the “sole power to try all impeachments”, according to Article I, section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. But is it possible for the Senate having the sole power of impeachment to dismiss an unconstitutional impeachment of the House without trial regardless of what crazy Pelosi is doing? I say, why not, if it is to protect public interest.

The Constitution does not prohibit the Senate for doing it, if the Senators choose to do it.
The “sole power to try all impeachments” is that strong and powerful that its tenet is inviolable, and cannot be interfered and shaken by the Judiciary Branch of the government.

Of course the Democrats would cry out foul loud and clear and argue that the Senate Republicans would cannibalize the intent of the Constitution. But if in the impeachment proceedings in the House, Democrats can subvert and cannibalize the Constitution to the detriment of the nation, why can’t the Republicans do the same – subvert the structure of the Constitution for a different reason, viz. to shorten this ugly political drama and save the nation’s energy and resources, or do it differently this time not to destroy but to protect the nation which the founders had intended?

Let us make this easily understandable to the low IQ democrats like Pelosi and Schumer by stating this well-read and too often heard layman’s saying that what is good to the goose is good to the gander. The Democrats would condemn themselves if they complain against the bitter taste of their own medicine being forced down their throat by their own undoing.

May I remind the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate that everything else on matters of procedure in the Senate impeachment trial is up exclusively to the Senators. If in the course of the trial the Presiding Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has any fanciful inclination to politicize the proceedings with a ruling contrary to the will of the Senate Republican majority, the Senate can vote to overrule him. This should be made clear and understandable to all the members of the Senate, especially to the majority Republican members of the Senate.

Furthermore, voting in the Senate impeachment trial is under the rule of impartiality. Democrat Senators running for President who during their campaign had slandered and libeled the President of the United States facing an impeachment trial in the Senate, should be excluded from casting their votes. They would violate their solemn oath of impartiality if they were to be allowed to vote in the proceedings. This would ensure the survival of the Articles of Impeachment from nil to zero.

If they insist to vote, they should be held accountable for violating their oath of impartiality for reasons that are obvious to the watching American public.

It may be argued that the Republican Senators are also not impartial because they are known to be voting in favor of Trump. But Republican Senators’ partiality in favor of Trump is not criminal, unlike that of Democrat Senators who had slandered and libeled the President of the United States which is criminal in nature at least to 20 states starting from Colorado down to the Virgin Islands. Generally, slander and libel are not criminal offenses except when States pass a law making them a crime or felony, as in the case of those 20 States I cited.

What I am suggesting is for Trump and the Republicans to create a new chapter in U.S. history about President Trump and his unusual presidency that overshadowed the recorded achievements of the four greatest presidents of the United States, namely Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt.

Those great four presidents accomplished their feats in changing the United States to what it is today at least in four decades combined. Trump accomplished his feat in changing the country today to what it would become tomorrow, including the cleaning up of the swamp, in only less than four years.

All what the four greatest presidents had done to this country and remembered to this day, President Trump had done all of them and much better, even considering that he was handicapped to hurdle the roadblocks thrown his way like this unconstitutional impeachment and daily coup attempts of the enemy of the State that the four previous presidents never have had encountered at any time during each of their presidency, or in any period of time within their respective regimes.

Thus, in comparison, President Donald J. Trump may yet emerge as the greatest President in the history of the United States.

I said this today – for tomorrow, as we and the coming generations revisit our history today at a certain time in the future.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access December 23, 2019.

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