Immigration law is too lenient not too harsh.

USA traitor elected officials say Immigration Law Enforcement “too harsh?”

We must not only enforce existing laws, but create new laws that provide equity equal to immigration laws of world nations. The USA can not be the world dumping ground for revolutionary Marxist criminal illegal aliens and survive. Other laws against treasonous activity must be strengthened to dissuade elected officials from betraying their nation.

Marxist treasonous elected leaders along with their comrade global corporate cabal like to use the words "too harsh" to describe enforcement of USA immigration laws. The fact is they are obviously not harsh enough or there would be no treasonous conspiracy to destroy the USA with illegal immigration and population politics. Current unenforced violations of immigration laws have destroyed the USA economy, its institutions and started a genocidal war against its citizens.

The truth is that the USA has the most liberal immigration laws in the world. We have permitted legal and illegal aliens to populate our nation at a rate unheard of in world history. We have taken in more than the population of France and Spain together in a short 20 years. We have 10 Guest worker programs to assure industry gets all the cheap labor it wants. Most of those guest workers find a way to become permanent residents in the USA.

Former president Bill Clinton refused to enforce then existing immigration laws based on the premise they were “too harsh.” The USA has not enforced its immigration laws for 20 years now, permitting an estimated 40 million illegal immigrants to enter our nation and feed at the government trough. We provide illegal and legal immigrants with the most liberal benefits of any nation in the world. They are given educational, health care, and economic opportunities at costs less than USA citizens pay.

They are not jailed as felons for merely entering the nation illegally while most other nations charge illegals with felony offenses and jail them immediately. Those illegals who are arrested are confined in dormitories with their families with benefits not available to USA citizens.

Sanctuary cities and states provide criminal illegal aliens the opportunity to prey upon our USA citizens with corrupt paid off police protected drug and human trafficking cartels that rape and murder USA citizens. The USA sanctuary status has corrupted every governmental and societal institution of the USA, creating the potential for a devastating civil war that will kill millions.

The USA is the only nation in the world on a suicidal mission of self destruction by population politics under the burden of treasonous elected officials that will not relent in their quest to destroy this the greatest nation for liberty and economic freedom the world has ever known.

Those traitors, who have tried and damn well near accomplished their goals of destroying this great nation, now have the arrogance and audacity to suggest the USA is a bunch of "Nazi jack booted bigots" who refuse to treat criminal illegal aliens with "justice and civil rights." They demand we permit all illegal aliens to remain in our nation without penalty just like they have on several previous occasions as a ploy to create the expansion of immigration and final destruction of the last bastion of freedom in the world.

Only fools and the truly criminal traitors of the USA would suggest the arrests and deportation of communist illegal aliens to preserve our nation state is "too harsh."

Public hangings of the traitors who betray the nation that has given them the great opportunity to live in the land of liberty and freedom would not be too harsh. There is no penalty that can be imagined for these people who attempt to destroy the last beacon of hope for the rest of the world that is "too harsh."

We the People must insist on the full application of existing law and demand more HARSH enforcement to assure criminal treasonous conspirators who act as agents for outlaw communist parties and foreign states are hanged for their treason.

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