…. — an increase of 135 million, or 44 percent, from current levels,’ Rubenstein said. ‘Eighty-two percent of the increase will be from new immigrants and their

U.S. born children. The brutal reality is that no conceivable infrastructure program can keep pace with that kind of population growth.’

On Sunday at church, my preacher said, ‘If you want to be happy for a moment, eat your favorite meal at your preferred restaurant. If you want to be happy for a day, get married because the celebration provides much happiness. If you want to be happy for a lifetime– plant, grow and tend a garden.’

For most of the past 50 years, the citizens of the

United States enjoyed a ‘moment’ of happiness. We called it the American Dream. We and their leaders yielded to instant gratification, overstuffed themselves with food and possessions, and now, suffer obesity of debt and body, dwindling resources and dozens of other consequences.

We ‘married’ deficit spending along with the Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars; 700 bases with 572,000 troops ‘Growing an Empire’ around the world; and offshoring, insourcing and outsourcing jobs to everywhere but within America.

We ‘married’ mass immigration in 1965 that continues today in a rocky relationship that undermines the foundation of their civilization. From 1986 and continuing today, we tolerated 20 to 30 million illegal aliens that migrated into


Results: $10.3 trillion debt, 16 million Americans unemployed, 31.1 million Americans living on food stamps, water crises, energy dilemma and an added 100 million people in 40 years with the prospects for adding 100 million more people within 30 years.

But, much like the passengers on the Titanic that kept dancing in the grand ballroom two hours after the ship hit the iceberg, Americans continue thinking they can maintain the same ‘financial and population dance’.

Reality check ! WE can’t ! WE won’t… and the party will not continue !

The task of simultaneously increasing population and achieving sustainability proves impossible.

What causes hyper-population growth in the

United States ?

Answer: unending legal and illegal immigration ! Both cause

America an impossibly degraded future for all citizens.


For a simple example, the press called her ‘Octo-mom’ for birthing six children that she couldn’t support, and then, several years later, Miss Nadya Suleman, unmarried and unable to sustain those first six kids, birthed another eight children that placed not only the first six in peril, but endangered all 14 children.

The mother cannot take care of them with any competence, thus the ‘state’ or the rest of us must pay for them and their welfare, and they cannot be taken care for their individual needs of love, attention and parenting.

In the end, Ms. Suleman loses any sense of sanity or reasonable life as a parent or human being and her children lose any chance for a reasonably parented childhood. If Suleman lived any place but the

United States, she and her children would live in abject poverty and most of her kids would die of starvation. For example, African women average eight children, but five to six of them die of starvation or related diseases.

What does Octo-mom with too many kids have to do with THE FATE of

America ?

Short answer: her irresponsibility illustrates our capriciousness; especially our lack of comprehension as to what WE face as a civilization.


United States, already bursting at its demographic seams today, allows the Congress to import 138,000 legal immigrants every 30 days, and another 80,000 to 100,000 illegal migrants every month. The total exceeds 2.2 million people added annually. It also imports another 1.5 million H-1B visas awarded to skilled or professional workers every year to our workforce.


Immigration laws are enacted for three main reasons;

1. Protect jobs for legitimate residents of the nation.

2. Protect legitimate residents from disease and pestilence coming from other nations.

3. Protect legitimate residents from the ravages of criminals that may attempt to come here from foreign nations.

Visit and download ‘Immigration by the Numbers’ for a stunning understanding of the futility and danger of unending immigration from a line that grows by 77 million annually, globally.

So what, you yawn… while scratching your belly hanging over your belt.

How fast does the world add humans ? For a first hand jolt, please visit:

Like a 400 pound fat man that cannot afford to add another 100 pounds, the United States cannot support itself or maintain basic infrastructure to feed, house and water its citizens. In a sweeping report, Edwin S. Rubenstein, premiere economist, wrote a sobering expose’ of

America’s accelerating infrastructure crisis brought on by unending population growth.

‘The Twin Crises: Immigration and Infrastructure’ by, Volume XIX, No.2, page 3, 4, Winter 2009, by Edwin S. Rubenstein– addresses U.S. airports, bridges, dams, drinking water, energy, hazardous waste, waterways, schools, railroads, solid waste, mass transit and water and sewer systems.

In a nutshell, this country adds more people at such lightning speed that we cannot keep up with basic infrastructure that allows everyone to live a decent and healthy life. For example, from 1999 to 2005, over 1,500 bridges failed.

‘In August 2008 the Census Bureau projected that

U.S. population will be 433 million by 2050— an increase of 135 million, or 44 percent, from current levels,’ Rubenstein said. ‘Eighty-two percent of the increase will be from new immigrants and their

U.S. born children. The brutal reality is that no conceivable infrastructure program can keep pace with that kind of population growth.’

As a teacher, and having traveled throughout all 48 states in the past 24 months, I can attest that our highways and bridges degrade faster than we can maintain them. Our large cities decay faster than any army of dentists can drill, fix or fill. Our waterways run in disgusting pollution, so much so, the

Mississippi River suffers a 10,000 mile square dead zone at its mouth as it pours toxic waters 24/7 into the

Gulf of Mexico.

California, growing at 1,700 legal and illegal migrants daily, must build one new school every day in order to educate the influx of immigrant children. ‘Some

Los Angeles schools are so crowded that they have lengthened the time between classes to give students time to make their way through crowded halls,’ Rubenstein said. ‘Los Angles’ school construction is so massive that the Army Corps of Engineers was called in to manage it.’


California grows by 602,000 people annually and destroys 250,000 acres of land in order to provide housing, schools, roads and basic infrastructure.

The crisis facing medical facilities runs beyond acute. Rubenstein said, ‘The uncompensated costs are killing hospitals. In

California, 60 emergency departments and major hospitals closed IN BANKRUPTCY to avoid costs of illegal alien caseloads.’

When it comes to water,

El Paso,

San Antonio and

Phoenix expect to run out of water within 10 years.

San Diego’s water company has resorted to a once un-thinkable option: recycling toilet water to tap for drinking.

‘National parks along the southern border are scarred by thousands of unauthorized roads and paths used by illegal alien migrants crossing into the

U.S.,’ Rubenstein said. ‘Their fires, feces, trash and vandalism have despoiled thousands of acres of pristine parkland.’

Rubenstein finished… ‘The prognosis is not good. The brutality is that no conceivable infrastructure program can keep pace with that kind of population growth. Demand reduction is the only viable way to close the gap between supply and demand of public infrastructure. Immigration reduction must play a role.’

In the words of my preacher, if we, as a civilization expect to survive into the 21st century, we must tend our garden. We must live within the carrying capacity of the land, water and resources. WE NEED A NATIONAL POPULATION POLICY, AND A LONG-RANGE STRATEGIC PLAN. Unfortunately, like the patrons on the Titanic, we’re still dancing in the ballroom as 200,000 immigrants and illegal aliens flood into the

USA every 30 days… without end.

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