I’m Still Betting On The “USA”

by George T. Weir –

As an artist I can’t count how many times I’ve sat down to a white blank canvas: having a vision in my mind of what I wanted to paint, but, at the same time not knowing where to start. As a writer, I sometimes have the same problem. I have a vision of America, but trying to write from reality proves to be a problem, at the moment all the components seem distorted and trying to make sense of the composition seems impossible.

In painting all the ingredients are in place for a good composition, all one has to do arrange them into a pleasing setting, but the complexity of a nation which is rapidly changing, and a government that is in total disarray and it’s reluctance to bend to the will of the people, but is determined to bring our government to a halt, the composition of such a government will never be complete until said government decides to compromise on the issues at hand.

This great nation is faced with enormous debt, and nations that are determined that America will be no more, and that our constitution must be changed to fit their will, and not the will of the “American People”. These nations are determined to being their ideology and religion into the forefront of our government. The bounders of America from the west to the east and from the south to the north will stay the same, but the fabric that holds the people together will never be the same.
Unemployment has remained stagnant, and every day more regulation is passed to insure that businesses will either cut back or move overseas.

Over the years America has made great strides toward becoming Energy independent, but more could be done, the Keystone pipeline from Canada has been setting dormant for to long. This would bring good paying job to Americans at a time when Americans are struggling to make ends meet. And at the same time would bring us closer to being free from foreign oil. Another comment on foreign oil, these people are not our friends, every nickel we spent to buy their oil, will eventually come back to haunt us.

At the moment Congress is tied in knots over Obama’s health care package. Oct 1st. many non-essential employees were sent home due to the government shut down, which should not have ever happened, but it has. This bill was rammed down the throats of the American People, and was conceived in the cover of back door deals in tightly sealed back rooms, and all at the same time, no one knew what was in the bill. All that was ever said, we will have to pass the bill, to know what is in it. This kind of governing will never cut it; our founders would have never passed a bill without reading it, and understanding it.

We have now seen scandal after scandal, which the president calls phony scandals, there is no such thing as a phony scandal, where there is a little smoke, and there is a fire. And we have seen smoke after smoke boiling up from the White over the past four and a half years. The American people are not blind, but we do have to see through the smoke screens that are set up to distort our vision of the truth.

I have painted somewhat of a discolored picture of this “Great Nation” but the picture isn’t finished yet, the American People are just beginning , we have never been, and will never be, “A Nation of Quitters”.

So as I close this out, I must say, “My Money Is On The USA”

George T. Weir

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