“I’m A Lucky American, Are You?”

….You know so many times we're always focused on all the bad things in our country that need our immediate attention and it's good that our attention is focused on them. However, some of us have it much better than others. It all depends on where you live. I am a lucky American……I live in a constitutional county. From our sheriff down to our county commissioners, all of our elected officials uphold their oaths of office. This has made me realize something, as long as this exist,

America will always live. To ensure this, I would like to share with all my brother and sister patriots that if you live in a good place, stay there. Encourage others that are not so fortunate to consider moving to these areas in

America. I just learned today that my sheriff,


Letsinger, told the federal government that they are not allowed in our county without his permission. I am SO PROUD and the rest of the county officials back him. Edwards County Texas has a population of around 1200. I would really like to see more patriot Americans consider moving to this county. I am sure you can remember how this county rallied for


Hernandez, the Deputy Sheriff that was unjustly incarcerated for violating an illegal aliens rights. These people would do this for anyone who lived in their county. It's a big county with a very small amount of people, so it could stand some growth. Kinney County Texas also shares the same values and beliefs as our county. Sheriff Burgess puts his citizens first. I'm sure other patriots have the same situation. The point I'm trying to make is it's a lot easier to fight this fight on solid ground. If you live in a bad area, maybe the answer is to move into an area such as ours and make them American strongholds, but don't give up the fight! I assure you brother and sisters, even though I have it so good where I live, I will not give up my country. I will fight for my country until there is not a breath left in my lungs or a drop of blood in my body. God Bless



Texas and God Bless


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