Illinois 1st Congressional Plantation

This week’s victim is Cong. King of NY. Saying Michael Jackson was not someone who should be idolized makes Cong. King a racist according to Cong Rush. But let’s look at the 1st Congressional district; the district where Cong. Rush lords over.

It has the highest percentage (65.5) of African American residents in the nation, and has been represented in Congress by African Americans since 1929.

It is also one of the most reliably Democratic districts in the country, although not quite to the extent that it was during the 1980s when over 90% of the district's residents were black.

The district has not elected a Republican to Congress since 1932, and Democratic candidates routinely receive over 80% of the vote here. The district is also known as “Bobby’s plantation” and is maintained by the cradle to grave philosophy that ensures that crime, poverty, ignorance and the government handout will remain a Democratic political strategy for several more generations. A reasonable person, black or white, with any sense on net worth would find the prospect of living on the 1st District Plantation a very depressing proposition.

There are no jobs there because no businesses can pass the racial and union litmus tests to conduct business there much like the governments in


. The


is always below the national average for income and above the national average for unemployment. Crime and drugs are rampant because a fatherless society that seeks meaning from gangster rap artists and support from government handouts is a social plan that currently is only adopted on the Plantation, and the other Democratic Mecca’s ; Detroit, Washington D.C. and New Orleans.

Bobby Rush marches along empowered as the “leader for life” on the


with a simple mantra wholeheartedly supported by the population.

All the ills that befall the 1st Congressional District are a direct result of white racism, and only more federal programs and federal financial support can fix them.

I invite all Americans to take a close look at Bobby Rush’s


and decide if it presents a template for how the rest of the country should be developing.

President Obama is a resident of the 1st Congressional District Plantation and I am sure with the full support of the Democratic Party he can turn


New York , and the rest of the


into a colony of Democratic Plantations just like the one he came from.

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