If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he would join CopperCards.

…. We need to use them to restore justice and return control of government to the people.

This year pledge to end the FED. You can. Join CopperCards and you will find that the past meets the future for freedom.

They knew they would die if they failed. They signed anyway.

On the 4th of July. 1776, fifty-six brave men signed a document laying out the reasons for a war that was already in progress. In a few brief words they outlined a profound statement about the nature of government. As old men they would hear the words of the document they signed read aloud every 4th of July. They wanted us to remember, too. The reading of the Declaration of Independence on Independence Day was carried out that we not forget that Americans were the people who viewed government as a tool no more significant that a plow or plumbers helper.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.“

Each of us is born free; that is God's gift. Tens of thousands of people came together at the beginning of the American Revolution that a people might govern themselves. Having experienced the weight of oppression, they viewed government with suspicion and wrote a Constitution to limit government's power, reserving nearly every function to the people.

This Friday, remember them and also what we must do to restore the legacy they left us.

They were practical men; when you have fought a war, seen your loved ones die, you focus in on what matters most profoundly. The right to decide how we will order our affairs remains ours today no matter what you hear from government.

Over the last century too many of us have forgotten, with devastating results. Today we are less free than the colonists who came together to enact America. Ron Paul has spent most of his life sending this message; It is the message we need to mainstream to Americans today, showing them how the Constitution and Common Law were intended to be used.

At the time of the Revolution every school child understood the Common Law. It was a part of their heritage as Englishmen. The Common Law is based on simple principles. It provides each individual with the means of securing justice as it had for hundreds of years. The Common Law, used with the Constitution, placed control firmly in the hands of the people.

Our Founders considered the issue of a Roman Law based system, one that explicitly mandates what will and will not be legal. They rejected this as incompatible with a free people. Remember that the next time you are stopped for a traffic violation. No ticket you ever received was Constitutional any more than the continued attempts to take your guns, stop you from speaking out against government, or use government to profit corporations by waging war.

Over and over again Dr. Paul has said that freedom is secured when the people understand and use the Constitution and the Common Law. He has also maintained that government in the hands of the people, not the FED, must control our money. Each of these functions, justice and money, must remain absolutely within the guidelines of the Constitution.

Our ancestors fought a revolution to secure a government controlled by the people; we need to take back what they built, but this time we will do it using persuasion, the Constitution, and the free market. That is our job. We have more tools than our Founders could have imagined and we will use them. A people who are competent to govern themselves are a people who have learned how by freeing themselves from their oppressors again.

Ron Paul has shown us the way.

The Ron Paul Revolution was born via Internet; that is the technology that birthed the connections that unite us today. It is that technology that will also give us back control of our money. Americans can have a bank that they can trust, a bank that will see the Ron Paul Dollar in use, along with the gold and silver backed currency mandated by the Constitution.

Imagine yourself buying a new car powered with hydrogen from a factory located within the United States. See yourself paying for that car in gold Liberty dollars. Hear them clink. Imagine yourself living in the home you own, free and clear, knowing that the house was not purchased through fractional reserve banking. It is built to last; it could well shelter your great-great grandchildren without using a single electron of power bought from an electric company. Imagine a banking system that, like the Internet, sits on your desk, that you carry around in your pocket. If you think this is too good to be true you are wrong; this is the world that we can have.

Ron pointed the way then thanked us for inviting him to the Revolution. He has dedicated his life to serving and educating others. Today our Founders are dead and Ron is 72 years old. His next term in Congress will be his last. He has grown old in service to the cause of freedom and if you ask him he will tell you that he hopes that we get to live the future that includes a gold-backed currency, clean fuel, and homes we can own absolutely. A grandfather 18 times over, this is what he wants for his own grandchildren, too. We can make those hopes reality; you can be part of the movement that converts dream to simple fact.

The means have been coalescing in unexpected places. While Ron Paul was standing alone for freedom in Congress, dismissed as irrelevant to the direction of government and politics, the battle over how the people would take back control of their money was being decided.

That part of the story started with another man who worked and dreamed. This man dreamed of a world where knowledge was available cheaply and to everyone; where wealth was secure and people dealt with each other with compassion. In 2000 Clive Boustred knew nothing about the Constitution and he had never heard of Ron Paul. But he would learn.

Clive Boustred did not intend to study the Constitution. A wealthy and successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, he intended to give people everywhere a banking system that eliminated the use of interest and fees. He did not know that the FED was a private corporation. What you don't know, he found out, could kill you.

Moving to the United States after college in London, he had became the guru of corporate strategy for such corporations as Sun Microsystems, Intuit, and others. He designed the most advanced banking systems in the world today before deciding to launch his own banking system in early 2001.

The announcement in early 2001 that Russia's Duma had given Boustred's company the Mir Satellite, to be used as a peace station circling the Earth, along with the revelation on the new banking system, electrified the world and the Federal Reserve Bank. Clive Boustred has survived three separate assassination attempts in the last seven years. He was in jail when he first conceived the idea of CopperCards.

Desperately studying the law while incarcerated for the unproven charge he had driven 40mph down his private street, Boustred realized that if he had understood the Constitution he could have defended himself better than the high-priced attorneys who cost him tens of thousands of dollars. The first CopperCard was designed while he was still in jail; it worked. He was released. That is the CopperCards Arraignment Card. If people could understand the Constitution as small tools encapsulating the law, they could defend themselves, Boustred realized. Through that insight CopperCards, Ecclesiastical Association, came into existence. A persuaded Christian, Boustred saw freedom as an aspect of the spiritual nature of humankind.

That first card was followed by more CopperCards to arm people for their encounters with corrupt government, returning Americans to an understanding of the Constitution. These soon included a card to ward off Child Protective Services, notice authorities that they are acting unconstitutionally, among others. Now, new cards are being written by the CopperCards Team.

Coming from a world of privilege in South Africa Boustred had wakened to the nature of government there as he lived through Apartheid; leaving behind a family who had owned De Beers Diamonds he turned his back on the hate he had witnessed and came to America. He thought he was leaving hate and oppression behind. Now he understands how wrong he was.

With his release from jail Boustred began to study the forces that had first tried to kill him and then incarcerated him. He is a fast study.

The tools that will set us free come both from the legacy of the Constitution and Common Law, commended to us by Ron Paul, and from the logical outgrowth of technology originated by Clive Boustred. That technology reduces the 'float' of banking down to nothing, making it possible to have a system of banking and trading that is a simple but elegant service that costs us nothing. No interest. No fees. Nothing. Boustred realized that the cost was tiny and easily borne as a business expense of businesses who would be paying far less with this technology than the fees charged to implement credit cards. It will be run as a not-for-profit trust, ensuring that our money will never again be used to steal. That was Clive Boustred's plan in 2001. That is what CopperCards Bank will carry out today.

CopperCards was born in a jail but it can and will free all of us. Together, we will return to the legacy of our Founders as a people who govern themselves. Declare your independence, donate, and join us. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he would already be a member.

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