If Someone Stole Your Credit Card How Would You Feel?

… Now, what if the thief created so much debt on that card that your grandchildren wouldhave topay it off?

Emergency!There is a lot more to say, but this is a very short summation of what is happening.

Please wake up! Because that is EXACTLY what has happened and is continuing to happen. Our alleged Federal government in Washington D.C has done exactly that and is continuing to rack up calamitously destructive debt on our national credit card and you and Iand our children and grandchildren will be forced, through taxes enforced by guns just as taxes are enforced now, to pay it off!

The credit card is called our National Debt and every timeour — alleged –government borrows then spendsmoney they don't have, you and I are responsible to pay for that burgeoning debt. Countries like

China are the beneficiaries of the credit card, and ‘We The People’ are being forced to pay them huge amounts of interest every day of every year.Unfortunately, as it stands, our debt is so great that our grandchildren won't be able to pay it off. Does that make you feel upset? Good!

People who aren't working or don't pay taxes don't have to worry about this big credit card, for a while that is..


The answer to the problem is for We The People to pay careful attention to our elected officials and for us to demand, through our votes, that they stop spending and put more people to work to help pay off the already huge debt. And we must make more of what we need here, in

America, and stop buying so much from foreign countries. If we don't do that, our future is just one slavish big credit card. And the credit card holders will build their countries while ours falls apart. It's that simple. Is that really the future we want for ourselves and our grandchildren?

Make no mistake, reigning in the debt monster will likely mean hardshipand sacrificeon our part to make up forour government'sneglect and irresponsibility.But hardship is better than noship at all!

Theheart breaking irony is that we do this to ourselves by not paying enough attention and electing people who just can't keep ‘OUR’ credit card in their pocket.

What makes matters worse is that the government is printing (counterfeiting) money to seemingly ease the situation,havingthe Federal Reserve (a private corporate cartel of bankers that has nothing to do with the government) just print money in a program they have called "quantitative easing".I guess they don't want to call it what it is. But every phony (Monopoly) dollar they print makes your money less valuable.This has happened in other countries.

America is notimmune to the laws of economics.It is an evil man made disaster in the, intentional and indifferent, making!

Finally, I encourage and beg you to pass this on to everyone and anyone that you think may care. Because we need to stop the credit card theft of ‘We The People’ and there is so very much at stake.

PS The current

Washington administration has spent more money in the last two years (charged the credit card)than all of the previous


D.C. administrations. And there is no sign of them slowing down!

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