If I Were President

… I will fight to elect the Republican nominee (whoever it is) because a Republican in the White House is a whole lot better than the alternative we have now.”

On Leap Day, here are 5 things I’d have done if I were President:

1) I’d have issued an Executive Order that grants Obamacare waivers to all 50 states. I’d then go to the House and Senate Republican leadership and ask them to submit full repeal legislation.

2) I’d have approved the Keystone Pipeline.

3) I’d have asked the House and Senate to submit FairTax legislation and guarantee a vote in both chambers within 100 days. There is no better way to unshackle our economy then to pass the FairTax.

4) I’d have asked Congress to submit and pass a Balanced Budget amendment to the Constitution. I then would have promised to travel to all 50 states to fight for its passage in each legislature.

5) I’d have held a conference call with the four border Governors with Mexico and asked them to submit a comprehensive list within 24 hours of what they need to secure their border and then I would have guaranteed the federal government would help them complete the job within that time period.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all five of these things were accomplished by the next Leap Day because we put a Republican in the White House, regained the Senate Majority and expanded our Majority in the House in November?!?

You bet it would be.

My question to you Mr. Huckabee is, why would it be any better?

We have a phony criminal usurper in the White House, and all of the elected crooks in

Washington on both sides of the aisle know it and still won’t do a damned thing about it.

You tell me what is the difference between that piece of slime and the rest of you?

I wouldn’t trust any of you any further than I could spit, as you have all proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that none of you can be trusted, and I damn sure wouldn’t turn my back on you, as I would probably wind up with a shank between my shoulder blades.

Even Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly haven’t got the cojones to call Obama the two-bit phony putative hustler he is, so you tell me who is better than who?

There was a time when our military could be depended upon to uphold their oath without politics being involved, but today even the officer corps is questionable.

What it comes down to is, all incumbents have to be ousted now.

We need to start over with a fresh deck with term limits built in, and being that politicians won’t impose term limits on themselves we can do it for them by not re-electing them until they get the message and vote term limits in.

The fact that some clown will spend millions of dollars (usually someone else’s money) to get elected to a position that only pays $180K per year ought to tell you that he is making money somewhere else (like under the table).

Have you ever noticed (I am sure you have) that they may not be rich when they arrive but they are millionaires or damned close to it when they leave.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of it and I am just like Thomas Jefferson stated ‘tired of too much government’.

March 2nd, 2012

Enough Already!

Wake Up



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