Hunter Biden Longtime Biz Partner & Burisma Board-Buddy Going To Prison

by Tyler Durden –

Hunter Biden Longtime Biz Partner (Devon Archer) And Burisma Board-Buddy Going To Prison After Obama Judge Reversed (By A)

A federal appeals court has reinstated a fraud conviction of Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, Devon Archer, reversing a decision by an Obama-appointed judge (and wife of Mueller special counsel lawyer) to vacate Archer’s conviction and grant him a new trial.

Archer and several of his business partners were indicted on March 26, 2018 in a $60 million bond scheme which defrauded Native Americans. Hunter was not implicated in the fraud, however Archer and the other partners repeatedly name-dropped the former Vice President’s son. …

… Not so fast Judge Ronnie…

In a unanimous opinion, a three-judge panel said that Abrams made a mistake by prioritizing her own theory above that of the jury’s, and that her assessment undercut the significance of the proof in its totality.

… Archer’s bank statement released in the trial also revealed that the China state-owned Bank of China directly funneled more than $100,000 into the same account as Burisma beginning in December 2014. Another entity, Novatus Holding Pte. Ltd., wired $142,300 to the Rosemont account on April 22, 2014. …

…In summary – the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit unanimously called out a judge whose numerous conflicts of interest may have led her to give Devon Archer a second chance.

Now, Archer will be going to prison – unless Joe Biden wins the election and pardons him. ||10/09/2020

(h/t Just The News, Redstate’s ‘Shipwreckedcrew’ and Ben Tallmadge)

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