This is really unconscionable current democrat politics.Why? Becausethere is now languishing on the Congressional table a military ‘must needs’ for funding the troops request. It is a most necessary military spending supplement. We are at war and the American troops are in fields afar. So what! That is the conduct of the traitors of this democ…‘rat’ controlled ‘Con’….gress.

The Constitutionally ElectedPresident of the United States of America is in fact George W. Bush. This President and every other President, current, past or future, is Constitutionally the ‘Commander and Chief ‘of Americas’ military.This Presidenthas in fact notified the democrat ‘Rascals’in advance thatthe ‘supplemental spending Bill’will be vetoed because the ‘Democrat bribery bill’, also contains a date certain for the surrender and retreat from victory in Iraq; this is clearly a military leaders decision historically. As all forthright individuals confirm, Iraq is the very front in the world war on terror and a direct consequence of the 9/11 U.S.A. attack, it must end in complete victory only.

The radical democrat party has raised taxes, so that they can spend it, in part, on their ‘holy’ environmental projects; after they surrender to the multinational terrorist organizations making their stand for tyranny, which for now, is in



Tax and spend money is evidently crucial where the environmental commitment is concerned, to the radical democrat party, parties’.

However, where the lives of the Iraqi’s are concerned, should the American military flee


and in disgrace, as the radical democrat party cower at the thought of funding the troops past a date certain, thus assuring the death of the Iraqi natives. It is commonly agreed upon that there will be a retaliation slaughter of the Iraqis’, certainly of those that supported the American troops.

This of course does not faze the radical democrat party or members. Preserving the environment is to them more critical than the lives of Human beings; that seems clear to me.

This ‘methinks’, is in fact Human Sacrifice; when American taxpayer money which is necessary to pay for the now committed military actions, taken in order to affect and effect Victory in Iraq over committed terrorists and avowed and proven sworn enemy of America and Americans’ are superseded by superficial and intentional blindness to the said danger, by the democrat controlled Congress. Further, it is human sacrifice when acts and deeds are directed towards the benefit of say the current hyper ‘global warming’ question or shrimp or the safe storage of peanuts and more, but not for the protection of Human life. Why, but then,


is far away! Isn’t it?

Here at home, it is becoming clearer to my perception of logical reality, that the ‘lefts’ public policies, practices and customs are the precursors of Human Sacrifice, here in America.

That is to say the ‘Aztec, Mayan’ type —– not to mention the homicide bombers of the current Muslim type of human sacrifice, would be impolite — and other primitive cultures, allegedly for appeasing their ‘Deity’. Today, for the American and European ‘elite’, the deity is


and global warming I believe are its names. Further, the radical democrat party components with a bunch of them being devoutly for superiority over ‘human rights’ for those of animal rights and others for tree hugging rights as well as the rest of the superior environmental rights and the ‘splendid’ visions of human slaughter, which is prepared and presented by the Hollywood movie component. Movies such as “Saw 1 or 2” and much more. This is the ‘SAW’ movie where humans are dismembered; but not anything is destroyed in the sacred environment. Not that I have seen it. This is, at least to me and others the precursor of actual human sacrifice, now actually festering in



To continue the theory, it seems for explanation purposes here, all of these ‘environmentally sensitive’ folks believe they are descended from monkeys some how. It must therefore be in their mindset, that they are more closely related to the monkeys and animals, trees and environment, than they are to ‘intelligent design’ human beings.

Since I believe in freedom of religion for the ‘left’, which and whose ‘religion’ is more completely elucidated by Ann Coulter in her book “Godless” and Rush Limbaugh as well, often on the radio.

I am therefore respecting their personal religious wishes and beliefs. Who am I to disagree! So, from here on in I will duly and only be calling them the — ‘monkey people’. Just as they wish!

From the monkey peoples’ vantage point of the world, it is better to sacrifice a human than anything else, such as water, air, land, animal, vegetable or mineral and that is in fact the consistent way they behave.

Now, with the members of the radical democrat party being profoundly committed to taxing American’s, because the Sun is heating up the Earth, which is vain and novel and intentionally stupid. For isn’t it the sun which is the cause of seasonal changes and so ‘global warming’? Yes, no doubt, it is the very cause! Mars is heating up as well, in case you did not know. Research the issue of whether the Sun is being, by sciences limited knowledge, very active, that is more than ‘usual’.

According to a “PBS” member Mr. Juan Williams, who while on the Chris Wallace Sunday show, very recently stated that those that disagree, with the accusation that ‘American humans are totally responsible for global warming’, must belong to the “flat earth society”.

It seems much more likely, to me, that members of the radical democrat global warming party, including Mr. Juan Williams, belong to the ‘Sun revolves around the Earth society’. There is a reason, I see now, that the word is — eviron…. ‘mental’!

That word eviron…. ‘mental’ clearly applies to you Mr. ‘AGore’, the former V.P. of the

United States of America

and the rest of you Theurgists of the sunless society.

I am undecided as to whose treatise of ‘science’ is better. There is, written by Mr. ‘AGore’, the former V.P. of the

United States of America

, a book and also a movie titled ‘an inconvenient truth’. Then there is, Mary Shelly’s book and later movie, Frankenstein and therein of course is Dr. Frankenstein’s and his most dedicated and invaluable assistant, ‘EGore’. The grave robber! Decisions, decisions!

Protecting the well being of ‘nature’, by what ever means necessary, notably, including violence by ‘ELF’ = environmental liberation front -, is more important than protecting ‘humanity’, to those in the radical Democrat party. Especially the well being of


and American’s. Not to mention Iraqi’s.

Over the years, the left has also decided that the well being of the Spotted Owl in the

North West

, the Caribou in


, the snail darter, whatever that is and the so called “natural habitat” of the rest of the anthropomorphized components of Nature, supersede the strength and health of


and its current natives, its denizens. This is a precursor of Human Sacrifice in


. Notably, those Americans that lived in the way at the time, of these and other ‘overly protected’ creatures, were in fact compelled to sacrifice their well being. Next, life itself?

This is the precursor to actual human sacrifice here in


. Next, in order to appease the rain or wind or something, will come the ‘tie down’ and voila!, (I prefer viola!, less French you know. But!) the extrication of the ‘pagan’ maidens human heart raised in homage towards the Sun or moon or global warming or evolution. All of this must be so enticing to the very evolved, Monkey People.

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