Huey Dewey and Louie.

In 1987 I joined my first member only warehouse (Price Club)

It was a great experience, cheap prices and quality goods, and service was not bad either, you could always tell price club members on the street by the clothes they were wearing, as price club had one of the kind clothes at great prices, like leather jackets.

It cost nothing to go in but many hundreds of dollars to get out, but you felt you got your moneys worth, and that since it was membership only, you felt special and knew a secret that non members did not, and the hot dog stand served great hot dogs; sometimes I would go to price club just to get their hot dogs, pretty expensive hot dog, as I could not go in without buying something, usually a couple of hundred dollars buy, hey! It was worth it, but alas! It is not true today that you can find bargains at the member warehouses and get good service; at least one has lousy hot dogs –Costco- not the dogs themselves, but the lousy buns they have now, they used to have the best.

I would advise you not to buy their tires, as you will almost never get the after service promised tire balance and rotation unless you have couple of hours to wait. I cancelled my Costco card after my 20 year membership.

Sam’s club used to have lousy hot dogs too, now they have very good ones. But I would advise you not to buy their produce, the last time that I was there I was going to get some grapefruit and noticed mold on one of the grapefruit, so I looked at another and the whole box was moldy, yuck!

I asked for the manager, he was clueless, how they got there? In a follow-up with the manager he told me it was bad shipment… ok, but how did this possibly dangerous mold reach the floor? Thus selling it to the public? Finally I got home, and when I opened the bag of apples that I had brought at Sam’s… you guessed it, rotten to the core and all cracked, it was unbelievable entirely to me! Health officials had better be looking into Sam’s club, handling of their produce. I wonder what Sam Walton is thinking…?

When I started this investigation BJs was at the bottom of the list, but now I put them at the top, I have since cancelled my Sam’s club and Costco and kept BJs. Never thought that would happen, but BJs has greatly improved their personnel and mgt, very efficient tire service, I have not found any problems with their produce, their Hot dogs are great and now they have UNO pizza also

In final summation the warehouses are not the bargain they once were unless you have a business or a large family but if you must shop there, I would recommend BJs.

John Clark

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