How To Payback The ‘Obamanoid’ Voters

And, oh yes, the talk on the street about the traitors in Congress and others involved that are clearly altering and intentionally destroying the America they swore to protect and defend from its Constitutional design.

First if you know an Obama voter as a friend or friend of a friend:

Ostracize, Exclude, Banish, Shun, Ignore, Snub, dump, sack, avoid, expel, exile, eject, delete, eliminate, reject, leave out, don’t call, get lost, split off, spurn, disregard, drop, scrap, junk, ignore, pay no attention to them and any other means of fixing their – Racist, bigoted and Anti-American Obamanoid — social wagon.

I personally have applied this method to a personal friend and she is now unhappily stewing in her own juices. When I told her that due to her support for the ‘daily snake swallower’ Obama, I could no longer stand her presence. She said, “I am not one of the bad guys”. Wrong! I told her and hung up. She is dead to me.

E mails from her continue to arrive unanswered by me.

Why? Because I believe that it freaks them out and thus it will change their reality of the constant need for some kind of a change, on a moment to moment basis. For them, change is anything different. There is no actual perception by them, I am convinced, of an impact on a more distant future due to their conduct today. Obamanoids are just like the Katrina population that did not, more likely could not, determine the actual change that the storm would cause, so they remained in New Orleans and then blamed others for thier very own horrible decision. I have read about this syndrome in more detail in:

Smart or Intelligent –

Additionally here is what I am doing and have done, that worked. A friend of mine was dating a White female that was an Obama supporter. He was not an Obama supporter. She was, to me, clearly a shallow sensualist without foresight. I told my friend that I did not wish to be around her at all, because she was incapable of determining the consequences of her decisions and that she, being an Obama voter, was a dangerous and useful un-American idiot, period.

Shortly, thereafter they broke up and so she is no longer around, dating my friend. It works! I am convinced that the obamanoids need others to fulfill there syndrome of constant change necessary at all costs. Obama knows this and manipulates them. We the anti-Obama voters inadvertently fill that need as well. Our absence will make their minds falter, they want to be liked! Too bad!

So far the ‘people’ that voted for B. Hussein O., to be their undocumented, non-citizen President of the USA, have not yet received or felt any consequence for their selfishly shortsighted or intentionally malevolent, Presidential election Vote.

I firmly believe that the Anti-Obama voters, currently being injured, must and need to express their very own dissatisfaction towards those that are the current Obamanoid fools, not merely by words, but by actual deeds.

Additionally I am doing the following.

Any Obama voter is not welcome in my home. [Regarding family you are on your own.] I am convinced that they are NOT trustworthy since they not only elected the African thief, liar, swindler, affirmative action produced lawyer and Oath breacher/violater, but they still support his theft of the property/assets of the hard working, tax paying and law abiding Americans, as well as the destruction of the plain, ordinary, clear and concise meaning of the Constitution. Birds of a feather steal together, in this case.

If I were a doctor I would refuse to treat the Democrat politicians and anyone that I knew to be an obamanoid. Send them to their own kind. Oaths for these people are devoid of any respect by them. This is needed before the Congress 'votes' to destroy the medical profession and the health of the American people. This is the greater good for the Hippocratic Oath that Doctors take.

Any automobile that has an Obama sticker, involved in any type of accident will get no assistance from me and others. If they are injured they are going to die. Too bad!

Any business owned or operated by a known Obama supporter is boycotted.

The Obama supporters are the Greenies. They are anti-human prosperity. So, I and others will be littering as a civil disobedience action. They can get busy keeping the streets green. They will not like that. Too bad! Just be careful, night time is the right time. A fat Sunday New York Times thrown out of an auto window is perfect since it is just a propaganda rag anyway, it is thus worthy of mere litter. Another propaganda rag is the free to the public New York City rag the 'Village Voice' it is also perfect for littering. Take a bunch of them at a time. Civility is over as far as many, many nobama voters are concerned.

Also, any State that was a clear supporter of Obama is to have its products and tourism boycotted.

If you can add to this list please do so by email and NWS will update it.

Additions: For Littering to help the Greenies:

1- Use last years phone books;

2 – Also any tax books;

3 – Also get the IRS forms at your local Post Office;

7.21.09 – New

4 – Pizza boxes;

5 – Plastic / recyclables;

6 – Cigarette boxes;

7 – Old car parts;

8 – Slit old feather pillows;

9 – Litter New Fliers;

10 – Tires old;

11 – Do not adopt a highway;

War! Americans are in the midst of a, so far, bloodless war.

In my daily travels to, music, food, movie, on the street etc locations I am hearing grave whispers of discontent.

For instance: The universal health care issue of the elderly, those 60 and over, being denied treatment for heart and other serious maladies will according to what I have heard and am hearing is this. “If I am denied proper medical treatment the politician that voted for this death sentence will have me in his house, for revenge.” This is dangerous stuff folks, but that is the buzz on the street.

Another instance: If an illegal alien injures anyone in that persons family, whom I overheard but do not personally know, they will payback the politicians that voted for or did nothing to prevent the illegal alien from invading the


It sounds to me that the return of the Hatfield and the McCoy feud is about to return to the American way of life and that this time the politicians and their families will be the ‘beneficiaries’ of their long standing dishonor and attack on the American way of life and its People.

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