I’m an 80 year old Aussie geezer who spent his working life equally divided between repairing and building machinery, and church ministry – usually both at the same time.

Both jobs have a lot in common.

When called to a breakdown you follow a procedure. Before you can fix anything – you need to know what the manufacturer designed and built this machine to do – then find out why that is not happening.

Sometimes with a more complex piece of gear, it is necessary to read up the manufacturer’s manual to get a better understanding of the inner working of the equipment. More often than not, the breakdown has occurred because the operator did not follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep up the maintenance schedule. A mechanic friend was once asked if he could find how to turn off an annoying red light on the control panel. The red light was trying to tell the operator – in this case the guy who owned it – that the engine was out of oil. The engine was in fact, wrecked. Just because a warning light had been ignored.

It’s no use wearing ear muffs so you can’t hear the banging noise. Find out what is making that piece bang. You dig into the heart of the matter to discover what is causing the mal-function. There is no point just fixing the part that is banging. You must go back to the cause.

Something has gone drastically wrong with our nations. We are in a shocking mess, so let’s get into the heart of the underlying problem and work at it from there.

A deadly parasite has latched on to our nations and is squeezing the life out of us. That monster must be stopped, and there is a way to stop it – which is what this article is all about.

This outfit has been steadily crunching away in the background like a swarm of termites, eating away at the heart of everything we believed was the way things should be. This has been going on for hundreds of years, but more specifically the past two hundred years. Now – they are no longer in the background, but are out in the open and running the show – and smashing everything we ever knew. Even our families – especially our families – and our communities and towns. The places where we used to work which are not there any more.

OK – you know about all that. I subscribe to newsbulletins that daily talk about the problems – what has gone wrong – the disasters who are running for public office. You know all that.

But I’m not seeing ANYONE telling us how to fix it.

This article is going to tell you the only way the problem can be fixed – and I know quite well that I will be able to hear the howls of protest right over here the other side of the Pacific, and I won’t even need a phone line.

OK – here we go – our nations canbe fixed –so let us get on with what we are on this planet to do..

OK – don’t reach for the delete button just because you think you can see where this is heading. What I am saying is the ONLY way the mess in your country and mine is going to be fixed. You’ve tried everything else and it didn’t work, so pay attention. What I am saying WILL work.

There are those nasty critters out there who set out a couple of hundred years ago to take over and rule the world and they are right on track. And now this lot are out in the open and are actually running – aka: ruining – our countries. But these hoons are effect. They are not the cause.

In the natural, these satanic destroyers doing the mischief – like bits of scrap metal in the gear box – are hell-bent on producing total intentional destruction of the equipment.

BUT – we are not stuck with being just natural. There is another force at work.

I’m talking politics here and I am NOT talking religion. The Bible – and God himself – have more to say about national governments and politics than about most other things.

And when I talk about God Almighty – I mean, the Judeo Christian God of the Bible – Eternal Creator – the very same God Almighty that official political


is trying so hard to run out of town. Chucking out the engine and disconnecting the brakes has NOT made the car run better.

Leaving out a lot of background – God made a special creature – and that’s us – and we were built to be the same as God Almighty is. The human race is built to be duplicates of God. You are intended to be a being made the same as God Almighty is. That’s the way it was planned to be. You didn’t know that, did you?

You doknow all that went pear shaped – but in spite of the horrendous mess we humans have got ourselves into, God set up a way to get people back to his original intention of us being the same as he is. First it was the cross. Then the arrangement he established to pass on that intention, is – wait for it – the Christian church. The real thing, not the make-believe pretence we are saddled with in the Western world at this time.

God Almighty has established his Church on Planet Earth to be his representation and fixer. We were supposed to keep things on an even keel. But we Christians managed to really screw up that arrangement real good and proper.

Leaving out even more background – God Almighty deliberately plantedus new human species on the same planet on to which the arch angel Lucifer, together with one third of the angel workforce at Headquarters had been expelled as the result of an attempted treasonous coup against Most High God. All that supernatural force of these extremely powerful creatures – with abilities near that of God himself – are still on this planet. If you have access to a decent independent news service, tonight you can see what they have been up to today.

The human race has been given the governmental authority that wasoriginally the




and his angel staff. When they see us, they remember what and where they have come from and where they are going – and they don’t like it. Their hatred for God and for us humans is absolute.

OK – that is the background of the mess.

The massive problems on Earth today are not political. They are spiritual. The way to fix it is not political, it is spiritual.

The cause of the mess is not simple greed by the “banksters”. The problem is the satanic forces at work in the financial and political world – and all over the world, screwing up people and families and nations – and everything God Almighty intends for this planet. They intend to destroy us – and so far they are doing a pretty good job of it.

It is of no use trying to fix the mess by any level of human negotiations or carpet bombing. There is no point in taking pot shots at the devilish whackos lining up for political office. That’s not where the problem is.

The mess and the messers – are not the problem – they are the result of the problem.

Like it or lump it – the problem is the



– because this is the entity God has placed on this planet to be his representation and regulator. This is the body


said he would build and he said that it would take out the satanic forces, and those entities would have no defence against it. The church didn’t even try.


taught his team to pray that his Father’s Kingdom government would replace ungodly human government. He taught them to pray that the principles that regulate affairs in Heaven become the principles that regulate affairs on Earth. We call it the Lord’s Prayer – and that is what the prayer is saying.


was told to tell all the nations what had happened as the result of what


had done during his visit to Earth. They were told to disciple the nations, so that righteous Godliness would become the standard of secular national governments.

They didn't – so the Islamics did.

What the Church was told to do did nothappen – and it is not happening anywhere in the Western world at this time. Never-the-less – this is the entity God Almighty has established on Planet Earth to regulate things. That is God’s intention and it’s going to happen.

At this time there would not be one in a thousand people involved in the Western church who have a real and genuine relationship with God. By that – I mean the living Person of God. For sure, many of them are “born again” and will go to Heaven when they die. They are babies born, but never even bothered to learn how to sit up and still need diapers/nappies and titty bottles. They would have to be the most pathetic bunch of creatures on Planet Earth. That is going to change. The deal will be to get right in or get right out. There is no middle position.

And there is an underlying cause for the useless state of the useless church in our day.

The Church – the Body of Christ – has been destroyed by the clergy industry.

(Gasp – shrieks of fury – off with his head – burn him at the stake -dispatch him to hell.)

I am saying that the root cause of the turmoil tearing our nations apart right now has been caused by clergyreducing the Body of Christ to something like a bucket of ColonelSanders chicken pieces.All those legs and wings are refered to as “laity”.The dismemberedBody components are not able to do what they were built to do – rendering the church useless.

Get a job you lot and stop messing up


’s church and his people. So there.

Search the New Testament – which is the ONLY source of information about church – from beginning to end and you will not find any clergy. Yet these phantoms have moved in and taken over the whole show – and have destroyed every possibility of what God intended his people to become – and that is the people being restored to being duplicates of himself.

To fix the


and the rest of our nations – the first item of business is to get rid of parasite clergy out of the church. They are impostors. I’m saying our nations can never function properly while this monster gobbles up the church.

The active item that will begin to produce the fixing process is for God’s people in the church to grow by interaction with each other and Holy Spirit into becoming duplicates of


and being the functional, productive Body of Christ

The church is going to become the functional Body of Christ it is intended to be. It is going to become the representation of God Almighty in our neighbourhoods and communities and nations. An action is going to occur that will bring the church back to what it is intended to be. It will be like the paddock of dry bones in Ezeliel 37.

Some of you prophets – the real thing, not the weirdo whackos – line yourself up along that paddock fence and be ready to prophesy to those bones when God gives you the word to speak. It is the Body of Christ whose dried and bleached bones are littering that paddock.

There are individual people – most of whom are not even welcome in a church – who are moving with God to that place where things can begin to turn around. It is time for these people to be ministries in the Body. It is time for us to be taking our places ready to exercise the national – and international – authority God has given us, to call the turn-around into being. The fate of our nations are hanging on people who are walking with God. God’s real people walk in a level of authority no government can even imagine. Wait until we are turned loose. You want change ???? That is the only place it can come from.

Let me make it plain – ONLY the genuine living



has the capacity to take apart the satanic operations in the


and European and the home grown iniquities in high places that are deliberately destroying our nations – and that is going to happen.

Trying to get rid of God out of the nation would have to be the stupidest thing to have happened in all human history. Get him back – you can do absolutely nothing without him – except perish.

God was speaking to


at the dedication of the




. 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14. He said – “When I shut up the Heavens so that there is no rain, or command the locust to devour the land, or send pestilence among my people – if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

If there were just one hundred people across the Western world who live and walk with God, who are filled with the presence and life of God, who walk in humility before God, who hold up our nations before God in deep intercession – who will bin their agendas and pet projects and ambitions – and drop ALL the whacko religious crap down a big deep hole and flush it – and who will get together in agreement – we could have our nations on their ear in three weeks flat. It’s up to us. God is waiting for us to do it. It’s that easy.

That is the answer to the problems that are destroying


, and the rest of us with it.

Those of his people who are called by his name – let’s do it.

Laurence Lilley

Australia (the site is still a work in progress)

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