How to control Congress … A New Idea!

The millions of Americans opposed to the Senate’s bill — granting amnesty for lawbreakers — will not be touring Arizona or Massachusetts until the misleading actors, Senators John McCain (R.-Ariz.) and Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.), are removed from office. Tourism counts as the second largest income producer for their states. “We the people” will now vote them out of office with our wallets.

On May 12, 2006, a Minutemen Project cross-country caravan arrived in Washington, D.C. A rally then took place at the park next to the Senate. At that time the entire event was broadcast on C-SPAN. While the un-American, liberal, national news media were also there along with their cameras, they barely mentioned it at all during their news segments. Typical!

I was among the speakers and tossed out my idea about a pending boycott to cheering from the audience of Minutemen Project supporters. I have previously written of it at HUMAN EVENTS’ Right Angle blog. At the same time on May 12, the other speakers from the Minuteman Project were Executive Director Steve Eichler, Barbara Coe, co-author of Proposition 187 and president of California Coalition for Immigration Reform, and John Clark, the congressional liaison for the American Immigration Control Foundation. All agreed to the “notice of a pending boycott” if the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill became law.

After the Senate’s passage of S. 2611, we all spoke again and they each have agreed to support and implement the tourism boycott of Arizona and Massachusetts as of now. Further, this boycott will continue until the two authors of S. 2611, McCain and Kennedy, are voted out of office in their respective states. Thereafter, the next two most prominent supporters of the Senate amnesty bill will have their states boycotted. The American citizenry vow to take America back and it begins right now, today.

Barbara Coe stated: “CCIR strongly supports the implementation of the boycott of both Arizona and Massachusetts. We urge all patriots to cancel any vacations to those states and not spend a dime in either until Senators (a.k.a. pro-illegal alien traitors) John McCain and Ted Kennedy are voted out of office.”

In addition, Steve Eichler informed me that Jim Gilcrest, co-founder of the Minutemen, has initiated a national billboard campaign to unseat senators supporting amnesty and illegal immigration. The first billboard salvo will be one directly across from the offices of McCain in Arizona. This tourism boycott will also be supported on the billboards, according to Eichler.

These are the three leading organizations in the country with approximately 300,000 active subscribers and members. They are clearly intent on restoring the rightful authority of “we the people” over the vexatious senators who completely disregard legal American citizens, where amnesty for millions of illegal invaders is concerned.

The erroneous estimate of only 12 million illegal foreigners, spread across America, comes from the federal government. When is the last time that the federal government accurately estimated anything having to do with numbers? Never! Not to my knowledge.

Their estimates are always wrong by at least a factor of three. Take the “big dig” in Boston, Mass., which is on Kennedy’s turf. It is four to five times over the original estimates. That is what to expect with the current illegal foreigner numbers.

The Heritage Foundation recently estimated the number of family members that would seek American citizenship, after the illegal foreigners are given amnesty, at 150 million, give or take. That is the end of the America as this and all the previous generations knew or know it. When there are 150 million foreigners, they will take over Congress and the local governments and open the borders completely it seems to me.

A comparative analysis of S. 2611 in a “forward looking outcome,” should it become the law of the land and those of the intentions of say, Osama bin Laden, are in fact very similar. Osama bin Laden wants only to destroy the American culture. That is to say “Islamize” America. Any amnesty bill of the Senate’s type will only destroy the American culture. That is to say “latinize” America. What is the difference to America’s culture? Who is in charge is the only difference? This only happens to conquered nations. Or is it that the 62 senators are actually a variation of the Trojan horse?

Who will succeed in the destruction of the American civilization? I posit that it may be those voting for and supporting the two authors of S. 2611, which is to say the 60 other Senators. Ah yes, and the liberal media that support them. They must be stopped is the general consensus taken here.

If this bill is not the very essence of an act of “fiat” by the “self aggrandizing aristocratic nobility de jure,” then nothing is. In an extrapolation of the Senate’s 62 “aristocratic noblemen de jure,” it seems to me as if they view Americans as merely lowly disposable peasants. And so what if they are objecting?

Finally, in Arizona’s MaricopaCounty resides a “Super” Sheriff. His name is Joe Arpaio and he arrests illegal foreigners captured in the county.

Therefore, this boycott must not be imposed against his county. So, should anyone wish to tour Arizona, please, only go to MaricopaCounty. Spend money there! Americans must support committed Americans such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio and defeat un-American actors such as McCain and Kennedy.

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