How The Rockefeller Republicans Raped America: Part 1

…. A generation of children cowered under their desks, afraid of the boogie man of Communism; we all lived in fear. It was a lie. This is your story, too because even if you were not yet born, it changed your world.

“When in 1951 I was inducted into the CIA as a deep cover agent, the procedures for disguising my affiliation and my work were unsmilingly comprehensive. It was three months before I was formally permitted to inform my wife what the real reason was for going to Mexico City to live. If, a year later, I had been apprehended, dosed with sodium pentothal, and forced to give out the names of everyone I knew in the CIA, I could have come up with exactly one name, that of my immediate boss (E. Howard Hunt, as it happened). In the passage of time one can indulge in idle talk on spook life. In 1980 I found myself seated next to the former president of Mexico at a ski-area restaurant. What, he asked amiably, had I done when I lived in Mexico? "I tried to undermine your regime, Mr. President." He thought this amusing, and that is all that it was, under the aspect of the heavens”.

In 1951 the CIA recruited Yale graduate William F. Buckley, Jr., who wrote the paragraph above, into their ranks as a “deep cover agent.” Yale supplied most of the early agents for the CIA and many of these individuals went on to placement high up in government or in multinational corporations. It was an exclusive fraternity, serving the interests not of Americans but of the corporations. Through their lives they took with them loyalties and a world view that was very different than that of ordinary Americans, uninvested in those very special interests.

There is a case to believe that William Buckley remained in that service. It was not so much service to the CIA as it was to those who had come to control government, the collation of multinational corporations that today have given up trying to hide their intentions with the very public and obvious moves now underway.

Among these are the North American Union, or Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, The driver's licenses, ready for use, show their logo of the whole of North America; the insistence by the Feds on a Real ID that asserts absolute Federal Control; the LESO program that is now converting control of local law enforcement into Federal property. These prove what they denied for years. You can try to go to the LESO site but if you do a block comes up. You can read more about it on the Rockwell site; Lew is not usually an alarmist.

These are the end times, but not in the way Evangelicals have imagined; many who had bought into the Rapture are horrified at the bankruptcy now facing America, brought on by these same interests.

In the name of furthering the agenda or corporations America has justified torture, endless war, covert ops carried out routinely on all of us, and more. We are watching as the markets collapse and as people lose their homes in steadily increasing numbers, as the vital resources that belong to all of us, including the air ways themselves, are sold off along with the water we drink. The only cheering note is the report that 'they' are now preparing to destroy the evidence of this in Washington D. C., so perhaps Bush intends to leave after all, failing to finish what his grandfather Prescott Bush planned in 1943, the military take over of the US government.

Those working on this are relatively small in number. Buckley is one of them.

William Buckley was trained and paid by the CIA as a covert agent; he admits this as a matter of simple fact. If you look closely at his actions between 1951 and now there are many reasons to conclude he never left that job; all that changed was his assignment and perhaps how he was compensated.

To control the direction of America it was essential to limit the ideas in politics, especially movements that changed the framing regarding the power of government and the rights of the people. At that point in time there was only one movement that worried them.

Between the mid 50s and the 70s Buckley did all in his power to become Mr. Conservative. But there is no reason to believe he was, in fact, a conservative. He is identified with the Rockefeller wing of the GOP; his actions agree with the agenda of that political faction by his own contemporary quotes. His presence as a self-declared Conservative was founded on intense intellectual masturbation that ignored the unifying issues from which the Conservatism of that movement had derived.

Buckley did not win identification as a Conservative by enacting the ideas of Conservatism, he did so by simply repeating over and over that he was a Conservative, introducing microanalysis of issues that ignored the foundation for those ideas in the works of Locke and in the Declaration of Independence. Baffle with Thy Bulls**t should be engraved on his forehead.

When that proved to be less than compelling to people looking for the truth Buckley changed tactics, destroying the people who lead and had created that movement. Their lives and actions tell us they were Conservatives; the records of their lives clearly prove that they understood the principles of limited government, individual rights, and adherence to the Constitution.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays duck eggs, it is a duck. Goldwater, Ayn Rand and Robert Welch were ducks. Buckley was a turkey trying to quack convincingly. William Buckley was no Ronald Reagan.

In the years following the Second World War American government, in collusion with corporations, was making war on the right of Americans to organize and restructure all they perceived as wrong with government. As that new movement began, dedicated to the ideas of limited government, individual rights, and the Constitution, corporations in collusion with the CIA, took up a covert war. To carry this out those who wanted to instead extend the power of corporations through government created the boogie man of Communism and recruited agents.

Children cowered under their desks to perpetuate that boogie man.

Many of those men involved in the planning stages of the Cold War had had dealings with the Soviet Union as they had had with Nazi Germany; those interests were purely financial. Living in a world of their creation, driven by money, they saw the world through the lens of corporations. They therefore owed allegiance to no nation; they were above such considerations, coming to view the issues of America as less weighty than of maintaining their own profits. Profits depended on an unending supply of oil.

All of the actions taken from then until now point to the goal of acquiring the oil reserves of which Everette Lee DeGolyer, the singular guru of oil they regarded as the preeminent world expert, had said, “No such galaxy of fields of the first magnitude over such a wide area has been developed previously in the history of the oil industry.” DeGolyer had returned from a survey of the Middle East.

The corporate interests, now merged with government in the US, were following through with a strategy intended to lower the costs of corporations in obtaining oil. Oil was the life's blood that pumped through their veins. The fact that Communism was no threat was irrelevant; the corporations needed a threat so they could continue to justify control just as they do today with threats of extremist Muslims.

The individuals who then were organizing to oppose them were gulled by the threats of Communism; they believed the people who they thought of as fellow Americans. The real Conservatives were naive but honest. They included men like Taft and Barry Goldwater; Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises. They came from diverse background but they shared a belief in the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the free market that America had never really had. They believed in individual freedom and the sovereignty of the individual before the existence of government. They dream of freedom.

To men like Buckley, operating in the 50s and 60s, it must have been like stealing candy from a baby. Buckley's motives went deep. His father, William F. Buckley, Sr., had been an oil man in Venezuela whose interests were truncated by the move in that country to take control of that resource.

Buckley had very personal motives.

Now it is clear that all of those closely associated with the small group who worked to eviscerate the role of the United Nations, manicure the political environment in the United States, and weld the corporations to government had ties to Big Oil. The small group included George H. W. Bush, Sr., Maurice Strong, and Robert O. Anderson. Big Oil understood how much they had to lose if Americans had real choices. This period is also marked by the disappearance of various better carburetors and other innovations that improved gas and oil efficiency. These patents were typically bought up by oil companies and never used.

Communism was a distraction that kept the eyes of Americans off the ball and allowed for the continued plundering of oil reserves in the Middle East – and elsewhere as they were discovered.

Back home, Buckley made sure that the use of the military as an adjunct for corporate leveraging against other countries continued by destroying the potential objections from within the Conservative Movement.

Using government in this way gave rise to a very different attitude about their own mis gotten wealth and about people who lived simple, decent lives. You see the fully developed attitude in this Straussianism, which expressed this as, “if you are destined to rule then you may rightly ignore the rules made for lesser men.” This is self serving and ugly and it is possible that the hyper intellectual rationalizations used by Buckley and the others came from their unconscious knowledge that their actions were morally and ethically bankrupt.

Many of Buckley's fellow CIA recruits shared his affiliation with Skull and Bones, where who you know and how, provides yet another layer of artificial elitism. Members of that fellowship guaranteed a lifetime of easy times paid for by those whose long term associations have made them rich at the expense of ordinary Americans. Few are inclined to bite the hand that holds the caviar.

Those who employed Bush, Buckley and their cronies are the descendants of the mercantilists either by genes or by practice.

No matter where they come from they share that they are the inheritors of the devious practices of those who see government as an extension of their power. Today we know them as Corporatists, Oil Barons, the 28,000 Elite. Their moral ancestors were the ship owners who ignored the disgust of other New Englanders, making their services available to slavers and dealing in slaves themselves.

Earlier generations knew them as the people who moved in on the profits to be made from the Civil War, a war fought to establish a more powerful Federal State and not to end slavery. A generation later John D. Rockefeller would establish his own line of avarice using the same techniques.

William F. Buckley was never a Conservative any more than Monica Lewinsky was an innocent virgin when she met Bill Clinton. And examination of his actions over a life time reveals no nuance of action that affirmed the principles of Conservatism. His stock in trade was deceptive rhetoric. Debunking the ideas of Conservatism by his failure to defend them over and over again, he continued to claim the mantle. He could never have accomplished that if he had not gone after the real leaders of that movement.

Buckley's 1957 attack on Ayn Rand came in the form of a bizarre review of “Atlas Shrugged,” her most prominent novel, put out under the imprimatur of National Review. National Review would follow the strategy of later publications that are used in serial to excoriate individuals and reframe issues while continuing to carry enough unexceptional material so as to keep philosophical adherents oblivious to the real agenda, puzzled but not moved to attack.

Also essential was to control the youth. In 1960 Buckley used his estate in Sharon, Connecticut for the founding meeting of the Young Americans for Freedom. This did not work out as planned. The group immediately broke into two factions, reflecting two viewpoints that continue to drive politics today. The Rockefeller wing was a simple political extension of corporatism. The Conservative wing eventually dominating, representing the principles of small government, individual rights, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. These had been the principles of Robert Taft, who Buckley sought to displace in the minds of young Americans by promoting the candidacy of Barry Goldwater.

Credited with supporting the candidacy of Goldwater through National Review in 1964, Buckley gave public support to that candidacy because Goldwater's platform, rather than taking the clean non-interventionist viewpoint of Alliances with None, instead promised only to end the draft as soon as possible, according to Rockwell in his essay, “Before the Storm.”

War was essential to the successful prosecution of the corporate agenda; the other issues would have been largely irrelevant at that point in time. Buckley's later attitude towards Goldwater was dismissive. His support at the time had provided invaluable credentials and deflected resistance to the War in Vietnam. Providing very public support to a candidate who the loses badly is perfect positioning for the take over of the resulting political movement.

Those attacks included the devastating assaults on Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society for the shocking crime of saying, in 1965, that the Vietnam War was immoral and unconstitutional because Congress had not declared war. In those attacks Welch was characterized as, “just a candy maker from Connecticut.” A curious commentary from someone whose very accent lies.

The agenda was war for the profit of oil, pure and simple.

Most people believe because of that accent William F. Buckley, Jr., is the scion of old Eastern money, probably New England. In fact, he is the son of William Frank Buckley, Sr., a Texas oil baron whose fortune was made wildcatting in Venezuela and Mexico. Their descent is Swiss-German and they are Irish Catholics.

I have come to think of this as Buckley's personal addition to the war of ideas, waged against opponents who had accepted him as a friend.

Even today most members of what we generally call The Freedom Movement, have not noticed the larger strategy used with the publication of bifurcated support on issues that leaves the reader uncertain of the real principles involved. Today we also must deal with the misdirecting websites used to deflect a clear understanding of issues also using this strategic approach.

For real Conservatives and the Libertarians who followed them, government should remain strictly limited and local; the rights of individuals are respected. The people do it for themselves; Government is best that governs least. That is Conservatism.

Buckley knew how to exude the rhetoric, leading the mind down into a sink of nuance and mincing fantasy, never the reality. For Buckley, who never encountered reality himself, and for his fellow privileged CIA James Bond wannabes, reality was what they wished to believe it to be.

He wrote this in 1952 in an article for Commonweal.

“We have got to accept Big Government for the duration—for neither an offensive nor a defensive war can be waged, given our present government skills, except through the instrument of a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores.… And if they deem Soviet power a menace to our freedom (as I happen to), they will have to support large armies and air forces, atomic energy, central intelligence, war production boards, and the attendant centralization of power in Washington—even with Truman at the reins of it all.”

In recent years Buckley has often gloated over his success. Growing older he lives in a world of privilege gained through betrayal and lies. It was probably a lot of fun; a career of profitable work that was great for the ego and pocketbook simultaneously. He was probably laid frequently. Evidently when you have no conscience the only truth that matters is written in dollar signs.

That is the first part of the series. More coming soon on those who subverted freedom.

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