“How Can We Achieve A Successful Revolution?”

….approached by a young Indonesian college student with a simple question which required a complex answer. He said he was representing the student resistance movement whose leaders were in Jojakarta and Jakarta.

Their goal? While under national martial law they intended to overthrow the administration of President Suharto and establish the first democratically elected president in their Islamic country of 14,000 islands and 700 languages. As the 4th most populated country in the world, the goal was to achieve a relatively peaceful transition.

Here is a brief account of our four hour discussion:

"How can we achieve a successful revolution?"

1. Identify your motivations, goals, commitments, strengths, resources, weaknesses, and determination.

2. Learn from both successful revolutions and failed revolutions: American, Indonesian (1967), Guatemalan, French, Boxer, Mexican, Cuban, etc.

3. Take your message to the streets. Don't just restrict yourselves to the university campuses Suharto allowed.

4. We also discussed the significance of the colors of the American flag: Red (hardiness & valor) , White (purity & innocence) and Blue (vigilence, perseverence & justice). I said Old Glory has represented, for America and much of the world, the very embodiment of liberty, independence, and democracy. It represents the preeminent icon of democracy, inspiring millions of freedom fighters across the globe to give up their lives so that others could live free of tyranny and oppression.

"What if our soldiers shoot us?"

1. Learn from Chicago 1968, Miami 1968, Bay of Pigs, and the Kent State and Tieneman Square massacres

2. Commit, commit, commit! 100% commitment is an absolute requirement. Anything less guarantees failure. Without 100% commitment they should NOT proceed down that path.

3. When one student falls, put ten in his place. When ten fall, put one hundred. The Indonesian Army is made up of your brothers, sisters, cousins, nephew, nieces, and friends. They will no longer shoot you once they see that what Suharto wants them to do is morally repugnant. They will side with you.

"With such a diverse country in terms of size, geography, cultures, religions and languages, how can we possibly organize our movement?"


Force multiplication is a military term describing the phenomena whereby one covert operative recruits (for simplicity's sake) five insurgents to his cause and trains them to how to teach five more recruits each and they do the same. This branching chain continues, optimally, as EVERY recruit trains five more each. Using this model 5 will become 25. 25 will become 125. 125 will become 625. 625 will become 3125, and so on.


Each student resistance member must identify at least 5 potential recruit email recipients to spread their message for (preferably) peaceful revolution. The 5 x 5 Internet communication chain must be explained and perpetuated. The failure to propagate the message by any one individual will adversely effect their Internet Based Force Multiplier Strategy (IBFMS).

10 uninterrupted cycles of the IBFMS strategy will reach theoretically reach more than 48,800,000 recipients in only the time needed to CLICK ON SEND . I doubted there were that many computers in the country.

Amazingly, just one more 5 x 5 cycle, in it's ideal application, would reach 244,140,625 recipients. That exceeds the current population of 237,500,000!

Word of mouth communications must extend beyond the limitation of IBFMS.

"How can you be sure that we will succeed?"

Because, I explained, their movement had something few others before you had. There were multiple uncensored satellite news teams in Jakarta already. There were BBS, CNN, Asianet, ABC, CBS, NBC, and STAR satellite transmitting trucks on the university campuses. When the students made their move their would be real-time coverage beamed throughout the world to capture Suharto's response. THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE WATCHING! The revolution wouldn't last two days.

In May of 1998, after a joint student – military conducted two day intense revolution, President Suharto was forced to retire. A temporary military government was installed and set the date of July 5,1999 for a democratic national election.

Later, on the Indonesian island of Bali, in early June 1998, an 80 year old village chief and I discussed his country's successful revolution. Unbeknownst to me, he had already learned of my previous contact and conversation in Java. His question was:

"How can we conduct uncorrupted, fair, and democratic elections in such a diverse country?"

I first taught him about the IBFMS strategy as taught to the students in March. My answer was simple. Invite Jimmy Carter and the UN observers to come. If his countrymen agreed, then I'm certain they could make that happen.

It did happen. On July 5, 1999, President Habibi was the first democratically elected president in S.E. Asia. Vice President Megawati was later elected to the office of the president in 2001 and the Indonesian Democracy thrives today.

The Indonesian dream was to live under full democratic representation. They are a young democracy yet their motivation is strong and their determination is severe enough to keep it.

Is the American democracy to old to survive? Have we lost our motivation to keep it? Is our determination too weak to keep it?

I think not.

If you agree, then send this to five co-patriots. Let's start our own Internet Based Force Multiplier Strategy. Open communications. Pass them on. The message ends with you if you click on DELETE. We must stop Hussein Obama and the radical left, peacefully if possible.

Yes, Big Brother will be watching us. I take comfort in my belief that they will stand with us. You see, I was Big Brother in Indonesia, one of just a few doing our parts. Did you catch what I wrote that it was a joint student – military revolution? That was no coincidence. We've all taken the same oaths to "Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." against enemies foreign and domestic." We've all sworn to spread the message of freedom. It's time that we practice what we preach, this time in our own nation as it becomes necessary.

Our military, intelligence agencies, and police will have to decide for themselves: United We Stand. Divided We Fall. We must believe they will stand with us, for they are our sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, cousins and friends.

Will you? Will you pressure your government officials to stop the insidious madness in the White House, our state capitals, and among the extremists in Congress? Will you demand that the movement toward socialist fascism be stopped? We you require of them their personal adherence to the Constitution? Will you dictate to them to end their destructive slide of our nation, that the only acceptable alternative will be their immediate resignation from office?

To my last breath I will.

Dr. David M. Duncan

Lexington, KY

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