How A Lowlife Takes Down The President Of The United States

Edwin A. Sumcad –

A lowlife is a person considered morally unacceptable. In his tweet, President Trump used “lowlife” to describe FBI Director James Comey as a compulsive liar and a scumbag. From the time Trump twitted the word “lowlife” on Comey, Marriam-Webster searches climbed up to 16,800%! I was mentally jammed. I think the right word is flabbergasted. The reason is, my own search for this word is included in this phenomenal explosion of curiosity – the perfect term to use for coup plotters in Congress, the unhinged radical left, and its enabling accomplice, the Fake Media.

Conservatives did not only refer lowlife to scumbag like Comey, but to scums in Congress like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her underling Sen. Chuck Schumer. Those scums are compulsive liars, and as we go along exposing them what they did last summer (remember the movie “I know What You Did Last Summer” where a hook-wielding maniac stalked and killed the lying bastards for revenge), I will tell you how they eat their lies and excrete them from behind to take down President Trump.

Just recently, Pelosi and Schumer bolted out of the Syrian bipartisan conference after Trump appropriately described Pelosi as “a third-rate politician” and a Communist sympathizer. Schumer and Pelosi didn’t like it and went directly to the Press saying that Trump was having a “meltdown”, some sort of panic attack or mental convulsion. But the American public thinks the walkout was planned and scripted.

Actually this witty President just gave the two dirtbags a dose of their own medicine.

Not too long ago in the same bipartisan meeting in the White House where the Democratic Congress was supposed to present an infrastructure plan to President Trump, Pelosi and Schumer meet their political ax-wielders behind closed door to chop Trumps head accusing him of a mental breakdown and how to impeach him or remove him from the White House. Trump learned about this treacherous maneuvering behind his back just hours before the conference was scheduled to start.

Trump walked out of the Conference; he didn’t even enter the conference room where the lowlifes were waiting for him. Instead, he went directly to meet the sharks of the Media waiting outside and fed them of his beef against Pelosi. He explained why he couldn’t sit down with Pelosi, Schumer and their call boys who were not planning for the infrastructure program the country needed but plotting to impeach him.

In this scenario, Trump did not abuse Pelosi and Schumer with a meltdown accusation when they walked out. But in this latest Pelosi-Schumer walkout from the meeting on Syria, the trio – Pelosi, Schumer and Majority House Leader Steny Hoyer – abused Trump with a meltdown attack. That’s how lowlifes take down the President of the United States.

I want to point out that those Halloween characters of the underworld masquerading as human beings really didn’t like the taste of their own medicine when Trump forced it down their throat. Trump is so smart that they are mentally incapable of catching up with him. Have you noticed that brain-wise, catching up with Trump they are lightyears behind?

Pelosi always goes on television several times saying that she prays for President Trump. “I Pray for His Safety”, she said. This sounds so innocent and angelic. But Pelosi is a lowlife. A lowlife by definition is possessed with criminal intent. Is she in fact praying for the President’s demise? In politics, to Pelosi Trump is a combatant, the enemy to annihilate. So is it farfetched then that in Pelosi’s freaking mind Trump is to be eliminated? In the science of psychiatry, they have a name for it – reverse psychology. I pray for your safety, but I wish you are dead, something like that.

Trump loves Pelosi. That’s the irony. Take it or leave it. But take note that he is much smarter than Pelosi. You turn a corner with Trump and there might be some surprises there. So Trump also prays for Pelosi, not for her safety but for her health.

Examine why Trump is praying for Pelosi’s health. Trump’s reason is real as far as Pelosi’s health is concerned. It is public knowledge that when the Speaker speaks in public, she appears drunk and slurring. Causes of slurred speech, aside from alcohol and drugs, are “distressing brain injury, stroke and neuromuscular disorders”. I will add to that the disease called dysarthria, “a condition that interferes with the ability to speak clearly”.

Proof? Notice the irregular muscle movements called “facial twitching” when Pelosi speaks under stress before the microphone. She stutters showing a confused mind. I had her in my database. Last year when delivering a speech before the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) National Dinner Awards Gala, Pelosi “suffered multiple face spasms and slurred her words during a brief 10-minute speech”.

She was saying this when something happened: “The American people elected a Democratic majority,” then stalled and twitching, “awkwardly motioning to the crowd for applause”. She was momentarily lost and took some time to recover.

In her Valentine Day speech, Pelosi slurred and confused the world “celebrate” with “solute” which came from nowhere. She ended her embarrassment and agony by wishing everybody a “Happy Thanksgiving” babble. Surprise, the crowd raised eyebrows. They were wondering what the hell the Speaker was talking about. When the gathering was over and the crowd dispersed, embarrassed friends tried to defend Pelosi by saying that the Pilgrims and the Indians “broke bread” on February 14, then scratched their head.

It is worse for a lowlife like the Speaker of the House with such medical condition to take down the President of the United States without painful backlash. Pelosi shouldn’t continue sabotaging President Trump. She is going nowhere. And she should pray for herself. Not for Trump who is as healthy as a Rottweiler, a fearless breed that guards the rail.
I pray too that the Speaker gets well and her damaged brain, everybody assumes due to her slurred speech, is not torched by the heat of her rage against Trump. Like the hallucinating Congressman Adam Schiff from California’s 28th congressional district who is not in touch with reality when he attacks Trump like a mad dog, Pelosi needs a doctor, fast. I recommend a screaming ambulance to pick them up and brought to ER immediately before they pick up a hammer and strike President Trump in the head turning him into a headless chicken jumping and scurrying around striking back like crazy. They knew that when they hit Trump, the Fake Media said he becomes “wild” and hits back twice or three times uglier. That’s a cliché to the smartest president that ever sat in the Oval Office.

There is no other “partner in crime” the saying goes, for Speaker Nancy Pelosi than a liar and a felon obstruct-attack Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader. According to Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, Schumer is a “dead brain”. He knows him well. But according to record, he is a liar and a felon. He lied about the Republican tax bill denigrating it as “wealth-fare”. He knew it was not, it was intended to benefit millions of middle-class Americans. And it did. But he is a “dead brain” and a liar, so what can anyone do but pout and fret, and maybe kick the bucket out of anger and frustration until the ankle turns into a red goose egg?

Schumer is a felon. A felon is one who breaks the law and punished for breaking the law. Records show that in 1998, Schumer was “caught taking $1.0 million in excess campaign contribution and failing to properly disclose $4.6 million in expenses for which he was fined $138,000. That’s thievery. He came from the “den of thieves and lowlifes” – Trump. There, you have a felon that broke the law and punished for breaking the law.

These two lowlifes in the swamp – Pelosi and Schumer — want to impeach Trump for breaking the law. What law did the President of the United States break? None whatsoever. The law that the President broke, does not exist. It exists only in their freaking mind. I do not need to elaborate on this anymore because you already know the story in the infamous Mueller report, no Russian collusion, no obstruction of justice.
The President hadn’t broken any law that warrants impeachment which is purely delusional. But they didn’t stop imagining that Trump broke the law. They desperately need it so that they have a reason to impeach him.

Since the President is clean and had not broken any law, they have to create impeachable violations of law by the President in their mind and believe it was true and real then pass this on to their accomplice, the Fake Media to spin and blow it up in the mind of the public. That’s how lowlifes take down the President of the United States.

But lowlifes are not smart enough when executing their modus operandi to take down this smartest President of the United States. They hardly know that they are actually staging a coup against millions and millions of Americans who elected Trump their President in 2016. And the American public is smarter and wiser than they are. The public knows what’s going on. The social media right or wrong peddles information, fake or not. It is up to the American public to filter it out with utmost consecration and prudence instead of heedlessness and temerity.

I have to say to them many times – sorry, better luck next time. But they couldn’t hear, and they do it over and over again. If they do hear what I say, they couldn’t understand it. I realized they were lowlifes, nitwits, more dull, dumb and stupid than those donkeys in the Safari climbing up hills and tight-rope-walking the perilous mountainside with loads on their back. They were so obstinate and lazy you have to whip them to move. And when they jump, together with them, you can fall over the ridge.

Think of Jerrold Nadler Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee who just died recently at the age of 68 chasing Trump to the calaboose hoping to catch up with him before he died (he ran out of gas), like Adam Schiff, Chairman of House Intelligence Committee, they have to issue subpoenas here and there looking for impeachable crimes the President might have committed. The still found nothing.

So they secretly parleyed and came up with a fake whistle-blower who was reportedly a Democrat intelligence officer and member of the Deep State scripted to submit a fake damaging report against Trump supposedly to the Chairman of House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff who would then leak it to the Fake Media. What a grandiose plan, hatched in the “den of thieves and lowlifes”, isn’t it?. The quote comes from Trump’s tweet. It usually backfires, but let us see how far it can go before hell breaks loose. Anyway, they can’t stop this President from going to his second term when the 2020 presidential election is over.

Schiff didn’t want the Republican members of the Intelligence Committee to see the report and affidavits of witnesses against Trump because these are all fake and fabricated.

Remember before the television camera of the lowlife Fake Media, out of the figment of his imagination, Schiff concocted a story of what transpired in that July 25 Trump Ukraine phone call based on the fake report of an alleged whistle-blower who was actually a Democrat Deep State scum participating in the conspiracy to take down the President of the United States.

With the cunning of a thick-skinned chiseler, Schiff officially entered his perjury on the records of the House Intelligence Committee he headed. When his story was fact-checked it didn’t make sense. It turned out to be false and he was caught lying.
Schiff admitted that the story he leaked to the Fake Media was falsified. His stupid excuse was that he was only doing a “parody”, a political “joke” for laughs against Trump, the victim of his prank. Schiff was the only one laughing. This is just a scripted story of a madman name Adam Schiff that goes to the Judiciary Committee to start the President’s impeachment. Chairman Nadler catches the paper-ball of impeachment from his teammate Schiff, reports it to the orchestrating co-conspirator Speaker of the House who will then commence impeachment proceedings.

The House has to debate, approve and vote the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump based on the reports of those committees, then submit their findings in the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial.

But it will be DOA (dead on arrival) when the House impeachment report moves up to the Senate. Republicans in control of the Senate will kill the House approved Articles of Impeachment submitted to the Senate for trial. That’s given, at least historically. Defeated, then time for the lowlifes to return back to their shedding and exuviation or political molting.

It is clear that Adam Schiff, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, abused his oversight power. He violated the rules of the House. He should be sanctioned by the House Committee on Ethics. The Chairman of the Ethics Committee is Rep. Ted Deutch from Florida’s 22nd congressional district. He is part of the conspiracy to take down President Trump. The House Republicans passed a punitive Resolution to censure and convict Schiff for his crime, or at least for gross violations of House rules and regulations.

His guilt could no longer be questioned or contested. But under the swaying baton of Speaker Pelosi, in concert the House voted to disapprove the Resolution. If you are still looking for a blatant abuse of power of the Democrat controlled Congress committed through those oversight committees and want to know how it looks like, you just came to the right place.

This is the latest attempt of those lowlifes to take down the President of the United States, maybe their last act of treason, an act of infamy that will haunt the conscience of the next generations to come. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access October 23, 2019.

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