Holy Mackerel Andy

by John Clark –

The headline / title “Holy Mackerel Andy” is an exclamation which was made and is now as a result famous by the television sitcom of the duo Amos& Andy. It meant then as now, wow Eureka (we found it).

I grew up in San Francisco but also lived in Los Angeles and Washington DC. All three had superb sea food with San Francisco being 1st in my opinion.

But believe it or not Washington DC is 2nd on my list of great fish markets.

After leaving DC I moved to Florida in about 1998. My friends in California thought I was crazy — “what’s the culture like there they would ask” — my answer was “the only culture I have seen thus far was in a Petri dish” and the same goes for the sea food.

But over the years and more to the point, as of now, things have really changed. Florida has joined the ranks of some of the best Sushi and sea food I have eaten and enjoyed anywhere else.

But alas I could not find my favorite Fish & Chips. I tried so many places but they all fell short, in fact at one upscale restaurant the fish was like eating chalk and I found out they were using tilapia UGH.

Just recently I went to a Sea food restaurant across from the Deland Florida Airport. I go there often to watch the sky divers (world renowned) and also to the Deland Airport Restaurant & Gin Mill which is owned by a fellow pilot, John DeWitt, and also by the way has some of the best burgers I have found anywhere, well back to my find of the best ‘Fish and Chips’ I have found anywhere.

The Deland Fish House which is owned by Nick Costa is a ‘must’ stop by and you will find the best fish& chips, that I have ever tasted, you wouldn’t even want to put tartar sauce or vinegar on it as it is just simply great the way it is.

310 East International Speedway Blvd. Deland, FL.
March 12, 2015

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