Hey BHO – Dr. Orley Taitz Esq. v. Obama & Healthcare Suit – Go Orly!

.. demanding merely to see the B. Hussein O. Birth Certificate. We do so in this suit once again.





Plaintiff, §


v. § Civil Action: 10151RCL


Barack Hussein Obama,


28USC – sec 1407 (c)(ii)

Motion To The Judicial Panel On MultiDistrict Litigation

Pursuant to 28 USC §1407(c)(ii) Plaintiff Orly Taitz moves for the Multi District Judicial Panel to coordinate and consolidate this action with Florida et al. v. United States Department of Health and Human Services et al., United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida, Pensacola Division, Case No. 3-10-cv-91 and motions for both actions to be heard jointly by the Honorable Royce Lamberth in the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

These cases involve the following issues of commons fact:

On Tuesday, March 23 Mr. Barack Hussein Obama has signed into law H.R. 3590. This Unprecedented act of encroachment on constitutional liberties of US citizens and individual States by the Federal government is being challenged in the Northern District of Florida, Pensacola division by thirteen state Attorney Generals, who filed their complaint the same day, on March 23, 2010. The same act is being challenged by the undersigned, Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, who is suing pro se Mr. Obama in regards to damages suffered by her, and who included a challenge to the above bill as part of her First Amended Complaint, which was filed by her in the District of Columbia on March 19, 2010 when the passing of the bill was imminent.

H.R. 3590 was signed into law by Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, who amazingly does not posses a valid US Social Security number, which every legal citizen of the US is supposed to possess, never proved his legitimacy to presidency and therefore the act is invalid, as it was not signed by one legally entitled to sign it.

Attached is Exhibit 1, Affidavit from a retired Deportation Officer with the department of Homeland Security and licensed investigator Mr. John Sampson, stating that social security number used by Mr. Obama most of his life 042-68-4425 cannot be a lawfully obtained number, as 042 are the initial digits assigned to the state of CT, while Mr. Obama was never a resident of CT.

Exhibit 2, is an affidavit from a private investigator, licensed with the Department of Homeland Security, Susan Daniels. It concurs that for most of his life Mr. Obama has used number 042-68-4425, which cannot be lawfully his, as indeed it was obtained in CT, when Mr. Obama resided in HI. Moreover, Ms. Daniels research shows that this is a number that was issued to an individual born in 1890, and Mr. Obama assumed this number unlawfully. Ms. Daniels provides a list of 8 more social security numbers used by Mr. Obama, as well as several numbers used by Michele Obama.

Exhibit 3 is an affidavit from a licensed investigator and retired Scotland Yard elite anti organized crime officer Mr. Neil Sankey, who has compiled from the most reputable National databases: Lexis Nexis and Choice Point a list of multiple addresses under the names of Barack Obama and Barry Obama, those addresses are connected to 39 different social security numbers, none of which were issued in the state of HI.

Exhibit four is an affidavit from a licensed document expert Sandra Ramsey Lines, which states that the short version (abbreviated) COLB-Certificate of Live Birth of Barrack Hussein Obama cannot be viewed as genuine without examining the original, currently sealed in the Health Department in HI, which Mr. Obama refuses to unseal in spite of over 60 Federal and multiple State actions brought by citizens, State Representatives and high ranked members of the Military from around the nation. None of the above actions were heard on the merits, but rather were dismissed on technical procedural grounds, such as standing and jurisdiction. All of the above facts cast a doubt as to the legitimacy of Mr. Obama to serve as a president du! e to his lack of Qualification as a Natural Born citizen per Article 2, section 1, §5, making him ineligible to sign H.R.3590.

Additionally, Dr. Taitz has brought a Quo Warranto action, as specified in

District of Columbia statutes §16-352 §16-353, which allows Quo Warranto action against a federal officer within the jurisdiction of the

District of Columbia. As

Florida does not provide such jurisdiction, it appears to be imperative to join two causes of action in the

District of Columbia, where it is already being heard by Honorable Chief Judge of the US District Court for the District of Columbia Honorable Judge Royce C. Lamberth. There has to be a Quo Warran to determination, regardless to Mr. Obama’s place of birth, whether he is eligible to serve as US President and Commander in Chief, as he had since birth split allegiance citizenship of multiple countries:

Great Britain,

Kenya and

Indonesia. Such Quo Warranto action will dispense with H.R. 3590, as it would be deemed signed by an ineligible party and it would dispense both causes of action.

Current Health Care Bill H.R. 3590 represents a Tortuous Interference with Existing Contracts. As millions of citizens have worked and contributed into the Medicaid program, relying on the promise by the US Government and Congress, that this money will be in safe keeping when needed as Doctors such as Dr. Taitz have spent years in training and invested in their practices, relying on the promise that such programs will exist for years and they will be paid reasonable fee for their services, and as the individual States have spent billions of dollars in building an infrastructure to service Medicaid programs. Currently, the Pelosi-Reid lead majority in Congress and Obama administration are simply stealing from the Medicaid program billions and trillions of d! ollars and interfering with the existing contracts without any Constitutional right to do so. While the Obama administration hails this bill as a great gift to the Nation, in reality neither Obama administration, nor the Pelosi-Reid Congress are giving anything, they are simply stealing from the existing programs, that are on the verge of bankruptcy as it is.

H.R.3590 represents a Breach of Contract. Every governmental program and entitlement program represents a contract with the American people. As the public and the States contribute into the program, such funds are supposed to be kept safe and prudently invested. Today it is quite clear that the funds have been mismanaged, misappropriated or embezzled, as currently there is a 45 trillion dollars debt in unfunded obligations in Social Security and 57 trillion in unfunded obligations in Medicaid.

US government and Congress have breached their obligation towards the citizens, like Dr. Taitz and towards the States. Taking billions and trillions of dollars from the ! programs that are already in deep debt and overburdened, is more than just the breach of an obligation, it is reckless and it is a breach of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. This breach represents nothing but an enormous Criminal Ponzi scheme, which rests on a pyramid of prior Ponzi schemes.

H.R. 3590 represents an Unenforceable Illusory Contract. Today US government and US Congress are facing a 13.5 trillion dollars of foreign debt on top of 102 trillion of unfunded obligations described previously, with a total of 115.5 trillion dollars of total debt and obligations with the Obama administration running over 1.5 trillion dollars of unprecedented yearly deficit which is expected to double our foreign debt in the near future. When the overburdened

US government signs such an enormous program of entitlement without any reasonable means! to sustain it, it creates and Unenforceable Illusory contract.

H.R. 3590 represents a violation of the Commerce Clause. While the government has a right to provide some regulation of the commerce, it is not allowed to overburden Interstate Commerce and interfere with existing commercial relations. Today Dr. Taitz, as a doctor, is providing treatment to patients, some of them chose not to pay thousands of dollars for insurance, but rather pay Taitz for their care directly. Under H.R. 3590 those patients will be forced by the government to purchase a product or be penalized by the government. How is this different from the mafia bosses ruffling up business owners choosing not to buy the “insurance” of their protection? While Taitz is aware that Obama was groomed in

Chicago, the birthplace of such activities,

United States of America as a whole is not

Chicago. The US Constitution gives the Federal government very limited powers, such as National Defense, Border patrol and coinage. Based on the recent history, federal government has failed in all of the above, and as such it is time for the Federal courts to intervene and curb this insane unprecedented expansion and limit the Federal government to the functions that they are mandated to perform, but have failed to perform so miserably. This is the same red line in both the pleadings by Taitz and State of

Florida v Department of Health.

Dr. Taitz has a contractual relationship with her patients. This contractual relationship is based on the premise that they are gainfully employed in their occupations, not overburdened by taxes and are able to pay for such services. In the last number of years, roughly starting from the Clinton administration, US government and Congress seemed to favor campaign contributions and lobbying positions for their family members coming from the multinational corporations, more so then the well being of their countrymen, as the Federal Government and Congress have completely dismantled the whole system of tariffs, which protected American jobs and accounted for the difference in the cost ! of living in the

US versus third World countries, like


India and

Philippines, which are using nearly slave labor. As a result American workers have lost their jobs by the millions, became unable to pay their mortgages and lost their homes by the millions and became destitute by the millions. As the Federal and the State governments saw their revenues from income taxes dwindle, they came up with more tax schemes to make up for the deficit in the ever increasing budget. As a result the citizens of this nation found themselves in a vice, between a rock and a hard place, unable to pay for medical services provided by Dr. Taitz or other doctors or anybody else for that matter. H.R. 3590 represents the last straw in the Interference with the existing contracts between Dr. Taitz and her patients and similarly existing contracts of the States. Tax penalty for refusal to buy insurance represents unlawful capitation or direct tax in violation of Article1, sections 2 and 9 of the Constitution of the

United States.

While the individual States are asserting their rights as Sovereigns under the 10th amendment, Dr. Taitz is asserting her right as a Sovereign under the 9th amendment in the same claim that H.R. 3590 violates both 9th and 10th amendments, violates the mandate given to the Federal government by the sovereign free citizens and sovereign States, that the federal government is overreaching and infringing upon such rights.

The penalty on citizens under H.R. 3590 is abusive, as it does not punish any illegal behavior, but simply penalizes citizens for living and breathing. This penalty will be increasing in future years, and it represents a slippery slope as a precedent, whereby the Federal government will be allowed to penalize citizens for anything without any Constitutional mandate to do so. What if tomorrow the Federal government decides that for the common good and to reduce 115 trillion dollars total debt and obligations incurred by the Federal government, everyone will be required to participate in hard labor work projects and do those for free, and refusal to do so will be penalized? How is it called? Slavery!

At the end it might be a stroke of providence that this unconstitutional bill was signed into law by an ineligible President, and that these responsive pleadings were submitted for consideration only a few days before the day of the ancient holiday of Passover, which celebrates freedom from bondage and usurpation. It is time for the lawful and law abiding free sovereign citizens of this Nation to have standing and representation alongside free sovereign States to brake from usurpation and bondage of the oppressive Federal government, which seized powers that were never granted to it by the US Constitution.

Wherefore: The undersigned Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ respectfully prays for relief and granting of her motion of consolidation of cases 10-cv-151 RCL Taitz v Obama with 3:10cv-91 State of Florida et al v United States Department of Health and Human services et al , to be heard jointly by the Honorable Royce Lamberth, Chief Judge of US District court for the District of Columbia.


1. Affidavit of retired Deportation officer with the department of Homeland Security, private investigator John Sampson

2. Affidavit of licensed private investigator, licensed with the department of Homeland Security Susan Daniels

3. Affidavit of retired Scotland Yard anti organized crime officer and licensed private investigator Neil Sankey

4. Affidavit of forensic document expert Sandra Ramsey Lines



Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

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