Heart Writing

Pouring one’s heart and soul through pen and onto paper, or in this case, through keyboard and into hard-drive, takes a bit of contemplation. Do I just splat it out, or take my time, going over every last detail? Will I seem too intense, will the reader get the point, and will it be read? What about the casual glance? How many casual glances will my heart and soul get only to be clicked away as dust, not worth reading? These are the things to contemplate. Heart writing is worn on the sleeve for anyone to see, and it takes a bit of thought before one chooses to put it on display. Not only is the exposed heart subject to ridicule and scorn, but the dust of neglect. And that is the worst, isn’t it? The neglect. Neglect indicates a lack of caring. A heart can shrivel up to nothing just by neglect, but the heart takes a chance. On we go because we can do nothing else. The question is how.

Surely, one big splat is too much of a trauma to endure for both writer and reader, so I choose to display my heart in pieces. Yes, stages it is. Piece by piece, a feeling here, an impression there. The picture emerges in time. Piece by piece, the heart takes a chance. Each stage leads to the next, and so on and so forth. This life contains so many experiences, thoughts, lessons and wonderful things that I don’t think I will be able to write about it all before my time is up.

A myriad of beauty surrounds each keystroke. This is my way of sharing what I feel, think, love and hate. Hopefully, others will relate and we can touch hearts. Heart to heart, that is what writing is about. When the heart speaks, it doesn’t care how it sounds. It speaks in melodies and hops from one note to the next. Sometimes the tune is melancholy, and sometimes cheery. The notes span octaves and the beat changes with each new impression. The heart knows what it wants to say. Am I brave enough to let it speak? Piece by piece….be patient my heart; the picture emerges in time.

Copyright © 2007, Barbara H. Peterson

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