Health Insurance For Every American–OK!

Anyone without health care that whines about it and that the undocumented President, B. Hussein O., daily swindles the American public into paying for it must be given a choice.

That demand, that is by anyone without health coverage, is to be compelled to work for as many weeks as it takes to pay for the insurance coverage, directly for the Federal, State, Local Government or the Insurance company.

The alternative is that someone else must work in order to pay for the lazy undocumented President, B. Hussein O., supporters that are causing the intended destruction of the best medical / health system in the real world to ever have existed.

The entire controversy is to the benefit of a mere 13 million parasites demanding free government ‘swag, booty, treasure’ from the industrious 120 million insured members of the greatest society, civilization and culture ever to have existed. Hey, B. Hussein O., take your shoes off so that you can count past ten. Let us know which one is bigger, 13 or 120. You Evil Jerk!

I must say that I agree with the observation that while “Black is Back” or “Black is Beautiful” nonetheless “White is Right” and has been.

The application of criminal law as the mandate of auto insurance coverage by the individual that wishes to drive, whether it is affordable or not, must be applied to the health insurance of anyone without it.

Work for it or go to, say, be sentenced to a work farm! Feed the hungry while earning health insurance, for all those freeloading members of the democrat / locust party.

Another alternative is lend / lease those democrats without health insurance to other countries that need labor for the compensation of health insurance. Say for instance

Iran or

Saudi Arabia or

Kenya or

Somalia for that matter.

Where is the Birth Certificate B. Hussein O.? And your school records too?

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