Health Care – An Open letter to Sen. C. E. Schumer

You now have a chance to act timely, and properly. Passing a new health care plan without knowing the consequences or impact on Americans and not allowing Americans to review the plan before it is passed, is negligence or worse.

I am concerned with the administrations current health plan and the need to get it signed into law before congress and the American People have an opportunity to review the plan.

It appears that many items in the plan are not clear to many including members of congress. Rather than try to invent a new plan, why not correct some of the deficiencies in the current health care.

1. Why do Americans pay more for drugs than Canadians? Why are you considering laws to prevent Americans from getting cheap drugs from Mexico or Canada?

2. Why is there a shortage of positions in American Medical Schools (nurses also.)

3. How is any new plan going to be funded.

4. Why are so many health care providers allowed to charge as much as five times the costs that they charge to individuals who have insurance coverage?

6. why are you suggesting that Americans have to pay for health insurance for unlawful aliens who are here by violating our law?

7, When you include unlawful aliens in coverage it means that many Americans are shortchanged. Both parties have been negligent in enforcing our laws. If that is so, then there is no rule of law but anarchy.

This is only the latest problem that congress and the president appear to be misdirecting.

If you were so concerned about health care, you would insure that every American has the same coverage as each member of Congress! That does not appear to be happening.

Every time there is an attack, it appears that fewer open meetings take place. That seems contrary to the presidents policy of open informational channels that were in his promise of open government.

We lived with the Bush Patriot act that was rushed through congress. Now it appears a similar and more far reaching problem is being hatched by congress.


Irwin Ironstone J.D.


Although I had the Lsat scores to be admitted to Cuny, I believe that there was discrimination based on age, and or sex. I just finished law school at 64. Cuny law admits about 50% MORE WOMEN THAN MEN. It appears that even though I lived in New York for a very long period, preferences were given to either foreign students and or students from other states.

If taxes are being used improperly on a local level, then how can I expect anything more on a national level?

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