Heads Up: Tourism Boycott of San Fran & Nevada

…. This call for an economic attack upon the economy of both

San Francisco,

California, and

Nevada by way of a ‘Tourism Boycott’ is being promulgated by the staff of the National Writers Syndicate [NWS] and some of its members.

The two democrat commie fascists in the U.S. Congress ‘Czar’ Harry Reid and his soul mate the fascist ‘Czarina’ Nancy Pelosi, are the “Senate Majority Leader” and the “Speaker of the House” respectively.

It is now public common knowledge that these two self proclaimed tyrannical dictators,



Reid and



Pelosi, have and are preventing both the Senate and the House of Representatives — We The People’s voices — from voting on any bill for the restoration of drilling for oil in

America and off shore.

Payback is usually earned!

So, “they” think that there is nothing that “We The People” can do about their treasonous acts. Oh yeah! Break out the pitchforks and vote with you wallets, by putting them away.

These two “public officials” do not represent the majority of the American people who are now demanding that the prohibitions against drilling for oil, the processing of shale oil, and coal usage be completely removed and yes that “holy of holies” Anwar be drilled in as well.

Pelosi and

Reid must be stopped from stealing the American wealth by sending it to the foreign dictators, with whom they are obviously in bed with and adulate. Also, the increased cost of gas, food and everything else has brought record usurious tax profits to the cities that these two swindlers hale from. At $5.00 dollars a gallon the two fascists government representatives derives a 66% increase in revenue for their ‘home boys and girls’. Government Pigs!

Remember: “If it doesn’t make sense it makes money!

“Nyet” Pelosi and “Hokum” Reid are not allowing America to be energy independent, by way of drilling etc., which makes no sense at all to most of us, so it must make money for the Reid’s and Pelosi’s in Congress or wherever their support comes from. I wonder if they have fat bank accounts in

Iran or

Venezuela or in ….?

The NWS staff pitchfork my fellow American’s is now sharpened and we will let our wallets do the talking.

If you agree let the rest of the media know that you will not go there to San Fran or Las Vegas or Reno or Carson City Nevada or Nevada at all, until:

“Nyet” Pelosi and “Hokum”

Reid, allow a vote on drilling for oil for

America and the We The People. Get out of the way fools.

Let the rest of the media know you are joining the tourism boycott! Tell all of you’re friends.

Down with Pelosi and

Reid! Let’s pitchfork them now!

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