P.S.A. – Heads Up: Sent To The White House Addressed To President Trump

by / From Barry Weinstein –

So Far So Good regarding the Corona Virus.

My concern now is the United Nations. Iran is a member there. The Covid 19 virus is prevalent in Iran as the News reports clearly states time and again. The Iranian ‘Diplomats’ & Aids have unrestricted access to the UN in New York.

The Iranians promote homicide / suicide bombers around the world and have for decades. They chant Death To America, regularly.

If they realize that they can start an epidemic in the USA they will, I am concerned, send infected individuals into the UN in New York. There are other countries as well.

I suggest the UN arrivals be tested, regardless of the Diplomatic status. Or be temporarily closed.
Best to you all!

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Islamists in Iran Lick Shrines to ‘Eat Coronavirus’ :


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Iranians who licked holy shrines amid coronavirus crisis face being jailed and FLOGGED after they were arrested for ‘spreading fake and superstitious news’:


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