Have We Lost The Battle WithIn?

….. Most of us have lost sons, daughters, brothers, uncles, grandparents and others due to these battles for freedoms and human rights.

Today wars are fought for profiteering and political strong arming reasons only it seems. People are dying for all the wrong reasons and the control mongers (government and big corporations) seem to be the only ones benefiting from these modern day conflicts. Have we as men lost the battle from within and turn a blind eye to the reality of government corruption and illegal aggression towards other countries?

Who are the true victors from these modern day conflicts? Could it be the oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, and military contractors, etc.? We the people do not benefit much; ironically "we the people" seem to be fighting a losing battle.

The modern day soldier returns home from battle only to find that he / she are missing limbs and cannot get appropriate medical benefits. They see a failing economy and their families and friends losing their homes and jobs. They see the people in government living upper class wealthy lives while everyone else around them is struggling and suffering. They see around them people in government stealing our children and using them to make even more money to financially benefit others in their “corporation”. “What has happened to this country folks?” A better question would be, “What has happened to us folks?”

The most important thing in our lives are our children, they are our future. Yet we sit back and accept the fact that our leaders are using our children to fund big government. We sit back and complain, we try to fight the small battles in courts, we end up losing from within and not fighting the battle without. Our founding Fathers wrote the constitution to prevent this form of injustice from happening, yet we have allowed it to happen without putting up much of a fight. The most precious things to us are now becoming a thing of the past, such as our freedoms and our CHILDREN!

The people in Washington have sold us out folks. They have illegally taken many freedoms away (Patriot Act, Homeland Security, FEMA, Government in general) and are now destroying society and our families for profit and we cannot just sit around and pretending nothing wrong, or that it will just fix itself in some miraculous way. This country is being destroyed right in front of our very eyes and our children are and will continue to be the ones that suffer the most.

A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference. (Thomas Jefferson)

Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state. (Thomas Jefferson)

The above two quotes are from a man a couple hundred years ago. He understood what a run away government could do to a society / country.

Here is a modern day quote from another wise man that understands:

The biggest threat to the USA is within our own borders, within our own capitol. (Ron Paul)

We must protect our children and the few rights we have left before it’s too late. We must speak as one voice and demand change. It cannot be done pretending it will change on its own while we sit back and suffer watching the banks and government take our home, property, dignity, freedoms, and our children. We cannot be the sheep being led to slaughter; we must get involved and never surrender!

"We must all face the fact that our leaders are certifiably insane, or worse" – William S. Burroughs

Story written by FramedFather, founder of: F.R.A.M.E.D. (Family Rights And Many Ending Discrimination)

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