Hate-America On The Rise Go To Timbuktu

…. in which case you may be destined to leave this place and live in Timbuktu, a mythical place where complaints against the mystical evil American Empire are aired freely without fear of censorship.

In the book “Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic” written by CIA analyst Chalmers Johnson [henceforth “Nemesis” for short], America is attacked as an evil empire. Those who hate America love this book. I respect anyone’s right to admire this published critique. I hope my right to also express my view that this scholarly written bible of hate America is inimical to the interest of the American people, is likewise respected.

Suffice it to say, that what the book teaches is dangerous. If you are in the book review business where I have been before – and you love America – “Nemesis” is a bushfire in autumn that is burning wild and wide. It inflames twiggy dry minds and ignitable emotion to hate this land even more than Osama bin Laden hates America. In this book, the enemy within and Islamic jihad found their justification for 9/11, and for the next that is most likely to occur anytime from within twenty hours onward.

I read the editorial policy of this online publication. I am glad that the likes of “Nemesis” could not find print in this website. However, it is my fervent hope that those who are reading and patronizing “Nemesis” may read this editorial commentary published in this site to be able to understand the reason why this great publication cannot publish anyone’s indefensible position in justifying 9/11 and for damning to hell all what America stands for.

The first casualty of this “Nemesis” mental and emotional arson is reality. As if the victims had suffered loss of self-direction … in one breath, they love America and in another, despise America. There is no such thing as “illegal war” to begin with, but that’s what is perceived of the war in Iraq. If one really loves America and at the same time attacks America for engaging in an “illegal war”, something must be terribly wrong the way one cares about America. We are witnesses to well-meaning politicians [we reject outright the crooked pretenders] caught in the web of this contradiction. When a politician attacks the government for the war in Iraq and condemns the country’s foreign policy for the 9/11 carnage that occurred yet claims to love America is a case in point. Likewise when politicians voted for the invasion of Iraq and later on called the war illegal is likewise a flirting vexation of reality.

Those who are true to their religious faith as they are to their political conviction that to worship the God of Islam and hate this government at the same time down deep the marrow of their bones, would stop the war in Iraq, and for anti-immigrant extremists to believe that to declare illegal aliens criminals and shoot them dead, will solve the immigration problem of this country, there really is something dreadfully wrong about how the real world is perceived nowadays. We are looking for a national leader who could restore back this lost faith in America where life is a sprinkle of pepper and salt in the land of milk and honey.

We cannot have our cake and eat it too, the saying goes. If we enjoy our good life in America that we cannot enjoy if we live elsewhere and yet hate America for providing us our needs and what we want, it explains why some of us become a disagreeing if not a disagreeable paradox … a walking contradiction. This national predicament is becoming more real than just apparent everyday. This prompts me to pick the keyboard to pitch a bucketful of words for this gnawing anxiety from deep down the well of concerns.

To put an end to the misery of those who hate America, should they leave this land and live in Timbuktu? The place is nowhere and regarded by many as a myth, where solitary recluses whose whining sounds mythical take refuge, away from the wherewithal as well as wickedness of what is perceived as a “cruel world” … in this case, to escape the imprisonment of the evil American Empire.

Everybody must have noticed too that the academia and the Liberal media have their share of prescient critics of the so-called growing American Empire. In fact inside and outside the academe hate-America copycats mouth “Nemesis’ ” hostility in contentious conversations, in social functions and public debates. Lacking originality when mimicking the attack on America, the criticism becomes incoherent. But incoherence is not what is despicable to me. What is disgraceful is the lack of awareness that imitators hardly understand what the impersonation of Johnson’s antithesis of life in America is all about.

The most serious attempt to erase America from the map is in the form of repeated accusations that this country’s massive war industrial complex makes America the world’s strongest military superpower, and the most powerful and the richest nation on the planet, and that’s because according to what is coming from this Nemesis syndrome, America is profiting in blood from the sale of arms and ammunition to people of client warring countries that are killing each other. Israel and its nemesis in the Arab world are in this state of war since time immemorial. It is hard to deny that this existing market of U.S. weaponry is of public knowledge; I do not need to waste space to elaborate to prove this particular point.

To put it more succinctly, this attack on America is illustrating that this country lives a dirty kind of life on the planet … a merchant of death for humankind, more specifically involving people’s lives destroyed by America’s advance war technology, which in their trading agreements with the United States client nations in different parts of the globe are mutually taking advantage of in their wars of aggression as a means of self-defense.

This is where it is hard for world sentinels of events like myself who had spent over a decade of exposure in the UN, to resist offering a word of advice: With this rant calculated to strike the heart of the American public as a sentimental tearjerker for the exploited, my sympathy goes to those who cannot stand their agony while living in America as victims of the evil American Empire.

To them, this I have to say in all honesty and humility with offense intended to no one: For their health and to avoid being called hypocritical ingrates, I think they should leave the United States and live in total isolation but in peace, if not in Timbuktu, in some pristine islands in the Pacific where they can launch their complaints against this vicious American Empire that they think it is, for as long their lives last or hell freezes over, whichever comes first. I would do the same if I were in their shoes. There in God’s forsaken land, they can no longer be part of “filthy-rich America” as the call it, a haven of respite and contentment they strangely abhorred and condemned – the American Empire that haunt them, considering those scholarly written but dreadful episodes of nightmares made public.

The more cogent reason for necessarily abandoning local residence here is that living in the United States makes them totally discordant and terribly misplaced every time they start attacking America. Basking in the sunshine of abundance and easy life in America, protected by the mightiest security force never seen anywhere in the world, and enjoying the kind of freedom, justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that only America could provide to those who seek them religiously, a self-proclaimed righteous country-basher is morally incompatible to live within the comfort of this “immoral” American Empire. In the neighborhood, there is this danger of harm, physical, spiritual and otherwise, when in the community they are looked down as some kind of fish that jumped out of the water and hoped to live in dry land.

Until they leave this country, we have this political Green-House-effect-concerns – some kind of a “Nemesis” foul air if you may, that we have to breathe 24 hours a day. It is bad to the nation’s mental health, and definitely bad for America, if you ask me. # ©

Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access with numbered references, October 2, 2007.

The writer is a veteran diplomat-journalist for more than 45 years and a recipient of excellence awards in journalism. He is a former Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations; he is also an economist, a lawyer and an ASEAN specialist on fiscal policy and regional industrial cooperation. His editorial insights appear in other publications and published in several websites. A brief comment may be e-mailed to ed.superx722@yahoo.com.sg.

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