Hamas & ‘Doctors’ Obama & Kerry

by Yikes –

A Cease-Fire? Wait, it’s a humanitarian cease-fire, which the hospital known as the United Nations [UN] & ‘Doctors’ Obama & Kerry are demanding; Israel must give Hamas a chance to replenish and reboot. What are you all nuts that are calling for a cease-fire?

Do you also stop taking antibiotics in the middle or along the way of fighting off an infection? No! Absolutely not!

Imagine that you have serious life threatening bacterial infection for which an antibiotic or several have been prescribed. The instructions are always the same. “Finish all of the antibiotics” even if some of the symptoms subside.

Why the warning label directing that all medication, even if distasteful, must be taken?

It is clearly because the infection will return in a more virulent form and either cause greater harm or death to the host of the enemy, called an infection.

Only the bacteria that are causing the infection or its associated deleterious benefactors to the host or other targets would hope for a “cease fire” of the use of the antibiotics in the killing of the infectious pathogen.

Get the picture?

If Hamas — et al — is not the terrestrial biped version of a dangerous and deadly bacteria in your mind you might need medical help with that.

When an infection gets into the blood stream, using the veins and arteries, the infection can spread to all of the organs of the body. If it is not killed off the host will die a horrible death.

Hamas has built tunnels, the terrestrial biped equivalent of veins and arteries, which are to be used to get to the heart of the Israeli people and by way of a sneak attack in order kill them or kidnap them.

According to The Hamas one Israeli soldier captive is worth 1000 Hamas terrorists when an exchange of those imprisoned by either side is agreed upon. That 1000 to 1 trade is the HAMAS and Palestinian people arriving at that equation / value.

So as of today 45 Israeli soldiers have been killed in the current state of war. According to The Hamas / Palestinians self-determined equivalent that would be 45,000 / Forty Five Thousand terrorists.

So for those full of Hamas / Palestinian bull crap just keep your Chronic Empathy Syndrome whining about the alleged numerical imbalance in your toilet where it belongs.

Hamas is a division of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama is a staunch ally of the terrorists known as the Muslim Brotherhood; ergo he is a staunch supporter of Hamas. Obama has the Muslim Brotherhood peppered throughout his administration. They are all together enemies of America, the American People and Israel.

So when ‘Doctor’ Obama and his diagnostic technician Sec. Kerry demand that Israel agrees to a Cease-Fire, what these two very Bad Actors are doing is providing their terrorist division of their Pals the Muslim Brotherhood known as Hamas / PLO the chance to become immune to the anti-biotic Israel is using to fight off an infection of the soul of these Bipeds.

The proof is that the previous cease-fire has enabled Hamas to enhance its weaponry so that they are now able to attack the Major cities of Israel and they have built a vast concrete tunnel system in order for their Islamic disease to spread by way of conquest.

That is what Obama, Kerry and all of the other supporters of Hamas are all about.

Also, Israel should consider sending Qatar the financier of Hamas a clear message; You are not immune!

                                                        History of Hamas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Main article: Hamas

The History of Hamas is an account of the Palestinian Islamic[1][2] fundamentalist[3][4][5] socio-political organization with an associated paramilitary force, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.[1][6][7] Hamas (حماس) Ḥamās is an acronym of حركة المقاومة الاسلامية Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamat al-Islāmiyyah, meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”.

Hamas was established in 1987, and has its origins in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, which had been active in the Gaza Strip since the 1950s and gained influence through a network of mosques and various charitable and social organizations. In the 1980s the Brotherhood emerged as a powerful political factor, challenging the influence of the PLO,[5] and in 1987 adopted a more nationalist and activist line under the name of Hamas.[5] During the 1990s and early 2000s, the organization conducted numerous suicide bombings and other attacks against Israel.
In the Palestinian legislative election of January 2006, Hamas gained a large majority of seats in the Palestinian Parliament, defeating the ruling Fatah party.

After the elections, conflicts arose between Hamas and Fatah, which they were unable to resolve.[8][9][10] In June 2007, Hamas defeated Fatah in a series of violent clashes, and since that time Hamas has governed the Gaza portion of the Palestinian Territories, while at the same time they were ousted from government positions in the West Bank.[11][12] Israel and Egypt then imposed an economic blockade on Gaza and largely sealed their borders with the territory.[13][14]
After acquiring control of Gaza, Hamas-affiliated and other militias launched rocket attacks upon Israel, which Hamas ceased in June 2008 following an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.[15] The ceasefire broke down late in 2008, with each side accusing the other of responsibility.[16] In late December 2008, Israel attacked Gaza,[17] withdrawing its forces in mid-January 2009.[18]

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