… Now if the terminally gutless in Congress would just ram a steel rod up their spaghetti spines and do the job they were hired to do, but I'm not holding my breath.

Since Mr. Morally Broke Obama is totally against this country and it’s Constitution the states must take up the slack left by the slack-jawed in Congress and enforce the laws of this country. The huge influx of illegal aliens across our border is a fine example of Mexico’s lack of respect for our laws and sovereignty. Their president has the gall to come here and rebuke us for our laws and yet seems proud of Mexico’s lawlessness. They send their refuse, in the form of criminals and drug cartels, across our borders because they won’t foot the bill to take care of their own criminals.

We need to have a serious look at the treason and sedition occurring daily in Washington DC by our own elected officials. Those people need a wakeup call in the form of charges pressed, investigations they cannot stymie, removal of pensions and repeal of stupidity perpetrated. Those that are for amnesty, the UN ruling our citizens, the destruction of our Constitution and disrespect of our military should be charged and convicted of treason, immediately! Those that have committed other crimes, like tax evasion, spousal abuse and drunk driving to name a few, should be removed from office and prosecuted for their crimes in conjunction with the charges of treason. The pensions they are building up, along with the astronomical salaries they aren’t earning, should be removed and those monies put to good use guarding our borders and taking care of our brave military personnel.

Personally, with two soldiers currently deployed, I see daily the tears of others losing their soldiers and fear for those I love over there. A soldier told me just the other day that there are leaders deployed that tell their troop members not to fire back when fired upon. I was appalled at this news and hope that those people are reported and face court martial for dereliction of duty. Any of MY military personnel that get fired upon should shoot back and protect themselves and their comrades!

Living in a military town, surrounded by no less than four military bases, I am proud of these people that VOLUNTEERED to serve. Every time I see someone in uniform I try to stop them and thank them for their service and I challenge everyone else in this great country to do the same! These are the people keeping us free and they deserve respect. Retirees that I see wearing caps proclaiming their service get thanked as well because they deserve to be recognized too. My thanks go to all service members, past and present, and that includes my father, brother, niece and good friends.

If you are reading this article thank a teacher. Being able to read this article in freedom you need to thank a soldier. I love my soldiers and pray for them, all of them, and you should too!

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