Guns Do Not Have A Nationality

I often wonder if that is done with a hidden agenda of blaming American Guns, and, thereby get some traction in the direction toward banning even the manufacture of guns in

America in spite of The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

May I remind you that WWII was won with American guns! Browning, Colt, Remington, Thompson,

Winchester, maybe others that don’t come to mind.

Even before WWII, some notorious American bank robbers, Liquor smugglers and other criminals found that American guns, especially the Browning automatic rifle and the Thompson Sub-Machine gun were very adaptable to criminal lifestyle.

Had our government banned “Assault Weapons” in the ‘30’s, we may not have had the fire power to win WWII.

Just as an aside, what kind of cars do Mexican Cartel members drive? American or Mexican? (Watch out! That’s a loaded question.) “Maybe German, or Japanese?”, you’re thinking…

Well, you know

Mexico does not manufacture cars, except the final assembly of some, so, you may shy away from the right answer: Mexican!

It is well known that Mexicans, at least in the American Barrio, have a proclivity to buy Chevys.

But, that’s an American car, you say. Well, it was manufactured in

America, (most likely) but, as soon as it has a Mexican plate on it, it is a Mexican car.

You be the judge: If there were 2 Chevrolets for sale, same year, make, model, mileage, price, etc, and one had a

Baja California plate on it and the other had a

California plate on it, which one would you rather buy? …Be honest…

So, it does matter! Who owned the car? Where was it driven? What kind of mechanic fixed it? Etc.

It’s the same with guns.

By the way, if an American Agent were killed with an AK-47, would the media further describe the death as having been done with a Russian gun? What if he had been killed with a Lugar? Would they point out the fact that the gun used was German?

No. I don’t believe so.

There is good reason to believe that the American Anti-gun lobby is instigating the identification of the weapon used when it was manufactured in


Don’t get me wrong. I am no more in favor of shameless Americans dealing in contraband weapons, regardless of the country of manufacture than I am in shameless Americans dealing drugs to innocent 5th grade school children, regardless of the country of manufacture, or shameless Americans dealing in the sex or any other slave trade, anywhere in the world.

But don’t blame the mothers of the children or the country of manufacture of the car, or gun.

Bill Ascherfeld is an alumnus of


University. He graduated with a BA degree in Economics, Political Science, and History from

San Diego

State and served with the Third Armored Division in

Germany, 1956-57. He can be reached at .

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