Gun Control?

A Tyrannicide Press OP/ED Article

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By David Grossack © Sunday –

22 April 2007

I am willing to wager that nobody reading this article has ever heard of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. It is a shame that we will never get to know them, because their very lives ended tragically in a racially charged car jacking incident that never made the national media.

Channon, 21, and Christopher 23, who were kidnapped by five thugs, (four men and a woman), in an episode of such depravity that it shocks the conscience. The young couple were out on a date in January of this year in

Knoxville, Tennessee when these armed criminals somehow seized their automobile. Channon was repeatedly raped in front of her boyfriend, who was forced to watch. His private parts were then cut off by the criminals and he was murdered. Channon was held for several days and raped again and again. Cleaning fluid was poured down her throat in an attempt to cover the DNA evidence. The woman was then dismembered and her body parts placed in a trash bag and dumpster. Her picture and that of her boyfriend can found through Google on line. These young and sweet kids had lives to look forward to. They’ll never raise a family, never enjoy picnics, trips to the beach, meals at the Olive Garden, nothing. In the ground is forever. Their murderers will probably enjoy three meals a day , free medical care and place to sleep courtesy of the Tennessee taxpayers.

This was a black on white crime with a strong likelihood of racial hatred, but that is only part of the horror story. If this young couple were armed, perhaps the story would have had a different ending. There was no media outcry about the incident, and it is discussed only on remote corners of the Internet in which gun control and social disintegration of the country are aconcern.

Our country faces these crimes more often than is realized. The media tells of the trivial story of the contested issue of who fathered Anna Nicole’s child, of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ and who can hit a ball with a stick for eight million dollars a year. Stories like the crimes against Channon and Christopher are buried with the victims.

Of course, if the crimes are politically incorrect they might get covered. White on black crime, Christian on Muslim crime, straight on gay crime, sure, they’ll cover the story. And they’ll scream for gun control so decent citizens can be disarmed and be at the mercy of the dangerous criminals who are running loose all over the country.

There is plenty of reason to be frightened. There are violent immigrant gangs from every corner of the globe enjoying living in our open, tolerant and free society. For them it is a playground for the psychopaths who murder, rob, rape and destroy while enjoying American hospitality and the welfare state.

There is theever present danger of the Muslim extremists, and their American collaborators,who are here quietly, studying every possible target, every vulnerability and practicing for the next 9/11 when they can kill more infidels.

I wish more Americans were armed. I wish the powers that be encouraged marksmanship classes starting perhaps in the Fifth grade, so every school child would have the knowledge and respect requisite for responsible gun ownership. I hope for a daythe next minorityracist or foreign ingrate or any criminal who tried to hurt a decent American ofany background or affiliation will wind up in thehospital or morgue

There is no point in saying the Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms when too manyjudges and politicians disagree, and use their power to keep us defenseless. Common sense tells us that we have the right of self defense by any means necessary, although a


governor enacted a law, now repealed, that required people to run rather than resist crime.

The beginnings of a breakdown of society are apparent. If decent people cannot be protected by authorities and if psychotic criminals and gangs are not found and apprehended, then governmentloses the respect of the public for its legitimacy.

We saw the horrors that followed the collapse of


when members of different ethnic groups were at each other’s throats and committed horrible atrocities.

Could it be starting to happen here ?

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