Yes, 33 college students were massacred. But, what if one of them, or a teacher, was allowed to carry a licensed concealed weapon for self-defense? We see what happened when they called 911 for help. It arrived too late and after the fact. Calling 911 doesn’t work. This event proves the need for the ability to defend yourself against psycho attackers who have no consideration for gun laws.

We have over 20,000 gun control laws on the books, but none work. Did they stop the Korean student from purchasing two guns? Obviously not. Gun control only deprives the innocent of the right to self-defense the instant an attack occurs. Gun control causes you to wait for help to arrive while you and those around you are being slaughtered. In

New Jersey

, the government wants to deprive us all of the right to self-defense because it says we aren’t capable of defending ourselves with a gun. Our so-called government leaders say it would turn the state into the “Wild West”. Well, I guess the gunslingers have the upper hand, because gun control doesn’t apply to them. As can be seen by the horrendous event in Virginia, “gun control kills”.

Lastly, Pelosi needs to be asked the question, “Have you ever asked any Jewish survivor.

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