“The Great And Noble America”

by George T. Weir –

At an exact time in the history of God’s creation, there was a Nation born, and this Nation was given the mandate to be a “Noble Nation” a light unto the world, a place where the down-trodden and the persecuted could call home. We know this land as “The United States Of America”.

This new nation had to be carved out of the wilderness, towns built, bridges across broad rivers, and yes, wars, nothing came easy, this nation came about through blood, sweat and many tears.

The new world moved westward, and with this westward movement came men and women of great resolve, and determination. In this crowd there were trappers, lumberjacks, farmers and ranchers. The railroad was laid that spanned the continent from the East to the west, and this railroad brought merchants, in which was vital to the building of towns. Also the settlers wanted law and order, and they also wanted the teaching of morals, so the building of churches, and the need for preachers began.

After this new land declared themselves independent, the noble and wise men of the day saw that there was a need for a form of government, and this government would be of, by the people and for the people.

These wise men were careful through their decisions that the rights of the people wouldn’t be infringed upon, but also knew that laws would have to be written an enforced. These wise men were also careful to build within these laws a healthy respect for morality, and the freedom for one to practice his or her religion.

The “Ten Commandments” were the corner-stone of our constitution, and the well-being of the new Nation would hinge upon the adherence and respect to the commandment that have been handed down for two thousand years.
When this nation sought after the will of God, and taught their children the benefits of keeping the commandments and walking humbly before God, it prospered.

This nation continued to prosper, and there was a loyalty to the nation even through the hardest of times, such as the “Great Depression”.

Yes, America has seen wars, and when the people knew they were fighting for their neighbor, and their country, they fought with valor and pride, believing that their efforts were for a noble cause.

For years the “United States Of America”, was the envy of the world, it was the lighthouse to the world, when the nation spoke with one voice, the nations listened.

When President Kennedy spoke these words, “Ask not what your Nation can do for you, but what can you do for the nation” the people cheered, and rejoiced with patriotism and pride for their nation.

Now that wars have passed into the history book, and the war that we are engaged in at the present, seems to have no end, and enemies are now camped on our door-steep, and the patriotism which the nation enjoyed in years past seems have faded away, and the people have divided themselves into their own groups of thought and ideology.

Their seems to be no meeting of the minds between the Republicans and the Democrats, and sadly to say, the meeting of the minds between the races have grown even wider.

We are now engaged in a Civil war in Syria, where we have no clear cut allie, it seem as if the enemy of our enemy is also our enemy.

America has embarked on a slippery-slope of morality, the powers that be seem to have sweep the sound investments of common sense that our founders fathers worked so hard to pin in our Constitution, and have sought to change the very laws that brought prosperity and loyalty and pride to this nation with the changing winds of politics.

America is at the cross-roads of time, the nation can continue on its course of divisive behavior and the total disrespect for the laws and precepts laid out in the Constitution, or the powers that be can renew their loyalty to this nation, and establish the true concept of the “Ten Commandments” and the power that they represent, and those that live by them will prosper.

The World is still looking to the United States for leadership, if we fail now to show that we still are a people of honesty, hard work, and a people that their words mean something that they can take to the bank, if we fail at this, prosperity and peace will be something we just read about in our history books.

George T. Weir

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