We talk about politicians using graft to gain political power and money for their own pockets and know that they are crooks. As per the definitions below, the third one describes such actions by crooks in our government succinctly.

This author has a suggestion for using definitions 1, 2 and 4 to fix the problems of definition number 3. It is a simple suggestion that, with all the technology out there today, could be accomplished in many laboratories across this country.

First we would take DNA samples from truly honest and patriotic people across this country and see what parts of their genetic makeup make them so honest. Now of course there is also the factor of upbringing to observe as well, but we’ll get into that later.

Once the gene samples have been examined then all the crooked politicians should be brought into the lab and gene samples taken from them to see what makes them so dishonest and greedy. To accomplish this end we might have to sedate them and transport them this way to reduce the screaming about this being unfair. This would also keep them from enacting any new laws preventing them from being tested and treated, just like their ‘Fairness Doctrine’, which is inherently unfair to honest folk that want to hear the truth and not the slanted tales told by big media.

Once that testing is done the procedure can take place to graft honest genes onto the dishonest politicians genetic structure to change their ways. Who knows? Maybe they would become so honest that they would give back all their ill-gotten gains and help eliminate the deficit created by their actions to begin with.

As far as up-bringing is concerned, well, most honest people know that good parents pat their children on the back, low, hard and often, as needed to instill good habits. Once the politicians are grafted with the honest genes they could be allowed to wake up and as soon as any of them start acting in a dishonest manner they would be paddled severely, with each incidence. Eventually they would learn, as children do, that every time they misbehave their backsides wind up hurting. Enough treatments with the paddle for their poor behavior and perhaps they would get the idea that a sore backside for every time they act dishonestly and no pain in the rear for honest actions they might straighten up. It worked with me and a great many others. Why wouldn’t it work with them?

Graft definition – graft (graft, gräft) – Noun

1. A shoot or bud of one plant or tree inserted or to be inserted into the stem or trunk of another, where it continues to grow, becoming a permanent part; scion

2. The act or process of inserting such a bud or shoot

3. The place on a plant or tree where such a bud or shoot has been inserted

4. A tree or plant with such an insertion

2. A joining of one thing to another as if by grafting

1. The act of taking advantage of one's position, esp. a political position, to gain money, property, etc. dishonestly

2. Anything acquired by such illegal methods, as an illicit profit from government business

3. Surgery

1. A piece of skin, bone, or other living tissue transplanted or to be transplanted from one body, or place on a body, to another, where it grows and becomes a permanent part

2. Such a transplanting

Definition copied from:

However, this suggestion might just be a bit costly to effect in the long run. Lab rats might be easier to acquire than politicians but lab rats have feelings. Politicians of the stripe currently in office seem to have all the intelligence of a rotten stump and the feelings of a rock. Lab rats also have brains, where politicians seem to lack that particular facility or faculty. Convincing a currently sitting [and endlessly sitting] politician to do anything honest is like writing with a brand new pencil that has never been sharpened. Totally pointless!

Perhaps the best solution to the problem of graft in our government is to boot all the greedy, dishonest bums and bummettes out of office, take away their precious pensions and healthcare, and make them live like the rest of us. After all, November is coming and petitions are circulating as of this writing. Perhaps a petition to remove all the horrors this regime and its minions have perpetrated on us could circulate and eventually effect the repeal of said horrors. Preferably before the November elections clean house, and senate too. Then we can get our new crop of politicians to impeach the usurper in the White House, our house, and work on repairing the damage he’s done through his avowed hatred of America.

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