Government sponsored illegitimacy

Yes this means there is something seriously wrong!

Our government sponsors, subsidizes, encourages, and contracts illegitimacy.

Our government though the family courts and child support systems are funding and encouraging illegitimacy. The government is complicit in what has become a family law industry designed to profit from the destruction of families and the encouragement of illegitimate births. This has become an industry where the so-called solutions actually create and perpetrate the problems they are designed to fix. This piece will expose one aspect of these issues currently covered up by the mainstream media and what we know to be the family law industry.

It is time we quit blaming men for the illegitimacy problem and put the blame where it belongs, on government agencies, lawyers and the family courts. It is time we took a look at the government’s policies and programs that create illegitimacy. We need to realize that men, children and society are the real victims of illegitimacy and that the family courts, government agencies, and lawyers are the only winners.

The Health and Human Services and Family Court systems are a fraud to create profit for themselves as an industry. They are joined in this effort by lawyers who can only make huge profits if the system is biased against men. You must understand that if the system were fair and just there would be little reason for litigation. If the lawyers involved in the process cared about anything other than profits they would have exposed this fraud years ago. This industry wants or needs to keep itself hidden because under inspection we could easily see how these agencies do not act in the best interests of children, but in fact perpetrate a fraud on all of society.

Government contracted illegitimacy.

The first thing to consider is that there is a contractual relationship between the government and the single mothers who choose illegitimacy. It is common knowledge that there are financial entitlements and benefits for the mothers of illegitimate children.

Since this government support is public knowledge it must be considered as a situation where the government is actually contracting with women who want to become single mothers.

The government should be considered "a party of interest" in these contracts. The government and its agencies including the courts are the real parties that are making the offer of support and entitlements to the potential unwed mothers. They are acting as agents contracting with the single women who are seeking these entitlements and financial rewards for having children outside of marriage.

The men (so called sperm donors and bio-dads) are never involved in this contractual arrangement. They are only brought in after the fact to be held financially liable for the contract made specifically between the government’s welfare agencies and the women.

Men are never involved parties in these contractual relationships. Men are not running away from their parental responsibility they are never offered any consideration or responsibility in the process. In the illegitimacy industry men are only considered as sperm donors and financial obligators.

If you want men to be involved parents marry them.

Illegitimacy has become a job of choice for to many women.

For these women illegitimacy and single motherhood is a job and the government is their hiring agent, employer, and enforcement agent. The only part of this process that the government is not directly involved in is the sexual act. Make no mistake, the government’s implied contract through its actions and agencies are the catalyst fueling illegitimacy and funding single motherhood.

These women become entitled to various types of support and welfare including housing, medical and dental benefits, and tax-exempt income. There are also a number of other benefits including access to education, job training, and preferences in hiring if or when these mothers choose to work. Many of these women have never worked and have few if any skills, so real employment is not a serious consideration. In fact many choose to have more illegitimate children in order to increase their income. Women have been known to actually shop for sperm donors based on the man’s income or earning potential. (I do have examples)

Child Support is the most financially lucrative entitlement.

The child support entitlement allows women to make someone else pay for their choice and desire to be single mothers. Then the government forces the sperm donor or bio-dad to pay for the woman’s choice to be a single parent, while the mothers are not personally obligated to make any financial contributions. Nor are they limited to the number of children they can have from any number of fathers. Women are not held to any standard of responsibility.

This ability to sue the sperm donor or bio-dad for child support is where the real financial incentive lies. This process is directly supported by the government through various social service agencies and includes government lawyers or District Attorneys to provide legal prosecution. All the women have to do is give the government the name of a possible or probable sperm donor and the process begins.

Women who have no qualifications to participate in the workforce are being rewarded for creating children. They are not required to be educated, employed, speak English, be drug free, or have any parenting skills. Yet, they are financially rewarded for their ability to become impregnated. Fertility should not be considered the only qualification for parenthood.

What’s the big deal?

For those who may not consider this to be a real problem you need to know that the current illegitimacy rate is approximately 37% of all births in this country. There are approximately 1,500,000 illegitimate children born each year in the USA.

Don’t you think with all the present forms of birth control that this could be avoided?

Yes, it could be avoided. Perhaps now you understand that this outrageously high illegitimacy rate is because the government is funding women to become single mothers.

Illegitimacy is a matter of choice and not an accident. The governments funding of illegitimacy must mean that YOU as a taxpayer are involved in the process. Shouldn’t we be ashamed of this? Shouldn’t we be demanding that this be changed?

By John Buethe.

Director of M.A.D. (Men Against Discrimination) MEN UNITED send comments to

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