Government Power And Light…. WHAT??!!!

Bill: “Well, I am, but… let me explain… “

Who do we pay for our oil? When we get oil from

Arabia, who do we pay – Al Maliki – the ‘CEO’ of the ‘Ex-Camel drivers United Oil Company?’ No, no, no! We ‘the people’ actually pay ‘King’ Saud. Why? Because ‘Arabian Oil’ is and has been an entirely foreign controlled Government monopoly.

When we/you buy Shell Oil for example, who gets payed? Well, the company used to be called, Royal Dutch Shell. Now, I would bet we pay the Government of The Netherlands. Well, what about

Venezuela? Who do we pay there? Easy! Hugo ‘Caesar’ Chavez. Once Again, it is a Government owned and controlled Oil monopoly.

So, clearly, I have established that The United States of America feels it is O.K. to deal with monopolies around the world in order to secure/import oil.

However, the current

USA government policy is that we here in

America just may not drill for or refine our own natural resources anymore right here where we live. To do so would be Politically Incorrect. The Environmentalists would scorn us. Oh! Heaven forbid!

But, all that is Foreign Oil is OK. ???

Middle Eastern oil feeds Islamic terrorists. We know that for a fact.

South American Oil feeds American hatred in our own hemisphere.

But we’re addicted to it! Aren’t we?

It would seem that way, and, it has been the actual/real case for a long time.

But, today, we are allegedly trying to throw off the yoke of Foreign Oil, as much as we depend on it, in a Gigantic attempt to, “Go Green”. We are building solar panels for our roofs; Wind driven generators to harness the wind.

Gigantic battery packs for our cars. Of course, we can recharge them. But, when they no longer will hold a charge, then, what do you do with them? Well, cell phone batteries are just thrown in the trash. They are so small no one notices the toxicity they cause. But, when millions of batteries big enough to take over the job of an internal combustion engine are disposed off in the trash? Well, that of course would be a toxic waste problem bigger than junk rubber tires!

The government employed the hapless Ex Vice President, Al Gore, to spread the fiction of Homogenizes of “Global Warming” to convince the gullible that, not only MAN, but, American MAN, was responsible for “Global Warming” because of our seemingly insatiable appetite for OIL.

It seems that, so long as WE don’t produce it anymore, it is more O.K. to HAVE it… provided we pay our enemies for it. Besides, if I were an oil tycoon and discovered a pool of oil right in my own back ward, the Environmentalists would lobby Congress so well I wouldn’t have a chance.

By the way, have you heard… someone has found oil right in his own back yard! They found a pool of oil so huge, under

Eastern Montana and North and

South Dakota, and some of it even stretches into

Canada… So big, it would feed our Nation’s appetite for oil for a thousand years, based on current consumption.

One Thousand Years Worth Of Oil, Right In Our Own Back Yard!!!

Besides that, there is, right in the same neighborhood, a huge supply of Natural Gas… enough for at least 100 years here in the


Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not an advocate of an oil economy, but, that is what we have, for now at least.

We can change, but change comes hard when you have to pay $82.00 a barrel for oil to foreign dictators while trying to get enough to pay our foreign debt, innovate for the future and fight asymmetric wars with the enemy, all at the same time.

But…What if ‘Our’ government were to pivot, as it now claims to have done or be doing with the employment problem –towards which Obama has now asserted it is doing, or has also done on the question of closing Gitmo; or having ‘Open’ discussions on Health Care; and, also, as I see it, the fraud of ‘NO’ Pork Barrel spending because it was expedient at the time of the election, like when the current occupant of The White House was heard saying, “Well, Pork, spent right is GOOD, in contradistinction !”

The only entity large enough to go up against the environmentalists is THE GOVERNMENT. All President — B.Hussein Obama — Barry Soetoro would have to say would be the three magic words in the Government lexicon which instills fear, patriotism and pride in the harts of all Americans when said in the right context:

The Phrase: ‘National Defense and Security’.

If Barry Soetoro would go on Prime Time News with a plea to the nation, much like President Kennedy did when he got the “space race” in full swing…

Like This – Obama: “By the end of this decade, I want our Nation to be totally independent of Foreign Oil. It is imperative that we do that for our Nation’s Security, and National Defense!!”

We have the means. All we need is the commitment of you. ‘We’ the self evidently Brave and Patriotic American People is all that is needed, in order to succeed.

We can put on two simultaneous programs of a scope which has not been seen since WWII and at that time ‘The Manhattan Project’ which ultimately led to the shortening of that world war by many years The absolute US Victory and Unconditional Surrender of our sworn enemy at that time, “Imperial Japan.”

We can bring together a consortium of American Oil Men to run the largest extraction of oil ever seen in the history of the world, right in our own back yard. Where? Right here in the

USA in

Eastern Montana, and North and

South Dakota. We can build the two or three refineries we need to process the crude oil, right there and ship it all over the nation and the world.

With a cost of only $10 -$16 a barrel to extract it, and the refineries right there, we could sell the refined product world wide at competitive prices and make enough to pay off our entire national debt within 10 years after the start of our domestic production… We could end homelessness and see the kind of Health Care Plan that only Congress could afford for its members in the past. We could totally erase poverty in this country; much the same as the Indian Nations in Our Heartland have done for Their Native People through running Casinos.

Meanwhile, I would bring together the finest minds in the world of science and have a Neo Manhattan Project for the National Security as well as the upper hand in The Race For Clean Energy.

I would mandate they look at everything including Clean Nuclear energy; Cold Fusion; Quantum Mechanics Energy; The Force of Gravity Energy; Teleportation; and things not even the brightest of scientific minds have thought of outside of Science Fiction.

Truly, even the usual methods used for extraction and refining have been cleaned up since the 1970’s.

Now, Government Power and Light; (GPL, Inc.) Doesn’t sound so draconian, does it?

Bill Ascherfeld is an alumnus of


University and graduated from

San Diego


Germany during the Cold War and is now a Successful Real Estate Broker in

San Diego

California. Bill can be reached for comment at: with a degree in Political Science, Economics, and History. He served with the Third Armored Division in

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