Gov. J. Granholm, Decimated Michigan

On March 23rd, two days after Obama Care slogged through the D.C. sausage factory against the protest of two thirds of the American population, state Attorney General Mike Cox filed suit on behalf of The People of Michigan.

“Congress’ attempt to force

Michigan families to buy health insurance — or else — raises serious constitutional concerns,” Cox said in a press release. “We will fight to defend the individual rights and freedoms of

Michigan citizens against this radical overreach by the federal government.” He believes the Health Care Bill is contrary to States’ Rights recognized in the Constitution, and could further hurt jobs and the economy of


The people of

Michigan, decimated by Governor Jennifer Granholm’s eight year rule, welcome Cox’s action on their behalf. We cannot afford another job lost in the state. President Obama’s Chair of The Council of Economic Advisors has stated that 5.5 million jobs will be lost due to the mandate portion of Obama Care alone.

Michigan’s economy is already the worst in the country with the highest unemployment rate nationwide. Granholm and her minions have allowed the state to hemorrhage jobs and the underlying tax base.

Even one of her former political allies, former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick, moved out of the state. However, it looks like Kilpatrick may be moving back to

Michigan soon, when he is placed in a prison cell for contempt of

Detroit and the court, for violations of his parole.

So, what was Governor Granholm’s response to Attorney General Cox’s suit on behalf of the people of

Michigan? She sent him a letter forbidding him from filing suit and stated: "His primary client as the attorney general is the executive branch of government," Granholm said in a subsequent interview. "And no one in the executive branch has authorized him to take this position." Is Queen Jenny demanding total fealty, at the expense of the citizens of

Michigan and in flagrant disregard to the State Budget? This is the 2010 version of “Let them eat cake.”

There is (at least) one problem for Queen Jenny: The Michigan Constitution. The Constitution of Michigan is clear: The governor and the attorney general both are constitutional officers elected by the voters and both represent the State. Cox is not Granholm’s running mate, and both hail from different political parties as a “check and balance” built into

Michigan state politics. News flash to Queen Jenny… both you and Attorney General Cox are in office to serve the People NOT vise versa. Of note, “Queen Jenny” was Attorney General before her coronation as Governor eight years ago, and she has lobbied Obama to be considered for the positions of U.S. Attorney General and Justice of The Supreme Court. (Of course, she cannot aspire to the Presidency, since she admits she was born a Canadian citizen).

Mike Cox and his staff have decided to respond on behalf of the people and take the high road. ”As the attorney general, [Mike Cox] is the lead counsel to the state of

Michigan and in his estimation … this law oversteps the bounds of the constitution. The attorney general is independently elected by the people of

Michigan. The governor still can take a position in court that's different than the attorney general," states John Sellek, spokesman for Mike Cox.

In November, state law decrees that Queen Jenny must abdicate her throne. Whoever said term limits are not needed or necessary has not lived in

Michigan for the past eight years.

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