Gov. Brewer Sold Out For Money And Politics

by George Weir –

 On Wednesday, February 26,2014 Governor Jan Brewer (Arizona) decided to put the veto pen to use and struck down the bill which would have given the citizens of Arizona the right to exercise their basic and fundamental believed which are the foundations to their religion.

This bill, (SB 1062) would have given businesses, or churches or any other person’s with deeply held religious belief the right to deny services to the gay community.  This law would be a defense in any action taken by the government or any individual claiming discrimination.

But now the liberty of saying (no) to those things that goes contrary to one’s religion is a thing of the past.  There was a time, (apparently long ago) parents would tell their children, (just say no) when confronting something that they have been taught against, especially if they believed it to against their church doctrine.  But now, the liberty of choice between right and wrong and the choice that one feels deeply down in his or heart is no longer his or her choice or liberty.

Actually the defeat of this law we can live with, but the reasons behind this defeat is something of another color, something even more devastation to the liberty of America.  (The selling of principles, for money and politics)

The right for one’s religion and his or her right to expression of their beliefs, has been under attack now for some time, even our most reverenced document, (The Ten Commandment) have come under attack, but I’ll save that for another time.

Many of the opposition in Arizona are apple, AT&T, Delta Airlines, Southwest airlines along with Intel, Verizon and Marriot International.

Even the sports world got involved, the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury called for the veto.

The NFL also let their opinions be known, Arizona is scheduled to host the Super Bowl XLIX next year which is expected to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars.  Delaware Governor Jack Markell, a Democrat has already went on record saying “that if Jan Brewer doesn’t sign the veto, the Super Bowl should be moved.

Money and power talks, but is this the America that our founders environed?  Where policy is bought and sold, I think not!

Politics is also always there to raise it’s ugly head, John McCain, Jeff flake both Republic Senators urged Gov Brewer to veto the bill.

It’s always a good thing to read a bill before endorsing it; three of the Republican Arizona state senators who supported the bill in the beginning urged the veto saying, “that they did not realize that the bill was discriminatory” does that sound familiar?  “We need to pass the bill, then we’ll see what is in it” another gaff by Nancy you know who, But totally unrelated to the SB 1062 bill, but the principle the same, read before signing.

Larry J Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the university of Virginia told Businessweek  that business supports the social issues which are believed to be mainstream, and goes on to say, What good for business is vetoing the bill.  What is good for business, if I’m not mistaken, that means money, at all cost.

But this isn’t over, despite the movers and shakers and the big money and the political world commonsense and loyalty to ones religions will eventually win the day.

SB 1062 wasn’t designed to harm or discriminate in any way the LBGT community, It was only designed to give liberty to those that believe that they did build their businesses, or that their fundamental belief toward upholding the long tried and proven way of social morality is there’s to keep, and to teach their children, without having to explain to their children why they themselves have been forced to leave their faith in order to conform with society.

But as we all know, money talks, and greed is not anything new, and that selling out those most precious liberty’s of personal choice have now come down to has the most power and votes.

If our course isn’t corrected and while liberty is in the process of drowning under the weight of greed, Americans will become as puppets on a string, moving and thinking only by the thoughts of others and not ourselves.

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