God Bless Bibi Netanyahu!

by Nancy Morgan –

I just finished listening to Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. I’m alone in my little RV out in the desert in Thermal, California. I’m cheering aloud. Yeah baby!!!

Much had been said about Natanyahu’s pending speech in the last few weeks. Obama was publicly of the opinion that it was merely a political speech, designed to give Netanyahu a lead in the coming Israeli elections. Not so.

In the real world, where, at least in the US, everything is political, Netanyahu actually went against prevailing opinion in his own country in order to warn the world about the very imminent threat posed by Obama’s pending deal with Iran. A deal which, by the way, Obama wants removed from the oversight of Congress. A deal that our own Secretary of State John Kerry wants to keep under wraps until it’s a ‘done deal’, much like Obamacare. Guess we’ll know about it once it’s passed. Sound familiar?

In America, there are few political heroes. Politics is a nasty business and it seems to have become accepted for our elected officials to vote and act in their own political interests, as opposed to the best interests of our great country. Hey, that’s the new norm, the pundits say. And so it is. Which is why Netanyahu’s speech roused me so. How often does any American witness a political act of courage – witness a politician who has firmly put the interests of his nation beyond his own political aspirations?

With the world in disarray and terrorists threatening our very way of life, our President has effectively abdicated America’s role. The Obama administration has publicly dissed our strongest ally in the war on terror. Obama himself was ‘too busy’ to attend, sending a message to the world that Obama does not stand behind Israel. Israel, the lone beacon of democracy in a region steadily being taken over by Islamist terrorists intent on annihilating both Israel and the United States.

Obama was AWOL. Obama publicly signaled to the world and all the barbarian terrorists that he doesn’t respect America’s alliance with the only Democratic nation in an increasing sea of rogue nations. Our very own Israeli ambassador refused to attend this historic speech. That makes me very scared for my country and our future.

For now, though, I’m happy. Though I’m mightily ticked off at Boehner for caving to Obama’s executive amnesty etc., I give him a hearty thumbs up for being the catalyst that allowed the American public to hear Netanyahu’s cogent and impassioned plea to the world. A plea that was heard by me, and millions of scared Americans. A plea that resonates with the lessons of history which our very own President seems determined to ignore.

God bless Boehner for that. And God bless Netanyahu for having the courage, wisdom and character to boldly and respectfully alert the world about the true nature of the existential threat we all face from an unbridled and nuclear Iran. And shame on Obama and the Dems who boycotted his speech. They were all elected to protect and promote American interests. They have failed miserably. But at least now,most Americans can see that.

As self professed champions of diversity, equality and truth, the Democrats and Obama who dissed our most important ally in the undeclared war on terror have only shown how the lack respect they hold for any view that does not conform to their own prevailing political ideology. I’m embarrassed by their actions. And as a patriotic American, I want to apologize to Netanyahu for the disrespect shown to him by America’s elected officials. Bibi, they don’t represent America. They represent whatever political view that will get them re-elected. Truth.

Thank you, Bibi. For having the courage to be the first on the world stage to publicly condemn what all Americans know must be condemned. I only wish our president had your courage. God bless you Bibi. I for one, appreciate the risk you took. I appreciate your efforts and know that the 99% of Americans in flyover country, appreciate and thank-you also. I only wish America had a president with your moral courage.| March 4, 2015

Nancy Morgan is a conservative columnist who is now traveling the country in her RV.

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