GLENN BECK: Father of Modern History

… from the rest with his unparalleled clarity of vision for the disclosure of truth: Glenn Beck. Beck’s talent lies in his ability to penetrate the ‘here’ and the ‘now’ of current events with a visionary yet analytic comprehension of our Nation’s history and the principles upon which it was founded. His fidelity to the spirit of the republicanism espoused by the Founding Fathers affords his commentary an educational edge that cuts straight to the core of the meaning behind the actions, motives and events that beleaguer our current political arena. Beck has undertaken an ambitiously thorough examination and evaluation of the philosophical currents that shaped the wisdom and foresight of the Founding Fathers.

It is because of this appreciation for history that Beck has been able to rivet his own prophetic insight on what is eternal, i.e. truth, rather than concentrating merely on the ever-changing particulars happening now. Without the guidance of foundational principles grounded in truth, observers of current events can become mired in the narcissistic myopia of a present adrift without anchor in the past or charted course for the future. The decisions made by our politicians, the inauthentic rhetoric of hackneyed generalities, and the numbing effect of the cloud of secrecy that obscures the machinations of the federal and state governments render us an abysmally confused jumble of puzzle pieces that do not seem to fit together. And yet, they do. Beck has been able to show us this by revealing their meaning through the developments of history and the agendas of its protagonists. Here is an excellent example: Beck has pin-pointed and emphasised one of the most important aspects in the contemporary political arena that transcends partisan affiliations – the Progressive movement. Many traditional conservatives recognise the destructive trend evidenced in the gradual growth of the federal government and the systematic eradication of personal liberties, but because our thinking in general is still largely bound to partisan distinctions, we may miss the point entirely and mistake enemies for friends or potential allies for enemies. It is difficult if not impossible to challenge, confront and stop the enemy if we do not even understand who and what that enemy is. But Beck’s research has unveiled the truth behind the historical emergence of the Progressives, and has defrocked the pathological perversity that masquerades as beneficent liberal generosity and caring.

Why does Beck’s appreciation of history set him apart from his colleagues? Beck has returned to the original meaning of history. The word ‘history’ comes from the Greek word ‘historia’ meaning ‘investigation’. But there is another meaning of this word which is often neglected, even though it is essential to understanding the meaning of history: ‘historia’ can also mean ‘arbitration’. The true historian not only collects information but detects themes, maps relations, strikes philosophical bedrock, and ultimately passes a judgement or comes to a conclusion that illuminates the reason and the meaning for the ‘then’ as well as the ‘now’ and the continuity between the two.

Historians recognise movements in the flux of valuation, cultural mood, and social content or discontent. With their finger on the pulse of the present, they can see the origin and the destination of a people, and understand that it is one and the same heart. Heracleitus noted that the beginning and the end of a circle are the same point, which is true, but it is the perspective of the observer that makes the difference. The American people have a pretty decent general sense of the state of the nation (“rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell” in the words of Merle Haggard), yet many Americans lack the historical mindset that effectively abolishes the arbitrary boundaries of birth and death that we erect for ourselves in an attempt to define ‘our time’, ‘now’.

An historian, or anyone with the openness of an historical mindset, dwells in the past and the future as well as the present, and views past events and accomplishments not as monuments to be looked at from afar as a scientist views the contents of a test tube, removed from that which he studies, or as an antiquarian, collecting interesting specimens as a hobby. The past and the future are present to the historian, whose sense of continuity with these ‘inaccessible’ eras of time enables his understanding to assist an eruption of wisdom in the ‘here, now’. Anyone can flaunt their opinion about current events with sound-byte-style pithy comments, become fluent in the contemporary rhetoric of political banter, or rant and rave over the issues, but wisdom consists in having the ‘bigger picture’, since the events of the ‘here, now’ do not exist in a vacuum.

Beck frequently interviews the authors of the books that have opened his understanding and contributed to his knowledge, and he encourages his listeners and viewers to educate themselves by reading the books that uncover the events and ideas that have brought us to our present situation. In addition, Beck’s own impressive collection of books provide readers with copious information supported by rigorous research and presented in a simple, clear and immensely entertaining fashion (Beck’s knowledge of pop culture is almost as rich as his understanding of American history). It seems, as a culture, that we have let Academia appropriate exclusively our history, which in turn it has enslaved and perverted with its narcissistic hyper-intellectualism, effectively severing the scholars from the ‘non-intellectuals’ and barring de facto their participation in the dialogue that should be the shared enterprise of all citizens. It is this dialogue and the continual revisitation of historical values, visions and accomplishments that keeps our own values, relations, government and goals, true, honest and fresh. Beck has succeeded in freeing and extending this dialogue to all of us by giving us the means to understand and contribute to it meaningfully.

Armed with truth, enflamed with love and respect for our country, and fortified with ideas that have not only passed the test of time, but have also passed the test of reason and common sense, Beck relentlessly hounds the vampirous politicians, who attempt to suck the lifeblood from our republic. He exposes those who present a facade of patriotism to conceal a self-righteous, self-serving agenda. He debunks the utopian illusions of the welfare state and its insidious siblings: marxism, communism, socialism, and every other variety of freedom-annihilating fascism these would-be tyrants champion with the subtle deceit of a rhetorical sleight of hand. What was once a ‘socialist’ or ‘marxist’ is now a ‘progressive’. Beck shows that while the terminology has changed, the underlying agenda is the same. The progressive politicians, Obama included, take as their models the dictators (euphemistically referred to as “Presidents” for Life) Chavez, Castro and Mao. By calling out and revealing the true character of these politicians and their seditious radical appointees, Beck enables us to make informed decisions, challenge our politicians to truly support our interests, and to fire them when they do not. It is more difficult to take back what is lost than to prevent it from being taken from us in the first place. This is why Beck’s thorough investigation into the real motives of the politicians, while invaluable in itself, is even more important as an example to us – we must also learn who our politicians are and take them to task. One man cannot do it alone.

We have lost a lot, and it did not happen overnight. Beck has inspired millions to reclaim their rights and freedoms, to become vigilant of the politicians and their allegiances, and to become active in their own communities as vocal advocates of our God-given, constitutionally recognised, personal rights. With force, verve and exceptional wit, Beck is able to reach us, awaken us, move us and organise our energy. With providential foresight, Beck has warned us to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for the more formidable challenges that are emerging on the horizon. In the pursuit of truth, Beck is a true leader – one who is trustworthy, honourable, responsible, passionate, honest, prudent and wise.

Thank you Glenn!

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