Giuliani Showed (True Grit) Concerning Obama’s Love For America

 by George Weir –

 When America’s Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani publicly announced that he didn’t believe President Obama truly loves America he was also speaking for many in America that have also believed this to be the case for the past six years.

But why doesn’t he love the country that elected him as their first black president, or why doesn’t he love the country that gave him the education which elevated him to the position that he enjoys, and why doesn’t he love the millions of Americans that held onto his every word while running for office, this should make one humble and loving for a country with a big heart.

There must be something deep and dark within such a person.  Could it be the hatred for America that was taught to him from an early age?  Could he have been taught that America was the great satin and all the world’s woes were a direct result of American aggression?  Or could it be the people that he surrounded himself with when reaching America, and their hateful influence and their despite for America somehow became imbedded in his heart.  Or could it be the guilt that one must feel leaving the religion that he loved so much for a religion which would elevate his chances of a greater political future?

To an extent the memories of past experiences has a great influences in most of our lives.  It has been said that Obama has said that the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound that he can remember, and that is understandable, to a Muslim this must be a sound to remember, I just wonder, could it be that he is missing these calls to prayer?

But on the other hand, I have been known to be wrong.  And I do believe in repentance, this is something I have to do hour by hour, for some dumb action on my part and I am willing and able to repent for doubting the presidents love for America when I see him show at lest some emotion when the radical muslims behead American citizens, but, up to this point he seem more intent on playing golf, or hitting the road raising funds.

I have seen a lot of president come and go in my life, true some were preoccupied with other things other than running the country, but, when Americans were attacked whether it be from natural disaster or foreign terrorist, they (showed their love) for the American people, they rolled up their sleeves and went to work for the American people, but, sadly President Obama can only apologize to the world for America’s misdeeds.

When the twenty one Coptic Christians were murdered he never mentioned that they were Christians, as if it shouldn’t matter.  To Americas that love their country and the Christian religion it does matter.

Possibly I’m making a big to-do out of nothing, but, America and the rest of the civilized world has been threatened by radical Muslims, and in my way of thinking it’s time for all those that love America to strand up and be counted, and this includes the President of The United states of America.

The past six year should be a wake up call to all Americans.  When any candidate is running for office, (ask question)..such as where were you born?   Do you love America?  Do you love the American people?  Will you protect all Americans from those that are hell-bent on our destruction?  Will you tell the truth at all cost?…..Folks this is just a start, but you get the drift…

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