Gingrich, Newt = Patton, George?

… to continue his successful efforts to uphold the Constitution of the

United States of America for “We the People”.

A Short Comparison of Patton and Gingrich:

Patton 1941:

Patton exhibited outstanding leadership when he was appointed as the new General of the II Corp and the US 2nd Armored Division after the US 1st Armored Division suffered a humiliating defeat and was forced to retreat at the Battle of Kasserine Pass during WW II. The victor was the German Field Marshall, Erwin Rommel, renowned as “The Desert Fox”.

After Patton was given the leadership command, the next battle of


Pass was won by the

U.S. because a strong decisive leader was now in control. As you probably know Patton went on to prove himself as one of the best wartime Generals ever.

George Patton – A Unique Style of Leadership:

“Seeking to inspire his men, Patton developed a flashy image and routinely wore a highly polished helmet, cavalry pants and boots, and a pair of ivory-handled pistols. Traveling in a vehicle featuring oversize rank insignias and sirens, his speeches were frequently laced with profanity and espoused the utmost confidence in his men. While his behavior was popular with his troops, Patton was prone to indiscreet remarks which often stressed Eisenhower, who had become his superior in

Europe, and caused tension among the Allies. While tolerated during the war, Patton's vocal nature ultimately led to his relief [emphasis added].” This sounds like Gingrich to me.

“Patton damaged his reputation when he slapped Private Charles H. Kuhl at a field hospital. Having no patience for ‘battle fatigue,’ Patton struck Kuhl and called him a coward.”

“… Though tempted to send Patton home in disgrace, Eisenhower, after consultations with Chief of Staff General George Marshall, retained the wayward commander after a reprimand and apology to Kuhl. Knowing that the Germans feared Patton, …””

Source for all preceding quotes:

[Also See the Movie Patton]

Notably, of all of the Generals in the

US military, it took the foresight ofPatton to defeat the evil of Nazi Germany. Patton stood out as the best every time, and he proved it by way of his successes on the battle field.

Gingrich 1978:

In 1978, Gingrich was first elected as a member of the House Of Representatives. The following account provides the outline of his rise to the position as the Congressional ‘Speaker of the House of Representatives’:

“In 1988, Gingrich led the charge against Democratic Speaker of the House Jim Wright, who was alleged to have violated campaign finance rules. Wright was forced out, giving Gingrich a boost among his party. Gingrich's star continued to rise, and when House Minority Whip Dick Cheney was appointed Secretary of Defense, Gingrich was elected to take his place…During this period, Gingrich became known for his aggressive, often combative, style [emphasis added]. ” This sounds like Patton to me.

“Gingrich used his influence over the Republican party to draft the Contract with

America, a platform of 10 policies they would push for if the Republicans took the majority in the congressional elections. The contract included welfare reform, tougher crime laws, a balanced budget, and other conservative policies.

“Sure enough, the 1994 congressional elections brought about what would be called the ‘Republican Revolution.’ After four decades of Democratic control, the GOP won the majority in the House, and Gingrich was elected speaker.”


Without the practical, effective foresight that Newt Gingrich exhibits time and again in his constantly winning Leadership of the GOP, conservatives might never have been able to take control of the House. Why? For forty years the Republicans were ‘wandering in the desert’ as the minority party. I posit that there were many, many politicians like today’s Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum over those long dry forty years and none of them were able to accomplish bringing the GOP into the Majority Party – that is, until Mr. Newt Gingrich showed up.

The GOP had as their opposing ‘general’ the Former Commander-In-Chief President F. D. Roosevelt. It was against the practices, policy and customs with which


America is now, however the danger is much greater with the current radical anti-American President Barrack Hussein Obama leading the leftist charge against freedom. inculcated the American voters that the ‘generals’ of the GOP battled but were incapable of defeating for forty years. There is no doubt that this was as much of a battle field, albeit more gentile one, as those faced by Patton. The fight was over the Constitution as the ‘Authors’ intended America to be, versus everything or anything but the Constitution as the common law of the land. That is to say: the Progressive Democrat Party was for Marxism, Leninism, Maoism or anything but the representative republic embodied in the Constitution. This is also where

After the Monumental success Gingrich had in securing the control of the House of Representatives there were other battles. These battles included the “welfare reform” battle, the “capital gains tax cut” battle, and the “unemployment battle”, where Gingrich fought bravely and decisively won measurable successes. Even where the battle is never fully winnable (unemployment), Gingrich led the ranks of Americans into an era of prosperity that could boast unemployment numbers around 5 percent – which now seems like a vision of the promised land from our barren desert ruled by Obama. And the list goes on! Gingrich’s successes are too numerous to cover within the scope of this brief synopsis.

Similarly, Patton had numerous successes on the battle field as well. But the parallel does not stop there. Patton was removed from leadership due to his brusque style and he was often disliked by those with whom he needed to work. Curiously, in the same way, Gingrich was disliked by those he needed to work with in the Congress.

ButPatton was given a second chance and he continued to prove his worth beyond any doubt. Gingrich – who is the most intelligent man in politics that I have ever seen – must also be given a second chance because of his former record of accomplishments. The second chance will prove his worth beyond a doubt.

America needs Gingrich now just as

America Needed Patton then in WW II.

"Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy." George S. Patton

Gingrich is the best tactician in the Presidential contest. Just listen when he speaks.

Notably: Governor Sarah Palin states that she voted for Gingrich in


Remember: "If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

George S. Patton

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