….Heads must roll, right now or they never will.

The Democrat stealth tax implodes and explodes. The ‘Gangsta’ politicians, masked deception, has ‘busted a cap’ into the honest hard working American peoples wallets, destroying their property value and credit.

Every single individual involved in this so called ‘sub-prime’ — it should actually be called the, hey fool, ‘I can’t afford the house so give it to me and ‘yo’ wallet 2 swindle’ – mortgage debacle must now be criminally charged under the ‘Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization’ R.I.C.O. laws. Who’s going to pay for this, all of the hard working Americans, not the government swindlers.

‘Ghetto-nomics’ came to America directly from that Democrat idiot of a President, the nuts harvester, Jimmy Carter in 1977 then it passed to the demented President William J. Clinton in 1993 and onto the relevant Congressional co-conspirators. That is of course all those who imposed covert and dishonest, ‘taxation without representation’ upon the majority of tax paying Americans, who must now pay for the Democrat sponsored crimes.

This swine and rat circus of pied pipers must forfeit any and all of their assets and be placed in prison on bread and water until they are found guilty at the ‘fair’ trial.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, do you think that the USA tax code is much to complex? Well, I do. Do you pay any federal income taxes? Yes? Well Only 60 % of the USA population do so. It is common knowledge that the rest of the freeloaders [democrat voting freeloaders] that is the other 40% pay nothing for their federal governments services. But that is not enough! No! They need to be given free money allegedly for investment into free houses, whether the house is habitable or not is part of the don’t ask don’t tell policy, I think.

I wonder if the French are renting their Guillotine?

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