Getting Old Ain’t No Fun

by George Weir –

Usually I will be laboring vigorously trying to surf the wicked world of politics, but not this time.  I want to talk a bit about getting old.  Some of the commercials that are run on TV are intended to show the older population canoeing down the river, or trying their first hand at sky-diving, and some of them will show the elderly walking down the beach, and contemplating the idea of vigorously re-igniting their lost love life, now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great, and my hats off to them that can accomplish such a wonderful new beginning in their sun-set year’s, but the real story is,(For many, getting old is tough.

Writing about politics can be a slippery slope, sometimes I try to paint politics with a broad brush, trying to keep it simple, when I do, readers then want facts and figures, and when I research facts and figures, someone doesn’t agree, arguing that I have it all wrong, so, this time around, I’m writing about something that I don’t need to research, “The hazards of getting old”.

I suppose that hazard may be to strong a word, but to the elderly they do face the possibility of something in the nature of a hazard accident, and to them it can happen in a moment, and completely unexpected.  I realize that I may be writing in large part to those that experienced this first hand, but I also am hoping to reach those that are younger, instilling in them the necessity to check on their grandparents and the elderly that they know on a regular basic.

Accident due to falling and tripping isn’t the only thing the older people have to face, they have to face the fact that some just can’t remember as they did when younger, and this leads into even more difficulty, remembering medicine, remembering to pay bills, especially medical insurance, and doctor bills.   When I was younger, I never even dreamed that I would have to write myself notes, but, I find that I’m not alone in this department.

There is another difficult obstacle that the older generation has to conquer, and that is the obstacle of understanding (Health Insurance Plans).  This generation of citizens are targeted daily with their mail-box crammed full of different health plans, and none of them are written where anyone but a lawyer could understand them, I now this because I’ve been there.

This brings up another area where the younger generation could help.   If ones see’s that there is a problem, offer to help.  Yes, I’m sure that there are many of us older people that believe that (We Can), but that may not be the case.  Sometimes us older people can get “Sot In our way’s of doing things” and don’t realize that we need the help of others, and this is when one needs to step in and help regardless of what may follow, They call it “Tough Love” this is also important for our youth also, but I’ll save this for anther day.

The elderly are also a prime target for those that make their living by fraudulent activities, but as we all know, not only are the elderly targeted, but all society is targeted by those that are willing to (pull the wool over someone’s eye” for a profit.  But sometime the elderly are pulled into their trap, by offering them something for nothing, and with the economy being what it is, and trying to live on a fixed income, it may look like a good idea at the time, but only to find out later that they have been taken in the snare of being lied to.   And this is a problem that must be addressed by us all, whether young or old, but the young can recover, but the elderly may not be able to recover when they have lost all their possessions.

I know that it may seem that I am painting a bleak forecast to getting old, but in actuality getting old has it advantages, such as seeing your grandchildren grow up, and in my case I’m watching my great-grandchildren grow up.  And I can go fishing if I want too, and I can paint the house if I want,( which I don’t).  Yes there are a lot of thing one can do when retired, but at a slower pace.

But I still stand behind the title of this piece, growing old isn’t fun, but it does beat the alternative, but I have found that there are thing that can be accomplished even in the sun-set years, …”Now What Were we talking About, I forgot?”

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