A perfect example of these crimes can be found in Dahlonega Georgia's Lumpkin

County Police Department where Deputy Janice Hester and Deputy Mitchell

Saline, willfully aided in the commission of a Felony Assault on Jeff Ferris after

his wife, Judy, and his daughter, Stacey, had already savagely beaten him and

permanently disfigured this faithful Father and Dad to keep their drugs. To this

date Jeff's assailants and the Police who aided them in the scam have not been

charged or arrested but are still free to perpetrate their scam and abuse on other

innocent Fathers and Dad's. You may be next. If it smells like RICO, looks like a

RICO and talks like a RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt

Organizations Act) ..then…

In Summary: after having a very peaceful marriage for a wonderful 18 faithful years, Jeff had called a family meeting to discuss getting Jeff's 14 year old daughter and wife off DRUGS. Jeff, without warning, is viciously attacked and beaten while they scream curse words at him. Jeff is slam kicked in the testicles from the front multiple times by his 14 year old daughter while being beaten in the head from behind by his wife all in front of his 8 year old son (picture above). This beating has left Jeff permanently disfigured and his son terrified. His testicles were crushed, his right biceps and rotor cuff are crushed, his right ear drum is busted and his abdomen split open from the slam kicking that left his intestines bulging thru the lower intestinal wall in what is known as an Inguinal Hernia, discovered June 2006. It was originally thought to be a large bruise that would go away but the bulging in his abdomen and stabbing pains persist to this day.

The Details: Jeff could barely walk or breathe after the attack. He did not fight back against them. Jeff's daughter, Stacey, 14 years old, went into what is called a drug panic attack and called the Police after she had beaten and slam kicked her Father, Jeff.

When the Lumpkin County Police arrived they immediately made a false arrest on trumped up charges against Jeff. The EMC medic arrived also. Deputy Janice Hester forced her way in front of the EMC screaming at the EMC Medic that “He's not getting any medical attention”.

Jeff was REFUSED medical care for his internal bleeding and hemorrhaging by Lumpkin County Georgia police woman Deputy Janice Hester and Deputy Mitchell Saline so there would be NO RECORD on file of Jeff's injuries

This is Constructive Fraud and Assisting in the commission of a Felony Crime, why aren't they being prosecuted? No one in Jeff's family was injured except him. Jeff has never hit his wife in all their 18 years of marriage and has always been a peaceful loving Dad. Jeff , being a 9 times Golden Gloves state champion and city champion boxer and holding two black belts has NEVER hit any woman in his life.

Why would the Police assist in this Felony Assault crime? Was it the promise of more money from the Federal VAWA fund (violence against women fund) for Sheriff Jim Berry's pocket book? Arrest more Dad's get more money SCAM?

At the jail Jeff was again refused medical treatment by Sheriff Jim Berry, again at the hearing by Judge David Barrett and later by Don SeaBolt the EMC director who refused to let Jeff see his own EMC records or give him the name of the EMC Tech that came to Jeff's house for the false alarm as Jeff was the only family member savagely beaten and injured. When Jeff tried the local hospital, they said that they could not treat him because he had no insurance.

Jeff's daughter and wife are NOT INJURED and REFUSED medical treatment from the EMC. They would not even let the EMC Tech examine them.

At the Police station Jeff bonds himself out and is told by the Lumpkin Police that he has a Temporary Restraining Order against him and he cannot go home. Jeff's web hosting business operates in his basement at the 963 Riverflow house in Dahlonega Ga. which is the home he built with his own hands.

Jeff, having no close friends and being new in the county has to sleep in his automobile for four days in the Wallmart parking lot and at roadside parking stops. The internal bleeding and ruptures has left large swollen purple areas on his right biceps, on his testicles and lower abdomen. The injuries have made it difficult for Jeff to talk and to walk.

Jeff checks in with the Police again and finds a prejudice Judge David Barrett has ruthlessly joined in on attacking Jeff with abusive orders and gives him one day to move all his things and home office out of his own house. Jeff's Web Hosting business comes to a screeching halt and and his business and income is terminated.

Judge David Barrett appoints an incompetent Pro Bono Atty, Alfred Barr, who's main objective was to get rid of Jeff's case and dump him. At the first hearing after Jeff pleaded innocent three times, Judge Barrett kept asking Jeff to repeat what he said as Jeff could not talk loud because of the burst right ear drum, his split abdomen and the stabbing pain in his crotch and testicles. Alfred Barr took Jeff to a back office and screamed into Jeff's face over and over to “plead guilty” to a crime JEFF DID NOT COMMIT. Alfred Barr told Jeff that Judge David Barrett “did not like him and would put him in jail for a year”.

Jeff, “the victim of the attack” is put on probation and ordered to take Anger Management classes by the prejudice Judge David Barrett. An expensive time consuming class for several months for an innocent husband who has been badly beaten and is the victim of this abuse.

A few days later Jeff receives a letter from Assistant District Attorney J. Langley saying there will be a hearing with Judge David Barrett on a certain date in April and that Jeff was to attend. No reason for the hearing was given. Jeff receives a phone call a few days later from Langley's office saying to get to the court house as soon as possible that the Judge wanted to see me. Upon arriving at the court house, Jeff is arrested and told that he missed the new hearing date WHICH WAS CHANGED by Assistant District Attorney J. LANGLEY without Jeff's knowledge.

This Judicial SCAM lets them falsely arrest Jeff and put him in jail for 30 days. Jeff's Web Hosting business, again comes to a screeching halt and 2,521 grammar school student records and 117 teacher records are cut off and Jeff's business and only means of income is is shut down and terminated. Jeff life is reduced to poverty and living out of his automobile. Asst Dist Atty Langley is not prosecuted for this false arrest and fraud.

Jeff, a senior citizen, is overwhelmed by severe depression and physical pain from his injuries was illegally put in jail for the FIRST TIME EVER in his life for 30 days BY Judge Barretts COURT ROOM OF CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD. Judge Barrett WILLFULLY ASSISTS IN THE COMMISSION OF A FELONY CRIME. JEFF IS ACCUSED OF A CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT. Judge Barrett and Assistant District Attorney Jeff Langley intentionally changed Jeff's hearing date to trick Jeff and put him in jail. This is plain and Simple “Criminal Constructive Fraud.” and racketeering and abuse of the legal system for personal gain. This looks like a RICO Criminal case already or at least a grand jury investigation.

Jeff's precious son, Sterling, is treated ruthlessly and made a Bastard by the, unqualified and incompetent Judge David Barrett who does not know how to do his job and has been a complete failure as a Judge. NOW, Judge Barrett has put Jeff's son with a child molester and two drug addicts. And of course the Father is always a liar.

Judge Barretts visitation rights go against all logical reasoning and intelligence. Judge Barrett gives Jeff a few hours once a week to visit with his son with a chaperon approved by his x-wife and he has to have him back the same day. After one session of sitting in the Dawson Mall staring at each other groping for words of comfort for my son, Jeff refuses to torture his son anymore and refuses to let the prejudice David Barretts cruel abusive orders destroy his son's life.

Why is this man still serving as a Judge? Judge David Barrett, Alfred Barr and J. Langley have proven themselves to be criminals, unqualified, incompetent and reckless. They have Abused Their Oath of Office in this Constructive Fraud scheme and assisted in a Felony crime that falsely arrested a faithful father who has NO criminal record, NO family violence ever, and NO traffic violations.

These Georgia Employees willfully participated in the commission of this Felony crime and the destruction of an innocent Fathers life and the Bastardization of his precious son, Sterling Ferris, age 8.

Who are the real criminal bullies here? Why is Georgia letting them run wild? Will you be the next victim?



We have no Citizens Judicial Committee to eradicate these criminals operating under the cover of Judicial immunity.

Jeff has been living with the permanent disfigurement pains from the Inguinal Groin Hernia that have stabbed him for over 5 years. His burst ear drum buzzes and hisses all day long, his assorted body pains stab him randomly and the sharp head pains were accompanied by swishing dizzy spells each day for over two years.

A TRUE STORY as told by another Georgia victim and faithful father, Jeff Ferris, a Dad brutalized by the State of Georgia who hates Fathers and Dads and encourages divorce with illegal percentage child support and big cash prizes to get divorced.

Georgia Judges spit in Jesus Christ’s face and make a mockery of the “In God We Trust” national slogan printed on every dollar we spend. God's arrangement is not good enough for Georgia.

JAIL is where these criminals belong. They have abused and vomited on us too long. They use the system for their own personal greed and personal vendettas and this is just the tip of the ice berg.

LETS DO IT NOW! Authorize and empower a Citizens Judicial Committee that can reverse and correct this abuse and all problems associated with it using a 20 year retroactive rule. Empower a 12 person Committee to put these abusive JUDGES and judicial criminals who have infiltrated our Government in JAIL. This includes their co-horts, the Georgia DHR, certain participating Georgia Police women and policemen, fradulent ProBono lawyers and Assistant District Attorneys. Put them in JAIL where they belong. STOP THE KILLING OF OUR DADS AND FATHERS.

Written by Jeff A. Ferris, a loving Dad and Father.

A victim of the Georgia Government Criminals empowered without audit and monitoring of their illegal, abusive and outrageous illegal behavior. Dads need to be supported and encouraged to be Dads not beat up and abused by Georgia's band of judicial criminals.

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