…The pay is great and you don't have to work, just have a few babies, serve him divorce papers and the Husband is out the door and is no more. Thats when those fat child support checks and food stamps come pouring in. What a rackett Georgia has provided for you free of charge?

Georgia will chase your Daddy down, call him ugly names and put your precious irreplacable Dad in jail when he dosen't pay or dosen't make enough money to pay. Some of Georgia's Judges like David Barrett in Cleveland Georgia want Dad to pay 127% of his pay check in child support. Is it really true that you only have to pass third grade to be a Judge?

Georgia can even destroy Dad's life and put Dad in jail to make him loose his job so he will have to start his life all over again. Should he become sick or out of work, tough luck, go straight to jail Dad. Georgia loves beating up your Dad.

Georgia stands ready to bash your Daddy to death. They do all the work for you. He will be left in poverty, emotionally drained and depraved but Georgia dosen't care. They love shooting themselves in the foot.

What a great racket developed by the State of Georgia. Pretty soon no one will get married anyway. For some reason President George Bush said on TV that the number of marriages is getting smaller each year, wonder why?

Readers Digest, February issue 2005, in an article "No strings Sex" talks about how all women will soon be recretional sluts, whores and prostitutes. Again I wonder why?

Children, out of wed lock, will be the fad. Don't they call them little bastards. Georgia encourages you to cash in on the divorce rage racketeering and be a Gold Star Dead Beat Mom today.

A true story by Jeff Ferris

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