George Tiller Dies: Radical Assumptions Go Rabid

He was shot to death on Sunday, May 31, 2009 at Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kansas, where he was a member and usher. The alleged shooter, Scott Roeder, 51, has been located and taken into custody.

Those are the facts. Everything else at this point — including the motive — is supposition. So what is with all these finger-pointing articles that immediately assume pro-life organizations are directly, or even indirectly, responsible for Tiller's death? Assumptions that were often made even before the suspect was identified.

Even Obama, who should know better as an attorney, seems to have been jumping into the assumption business.

The LA Times is quoted as saying, "Today Obama said he was "shocked and outraged" by the killing. "However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion," he said in a statement, "they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

So, Obama ,as well as so many others, knew for a fact that the shooting death of Tiller was over abortion issues, even before they knew who the suspect was? Amazing!

Well then…

If all these people knew why Tiller was killed before knowing who may have done the killing, why didn't they know the killing was about to happen and stop it from happening in the first place?

Assumptions are easy to come by and blame is easy to give.

Has that become our gage to live by?

Tonight, one can only wonder!

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