When Freedom Is Seen Only In “The Form Of A Memory”

by George Weir –

During the course of a writer’s life, he or she feels things that are difficult to put into words.  In a sense we are painting a picture such as an artist would paint, instead we are using words and not paint, and in this fast changing world things change in an instant, and we see the ideas that we tried to express have taken on new meanings, and at the same time other issues take on the speed of a snails pace, we see the movement, but to capture the full impact to complete the picture or the story becomes blurred with the starts and stops of the narrative.

This story is about an issue that has already, or surly will effect the lives of all Americans.  As each day fades into the pages of history, the demographics and ideologies of America is changing, sometimes at a rapid pace, and in other times hardly moving, but moving nevertheless.  Many of these changes have been brought about by immigration, politics, and the erosion of the love of “Liberty”.

Which brings me back to the first part: (immigration)?  This nation was founded on immigration, the founders fathers of this republic were the product of their parents or grandparent immigration into this promised land, looking for a better life, and willing to give blood, sweat and tears for the opportunity to live in a country free from oppression and the freedom to worship according to their conscience.

And this promise is still intact today, but, are the immigrants of today looking for the same way of life as our founders?   To be honest, many are looking for a better life, and I applaud their efforts, but there is another side to this record, and the music isn’t so pleasant.  To all things there is a bitter and the sweet, and the bitter side to this story is the influx of immigrant that wish America harm.  Many from Mexico wish to change the map of America, and to take back what they think belongs to Mexico.  Others have found the southern border a way to smuggle narcotics and other dangerous materials into the country, these are illegal immigrants that have (No) respect for the laws of our land, and are here not to work, but to disrupt and cause mayhem, and at the same time changing the ideology of a system of government that has kept America safe and with a sense of common purpose.

Immigration and politics, is not anything new.  Immigration has had an impact on politics from our beginning, some for the better, and I’m sure some for the worse.  But is these perplexing time immigration has taken on a new role, the demographical map of America is ever changing, and (how ironic) the politicians are paying attention.  They may not be paying much attention to the out of sight spending in Washington, but they do pay attention to “Votes”

And this brings me to another subject, (Economy and freedom) both of which are in jeopardy, until we have a solution to immigration,

In the small town that I live in there are immigrants that live and work and raise their family’s as the rest of us immigrants that have been here for hundreds of years, and I might say, they are a valuable asset to our town and to our economy.

While at the same time, those that are not willing to support themselves are only putting a drain on the honest taxpayers that are supporting them in their illegal activities.  We know of many cases the court system has failed when given felons a pat on the hand, instead of sending them to prison, and then sending them back to their country of citizenship.

Yes it’s hard to paint a clear picture of America at the moment, and what she will look like in the future is unclear, but this I have seen in my seventy five years, ( lots of changes, some for the better, some not).

My concern is, have we reached a point of no return?  We have a new thing in our lives called Obama care. It’s designed is to lump all people into a government run health plan.  It seem as if the old way of buying health Insurance, (such as) depending on an insurance salesman which will set down with the prospected buyers and answer all the questions and in a short time will give a quote as to the cost of the premium, and if this wasn’t the plan you needed, it was time to call another insurance agent.  Sadly these days seem to be slipping away, now we have what is considered to be just a community organizer on line in which one doesn’t even see their faces, but they say “Trust Us”

And I wonder, why should we trust them?  The brain-child of this government takeover has proven over and over that he is willing to lie, mislead, and cover-up, and we are ask to trust them, hard to believe, but that is where we are, that’s what makes it difficult to paint the picture with any certainty as to the outcome of the story.

We are living in a time when our lives are an open book.  The Internal Revenue Service has the power to your income, soon they will have the power over your health Insurance, also every e-mail or telephone can be monitored of the National security Agency feels that it is needed, and we will never know anything about it.  All this in the name of keeping us safe, (without freedom what enjoyment do we have in safety)?

I do have a suggestion, enjoy the freedoms we have today, and store them up in memory, and teach them to the youth, so that someday, our grandchildren can tell their grandchildren of the “good ole day’s granddad always talked about.

Hopefully our nation will come to its senses and the disintegration of our political climate will reverse back into a more proper use of their authority, and the citizens will once again see the freedoms that was given them under our constitution.  




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