Freedom From Islam

…and evolves quickly into a case study in narcissism as their naïve public announcements show up in newsprint. One excruciatingly unhinged, three-ring circus out globetrotting is the road show headlined by the gals of Code Pink. These wealthy, Leftist, uber-elitists turned up in

Iran just days before the 2008 execution of Fatemah Haqiqat-Pajouh.

Fatemah was condemned to death for killing her husband while he was attempting to rape her teen-aged daughter. Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans of Code Pink were over in

Iran on one of their “citizen diplomacy” trips; more aptly described as a fool’s diplomacy. These two embarrassments to the legacy of Women’s Suffrage were giddy with praise for the Iranian regime; while a brave, Iranian woman was being put to death for protecting her child against a brutal rapist.

When I describe the two aforementioned embarrassments to the legacy of Women’s Suffrage as naïve, I mean dangerously and irresponsibly naïve. Life for women hidden behind the prison bars of Islam is desolate, lonely and full of fear. The abject failure of Benjamin and Evans to grasp the degrading nature of life for women like Fatemah is unforgiveable. While in

Iran, Benjamin and Evans paraded about with their faces half hidden by hoods as is the practice in a society that considers women to be shameful and filthy.

In a recent, speaking engagement in

Southern California, Wafa Sultan, author of the book, A God Who Hates, reminded us that since 9-11, Americans have been told that this terrorist attack had nothing to do with religion of Islam. More recently, we watched as the Islamist ties to the


Hood terrorist attack were also downplayed by our President and a desperate media. Sultan, who was born and raised a Muslim, went on to aptly describe U.S. Government elites as “blind to the threat that is Islam”.

Wafa Sultan is a woman who loves and admires the

United States. She is a champion of freedom because she has lived under the tyranny of Islam. The ugly truth that exerts itself daily is the reality that the Left protects Islam to the point of endangering Americans. Is it fear or a fanatic devotion to ideology that has so completely disabled the Left from facing up to the cold, hard fact that aim of Islam is to destroy the

United States?

Wafa Sultan is now an American citizen and finds the inherent decency of the American people to be truly wonderful.While our own President travels around apologizing for

America, we hear about the goodness of our people from a woman who experienced it firsthand, years ago, as a foreigner with very little English.

Sultan’s book is an auto-biographical journey that recounts her life as she confronted her fear about speaking out against Islam. It is this refusal to succumb to fear and the desperate life that would accompany such a terrible choice that has now placed a target on her back. Despite the cost, it is Sultan’s hope that her book may liberate other Muslim women. As Wafa Sultan so powerfully concluded in her talk in

Southern California, “nothing tortures the human spirit more effectively than making someone prisoner of their own fears.”

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